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Star Wars: Legion – ‘The Mandalorian’ Coming To A Tabletop Near You

Star Wars: Legion – ‘The Mandalorian’ Coming To A Tabletop Near You


Din Djarin and Grogu are coming to Star Wars: Legion. Will you defend or hunt this lone wolf and cub?

Atomic Mass Games has introduced that Din Djarin, aka “The Mandalorian” is coming to Star Wars: Legion and he’s bringing the lovely Grogu with him. Who can resist that child Yoda!?

The equipment is up for Pre-order from Asmodee proper now if you wish to make sure you get your arms on them.

You’ll get Din and two variations of Grogu. The “frog in the mouth” is fairly cute…


The Mandalorian and Grogu are prepared to hitch the battles of Star Wars: Legion with this Operative Expansion! Din Djarin, often known as the Mandalorian, expands the sport’s mercenary forces together with his abilities as a bounty hunter. Joining him as a counterpart is Grogu, a foundling with a powerful connection to the Force. Together, they type a potent duo that may additionally improve your gamers’ Rebel and Imperial armies. In addition to their latent talents offered on two unit playing cards, this enlargement additionally consists of 4 command playing cards that give them much more strategic choices in battle. Finally, 4 improve playing cards give gamers the liberty to outfit Djarin with an array of further gear, together with his Amban Rifle or a Beskar Spear.

Naturally, this Operative Pack may even include extra playing cards and guidelines for operating them in your Star Wars: Legion video games. I’m wanting ahead to getting a better have a look at this one’s playing cards for positive!


Leave that child Yoda alone!


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