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Brooke Husic and Will Nediger’s New York Times crossword, “Stacking Up” —Nate’s write-up

Do you ever see a byline and simply understand it’s going to be a stunner of a puzzle? That was my feeling once I noticed our co-constructors’ names at present, and I used to be so happy to be proper! Wowwwww.

08.21.22 Sunday New York Times Puzzle

It’s powerful to do a themeless properly, a lot much less one this open and with so many unimaginable lengthy entries. Bravo to the pair! What a easy grid, certainly. Perhaps the one sq. I actually had hassle with was on the crossing of ARGOTS and PASSACAGLIA, however I used to be glad to study of each entries and intuited the G accurately.

Here had been a few of my favourite of the longer entries:

– 6A: AFROLATINA [Singer Celia Cruz or actress Rosie Perez]
– 20A: TIME WILL TELL [“We must wait to see what happens”]
– 53A: FACE TATTOOS [Indicators of status in Maori culture]
– 63A: GAY PRIDE PARADE [Where many people walk out?]
– 105A: DO ME A SOLID [Informal favor request]
– 32D: DONT SASS ME [“That’s enough lip out of you!”]
– 36D: POWER RANGER [“Mighty Morphin” TV character]
– 43D: METER READER [Utility company professional]
– 47D: ROOTY TOOTY [Descriptor for IHOP’s Fresh ‘N Fruity pancakes]
– 57D: NEOPRONOUNS [They don’t specific gender]
– What are NEOPRONOUNS, you ask? Read up on them right here!

And a few of my different favourite clues:

– 23A: OATH [Legal profession?]
– 78A: OTC [Like Plan B, for short]
– Timely and matter-of-fact
– 4D: AREA [Side-by-side calculation] – Clever!  Length x width (or facet x facet)

A brilliant joyful fixing expertise and #constructorgoals emotions from somebody who solely needs they may construct puzzles that play this easily. I hope you loved it, too. In the feedback, tell us your favourite entries!


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