Home RPG Star Wars: Sith Lords Are Our Specialty – The Count Dooku Breakdown

Star Wars: Sith Lords Are Our Specialty – The Count Dooku Breakdown

Star Wars: Sith Lords Are Our Specialty – The Count Dooku Breakdown


Yoda’s apprentice, Jedi, native consultant, Sith, and chief of the Separatists, Count Dooku has finished all of it.

Count Dooku is fairly constantly an antagonist all through the Star Wars tales. But this character’s historical past is lengthy, bizarre, and even somewhat tragic.


Early Life

Dooku was born in the course of the High Republic to the main household of the planet Serenno. Count Gora and Countess Anya rapidly noticed their son’s power sensitivity manifest, however as an alternative of being proud and completely happy for his powers, they as an alternative feared him and thought of him a freak. They contacted the Jedi Order to have them take Dooku off of their fingers, however as an alternative of ready for his or her arrival they left their toddler son outdoors of the palace to be discovered by the Jedi… or spine-wolves. Gora didn’t care a lot which one.

Dooku was delivered to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and when he was sufficiently old to start his coaching, he labored onerous, excelling in all of his lessons, and made certain to comply with the entire Jedis’ guidelines. Unfortunately, this and his usually regal angle didn’t assist him make any mates. And when he did lastly handle to attach with different kids, the event was additionally marked by a younger Dooku being drawn to an historical Sith Carving after which studying of his mother and father abandoning him as a child.


Days as a Jedi

After finishing his Initiate Trials Dooku was chosen as an apprentice by none apart from Master Yoda. Together they went on missions everywhere in the galaxy, together with taking up a Terentatek on Kashyyyk. But Dooku didn’t at all times really feel supported or heard by the Jedi Council. When fellow apprentice, Sifo-Dyas had a imaginative and prescient of a photo voltaic storm hitting the planet Protobranch Yoda and the Council forbade them from warning the folks of the planet as a result of power visions aren’t absolute. In the tip, the imaginative and prescient got here to move and far of the inhabitants was killed within the photo voltaic storm that Sifo-Dyas had foreseen. Dooku blamed the Jedi Council for this tragedy and for not performing sooner.

Despite this although, he stayed with the Jedi, ultimately rising to the standing of Jedi Master and incomes a seat on the High Council. While he served on the Jedi High Council Dooku was launched to Senator Palpatine of Naboo- who was secretly with Sith Darth Sidious and would ultimately take Qui-Gon Jinn as an apprentice.


Leaving the Jedi Order

Becoming steadily extra disillusioned with the Jedi since his youth, Dooku ultimately grew to see them as too strongly tied to the federal government. He took this time to return to his dwelling planet and have become concerned in an invasion which resulted in Dooku killing his estranged brother, claiming his household fortune and the title of “Count” for himself, and leaving the Jedi order to guide on Serenno.

Darth Sidious approached Count Dooku at the moment to recruit him to the Sith regardless of already having an apprentice in Darth Maul. Dooku accepted and commenced serving the Sith by laying the groundwork for the Clone Wars, together with overseeing the creation of a clone military. He would then go on to kind the Separatist Movement.


The Clone Wars

Count Dooku had a number one function within the Clone Wars. His assassination makes an attempt on Senator Amidala triggered Jedi investigations, which might slowly pull his involvement and plans into the sunshine. But even because the conflict formally started, he continued making an attempt to recruit extra folks and planets to the Separatist motion, together with the Hutts, the Death Watch motion on Mandalor, and General Grievous, who he had been coaching as a form of apprentice.

His remaining battle was in opposition to Anakin Skywalker in direction of the tip of the Jedi’s connection to the sunshine facet of the Force. Egged on by Palpatine, Skywalker dueled, defeated, and decapitated Count Dooku.

His personal motion didn’t dwell on for much longer with the rise of the Empire unifying all the pieces within the Galaxy underneath an iron fist.

What is your favourite Count Dooku second or quote? Do you assume this can be a tragic character who might have had one other path or an unrepentant dangerous man? Do you assume Dooku has top-of-the-line lightsaber designs within the galaxy? Let us know within the feedback!

May The Force Be With You, Adventurers!


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