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Star Wars: This Ship Will Make You Stop – The Arrestor Cruiser Breakdown

After many a long time the Arrestor Cruiser will get an actual scene. Join us as we break down the ship with the most effective tractor beams within the galaxy.

The Cantwell-class Arrestor Cruiser, generally generally known as the 410 Cruiser, was an interceptor in contrast to most others. Where most interceptors within the galaxy had been designed to be quick and light-weight starfighters, with excessive maneuverability. The Arrestor Cruiser would intercept starships entire fabric.

This was, after all, its function. The 410 Cruiser was engineered to ensnare and incapacitate any starship of any class. Be it freighter, frigate, and even different cruisers, an Arrestor may convey it to a screeching halt. Powerful tractor beams had been its signature weapon. And throughout the early years of the Galactic Empire, these ships had been a terror.

Cantwell-class Arrestor Cruiser – Design And Capabilities

Designed by Kuat Drive Yards for the Galactic Empire, the 410 Cruiser bears the signature arrowhead form. However, on this design, the tip was inverted. Like an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer in reverse. The ship’s hull broadeened out in the direction of the fore, although the triangular body stopped halfway, leaving it lengthy and slim.

This was in order that engineers may mount the Cantwell-class’s signature system: the RT-17 repulsor-tractor bream array. The RT-17 mannequin was one of the highly effective tractor beam projectors developed throughout the Empire’s reign. Capable of long-range emissions, these tractor beams had been sturdy sufficient to halt a ship.

But they may do extra than simply convey a ship in. They may additionally push targets away, and at pace, with their repulsor energy. The Arrestor Cruiser mounted three dish-shaped emitters one on the bow, one starboard, and one port.

Complementing these tractor beams, had been three highly effective turret-mounted twin heavy ion cannons. These may disable ships captured by an Arrestor Cruiser. And for protection, the cruiser boasted twelve mild laser cannons, three close to every dish, and three mounted on its aft.

Alongside these had been two giant docking bays, able to holding two full squadrons of starfighters, in addition to boarding craft, touchdown craft, and shuttles. With these armaments, a single Arrestor may seize a number of ships without delay.


In the early days of the Galactic Empire, the Department of Imperial Justice and Imperial Navy had been plagued with smugglers, pirates, and dissidents. The seeds of rebel appeared to be on the winds. And so, to stop them from taking root, they wanted a plan. Capture dissidents, attempt them publicly, and execute them as a lesson to all.

Thus, Kuat Drive Yards developed the Cantwell-class Arrestor Cruiser. The Arrestor first noticed use within the Imperial Navy. There the cruiser proved its idea, capturing piraates and dissident freighters. A younger Han Solo was assigned to an Arrestor Cruiser in 13 BBY. Theree, the younger pilot was assigned to Onyx Squadron, to a TIE brute on escort obligation.

Though the ship was finally discontinued in favor of extra direct, naval superiority cruisers, for a time, these ships had been the phobia of mid-level pirates, criminals, and scoundrels all through the Outer Rim.

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