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“Tales from Better MC” – Resource Struggles – Indiecator

I figured I ought to possibly write extra usually about my adventures on that server that KingArgaroth arrange for his Twitch Community… Here’s my final submit on the subject!

As for this one… the place do I even start?

I like constructing and exploring. I don’t like mining. This has at all times been the case and I by no means actually loved strip-mining for sources… however it received worse with the Caves & Cliffs Update, that means that I can’t simply mine all the way down to a particular peak, to then seek for redstone, gold and iron that means. Iron is extra frequent close to the mountain floor. Redstone is tough sufficient to search out as is… and Gold is simply odd.

That being stated, I’ve been affected by a useful resource wrestle that was offset briefly by our latest raid on a dungeon. I had some iron and my actions on the earth shortly burned by means of that little iron I had left. Hence, it was time to construct up some farms!

I additionally constructed a Lava Farm that produces Lava… infinitely… albeit slowly. It’s the most effective gas supply in any case!

For now, my purpose was to get a number of quartz. It might sound odd however a whole lot of automated to semi-automated farms make use of quartz of their elements. Comparators, Daylight Sensors, and Observers are somewhat expensive, in any case.

Hence, I wished to begin there and ultimately transfer on to different initiatives as soon as that’s completed. The solely subject is that Farming Quartz means both moving into Villagers (extra on that later) or moving into Piglin Bartering. Both of those choices require a whole lot of gold, even when Villager Trading Halls are overpowered and lots much less demanding on the gold entrance.

Anyhow, Piglin Bartering it’s: To purchase a whole lot of gold, I would like a gold farm. For that, I have to get on prime of the Nether roof. That half was truly considerably “easy” compared to every part else.

To get on the Nether Roof, I wanted to make a portal into the Nether and dig upwards to get to the Bedrock. Then, I merely wanted to search out one piece of bedrock that was sitting on the Y-Coordinate “127”. This half was tough. It took me and a good friend a strong twenty minutes to search out the best piece of Bedrock… however as soon as we discovered it, we didn’t have a lot work forward of us.

The cause why one wants a bit of Bedrock at Y=127 is due to the best way the Nether generates. The Nether Roof is flat on the highest, that means {that a} block of Bedrock at Y=127 doesn’t have any blocks above it. Thus, I merely wanted to put ladders all the best way to the highest, get tremendous near it, intention in the direction of one of many nook pixels, and shoot an Ender Pearl upwards, that means that I can glitch by means of the Bedrock and get onto the Ceiling.

I subsequent wished to interrupt the Bedrock, which isn’t technically attainable however it’s doable utilizing a Glitch that I… simply couldn’t get to work. Instead, I gave up after many makes an attempt and simply constructed a portal up on the prime that might inevitably hyperlink to my base, that means that everybody now has quick access to the Nether Roof!

The profit that the Nether Roof has is that there are not any pure mob spawns up there. This makes farms much more efficient! On prime of that, in case you do handle to interrupt the bedrock, you’ll be able to create lengthy “highways” utilizing Packed Ice and Boats to get from one place to a different with out having to journey too far… so, breaking Bedrock shall be considerably essential as time goes on. 🙂

For the farm, I merely adopted a tutorial that required me to put about ten stacks (per layer) of Magma Blocks about 25 blocks up from the roof. I’d create a 5×5 drop shoot with hoppers on the backside. Due to the peak of the primary layer, the Zombie Pigmen that fall down basically die in a single hit from fall harm. The solely subject is that those that spawn have to fall to their deaths like Lemmings… so how can we entice them?

Well, first up: Turtle Eggs. It’s so bizarre however Zombie Pigmen need to trample on Turtle Eggs. That signifies that by inserting one in an inaccessible spot, we will appeal to the Zombie Pigmen to the drop shoot and get their consideration. This, nonetheless, requires you to put down lure doorways on either side in order that they fall down after they attempt to get throughout. Given how the AI is designed, trapdoors depend as full blocks of their head however after they’re opened up, mobs will merely stroll over them.

Anyhow, what the tutorial I checked out didn’t point out is that Turtle Eggs require there to be nothing above it… So, literal air proper up there. Zombie Pigmen received’t trouble in any other case. This took me lots to determine. When I looked for farms and whatnot, I solely discovered some that required you to aggro them however no afk ones. Hence, this low-effort farm wanted to perform. When I search for the “Trampling” mechanic within the Minecraft Wiki, I came upon about that factor… however like, YouTubers don’t point out stuff like that, I assume.

I wanted so as to add the arrows to the farm so that individuals, popping out of the portal, would know the place it’s even with their render distance turned down. #LowSpecFriendlyDesign or one thing!

Anyway, this farm now works and it produces not all that a lot gold… however that’s high quality as a result of it’s low effort and inefficient by design. I may have constructed a greater and greater farm however that would have triggered lag on the server and I don’t need to try this. At the identical time, some individuals have fairly low-end PCs, that means that constructing a very good farm can be kinda dangerous… Also, I couldn’t be arsed to construct extra layers and farm much more magma blocks…

View from above (32 blocks above the primary platform to stop any mobs from spawning beneath it, therefore rising the farm’s charges) from the AFK platform.

Next up, I’ll have to work on the Piglin Bartering station however that must await some time as my base requires some enhancements… primarily, the storage items, the dearth of farms, and another issues that got here up as time went (primarily seems). Hence, that shall be one thing I’ll write about at one other time!

This submit was first printed on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you want what you see right here and need to see extra, you’ll be able to verify me out on Twitch and YouTube as effectively.



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