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Sword and Fairy 7 Review

Sword and Fairy 7 by Softstar Technology

Though lockdown started for many of us in March 2020, I ponder if it didn’t occur for the nice folks at Softstar round 2006, so anachronistic are a few of the techniques, vibes, and tech points at play in Sword and Fairy 7.

Sword and Fairy 7 game screenshot, action

Flawed Fairy Tale

With common pop-in, tough textures, stilted facial animations, uneven collision detection, buggy draw distance, occasional scene clipping, audio blips, rare QTEs (!), and persistent load instances, this Chinese RPG – on PS4, a minimum of – presents like an early PS3 sport.

But this can be a good sport. It all will depend on whether or not a number of key components will please your palette or not.

The strengths of Sword and Fairy 7 lie in its world, its characters, and its story. And regardless of the technical issues – which do develop into forgivable and negligible because the journey deepens – it’s a beautiful world, stunningly designed, with a memorable and really wonderful instrumental soundtrack.

More potential drawbacks: that is NOT an open-world sport. It has a number of pre-Witcher/Skyrim-level aspect quests right here and there, however none rise above fetching one thing, and all that I attempted did not show a very good use of my time, as rewards are shallow. Early on, I gave up on them, having, as they do, a really restricted ambition.

Long Tale

This sport requires persistence and funding. It is a sluggish burn with no English dub, solely subtitles, that often endure from wonky localization. Again, these are, general, quibbles from me. There are a whole lot of scenes with characters standing round speaking, which implies a whole lot of studying for the participant. Times crop up often the place I fast-travel to a spot, converse to somebody and easily fast-travel some other place. There may be lengthy stretches of simply strolling to and from story scenes with no motion. This sport unquestionably may be very area of interest in a whole lot of methods. (And the insanely tiny font, is one other baffling selection.)

Sword and Fairy 7 game screenshot, combat

Combat is one thing of one other Achilles heel. The techniques will not be particularly fascinating and there are not any ability bushes, simply improved weapons and powers to swap out and in for probably the most half. Whether melee or magic, all the pieces feels a bit floaty, slightly unresponsive, and lacks actual suggestions. Being in a position to swap between 4 completely different combatants on the fly permits for some selection, however all the pieces’s actually chaotic, making the motion arduous to discern typically, and there’s no technique to alter up your characters. Cooking particular meals permits for some pre-fight buffs, however fireplace monsters aren’t weak to ice, for instance. It’s simply spam or be spammed.

Now, it might sound that I’m ragging on Sword & Fairy however once more with all its faults, the group of characters and the story they stay via are the place the meat of the pie is.

A Tale Worth Reading

I received’t say greater than this story is JRPG type from a Chinese perspective, so the ridiculously-dressed characters are noble even of their evil-doing: temperate, naive, caring, and nearly painfully earnest. Needless to say, a horrible destiny awaits the world if our 4 heroes don’t forestall it, and with people and demons and gods all jockeying for warfare and peace and management and concord, that is the kind of excessive fantasy that the West simply doesn’t do however gobbles up with huge spoons.

Sword and Fairy 7 game screenshot, characters

Yue, Yo, Bo, and Xiu Wu are a disparate band of respectable folks (and a fallen deity), all with robust backgrounds which might be revealed with good pacing and ranging motivations that tie collectively properly all through, knitting the group over time into a decent unit that develop into straightforward to look after, as they work nearly like a staff of detectives to uncover the thriller and save the day. This is customary stuff on paper, however in execution, it’s considerate and extremely efficient due to thorough world-building, cautious – if long-winded – writing, and respectable voice performing, all of which assist to beat the glassy-eyed faces with poor lip-syncing.

At instances, our heroes cut up up and set about discovering pertinent issues concurrently, and all characters are playable in some unspecified time in the future exterior of fight, which lends itself to some completely different gameplay sorts (equivalent to sneaking, platforming, and snowboarding sections), in addition to a very good assortment of sunshine puzzles right here and there which might be simply the best degree of issue to be satisfying.

Sword and Fairy 7: Together Forever, catchy title however, is a 20-or-so-hour epic sport that I like to recommend to those that will let appeal supersede nit-picking and who’re fascinated by a linear, story-heavy, dialogue-fat fantasy with a really Chinese bent that overflows with coronary heart and falls brief in some facets, significantly technically and in fight. All shortcomings, for my part, can not forestall an pleasing journey via an genuine world.

Sword and Fairy 7 is on the market by way of the Sony PlayStation Store and Steam.

Watch the trailer for Sword and Fairy 7 beneath:



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