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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection – The Definitive Review (Complete 13 Game Review + Ranking)

Well, everybody preferred the Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium overview, and the “definitive review” format has been getting praised. At lengthy final, I lastly received the retro assortment overview fashion right. I’ve tried just a few types, however this one appears to be catching on. And what are you aware? The excellent assortment to check the format out simply launched.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection is a set of 13 video games launched between 1989 and 1993. Well, really, it’s 9 totally different video games. You get each the 1989 Konami coin-op Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the NES conversion Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game. Turtles in Time consists of each the SNES and Coin-Op variations, after which there’s THREE variations of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters (NES, SNES, and Genesis). So, 9 “base” video games with 4 variations are a part of this set, proper? Actually, it’s much more sophisticated than that. Hyperstone Heist for the Sega Genesis is basically extra of a shortened remix of the 2 arcade video games that eliminates probably the most satisfying assault (throwing the enemies on the display) from Turtles in Time. And the three Tournament Fighters video games are all made by totally different growth groups and aren’t merely variations of 1 sport. While the bottom idea, a Street Fighter kind of sport with Ninja Turtles characters stays the identical, every of the three video games have been made by totally different groups at Konami. They use totally different engines. They have totally different rosters. It’s three utterly totally different video games that benefit their very own separate overview. Thus, there’s actually solely two video games which are really variations of the identical precise sport, and that’s Turtles II for the NES and Turtles IV for the SNES. Like I stated, it is a nice sport to check the Definitive Review format.

Look, Ma! No palms!

The set retails for $39.99. I really feel that $4.99 is a good worth for retro sport from this set, so the goal is to attain eight YES! verdicts, proper? Well, not so quick. Unlike Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium, The Cowabunga Collection includes a wealth of bonus materials. I don’t imply like directions on the best way to play the video games or a pair frequent emulation options. In my opinion, retro units don’t have any excuse to not have detailed directions on the best way to play the video games together with the power to make use of save states or rewind. But, Cowabunga Collection goes above and past what you’d anticipate in any such retro sport assortment, and thus, I’ve to place a worth on the extras.


Cowabunga Collection options save states and rewind, that are such must-haves that I’m simply as more likely to penalize a retro assortment today for not together with them. That alone would have been sufficient to fulfill me, even in the event you can solely rewind 30 seconds of gameplay. In my opinion, a minute or longer is perfect. But, they did what they wanted to do, and that ought to have been sufficient. But the masters of retro gaming, Digital Eclipse, took it a step additional with the best characteristic within the historical past of emulation. Those who keep in mind me drooling over SNK fortieth Anniversary Collection’s “watch a full gameplay video that you can stop at any time and join the game at that exact moment” can be glad to listen to that characteristic returns for Cowabunga Collection. I do know that it’s really not that large a deal due to how emulation works, nevertheless it’s not as frequent a characteristic as I want it was. To me, it’s virtually witchcraft.

Watch the video, which is an ideal no-hit run irrespective of which sport you play. Hit the PLAY GAME button at any time and you are taking management from there. It’s superior. I find it irresistible.

It got here in useful after I performed the 1989 NES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and went to add media proper earlier than I began the notorious underwater sequence. After I completed importing, I used to be horrified to see that the sport didn’t pause from me utilizing the system information button. Seriously, I used to be really near penalizing the set for that. Dear sport makers: each time the information button on any console is hit, pausing the sport needs to be a gimmie. Anyway, I put myself ready the place there wasn’t sufficient time left for me to beat the stage. But, I used to be ready to make use of the video to return to that precise spot, like nothing occurred. Actually, I used to be in higher form as a result of the video is an ideal run of the sport, with no harm taken. All 13 video games embody the video play-through with jump-in means, and that alone is worthy of a bonus, however we’re simply getting began.

While the removing of flicker and slowdown doesn’t save the NES model of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the NO! pile, I’ll word that I performed the Technodrome battle with the slowdown/flicker turned on and it was unplayable. I’m VERY glad Digital Eclipse did the fitting factor and gave individuals the power to show them off. Hell, in my view, THAT ought to have been the default setting and turning them again on ought to have been the factor that was non-obligatory.

All 13 video games have non-obligatory “enhancements” of varied high quality. It’s not constant throughout video games in any respect. The NES TMNT provides flicker discount and slowdown discount. Neither are 100% excellent, however enjoying with them turned off, you may simply discover the distinction. Turtles 1 is a sport that spams the display with enemies, and executives just like the Technodrome mainly have slowdown going continuous, which additionally makes the controls much less responsive. You can remove these points now within the first TMNT plus the opposite two NES video games. Turtles 2 and three on the NES supply different choices too, like further or infinite lives and simpler menu navigation. The arcade video games supply each “God Mode” (invincibility and one-hit kills) and “Nightmare Mode” (heaps extra enemies). The Game Boy video games are the least constant. The first one provides solely the power to follow the bonus sport. The second offers you the choice for infinite lives and to vary which degree you begin on. The third one provides you solely the power to turn-on a greater map. Sure, I want that they had actually superb choices for each sport, however there’s one thing useful that improves the general high quality of each sport not less than a bit of bit. Oh, and there’s on-line play for the 2 arcade video games, Hyperstone Heist on the Genesis, and the SNES model of Tournament Fighters. For all of the added emulation extras, I’m crediting $10 to Cowabunga Collection.


Any licensed sport that’s not TMNT-related that appeared alongside a Ninja Turtles sport in ads is handled prefer it’s within the witness safety program. Oh and for the reason that LCD video games are proven right here, WHY DIDN’T WE GET THOSE AS A SUPER DUPER SPECIAL THROWN-IN BONUS?

There’s a number of extras in Cowabunga Collection. Hell, there’s so many who Digital Eclipse included the power to look them within the menu. Dang. There’s packing containers and manuals for all the house video games from North America and Japan. Regardless of what console you’re on, you’ll see the Nintendo branding and seal of high quality in all its glory, together with Sega’s branding on the Genesis sport. They even have the arcade schematics too. There’s tons of adverts from magazines and catalogs. Those will be bizarre, as a result of if a Ninja Turtles sport shared the area with one other sport from one other IP, the opposite IP’s sport is eliminated by blacking it out. Also included is each single cowl for six totally different eras of Ninja Turtles comedian books and nonetheless photographs from 4 totally different Ninja Turtles TV exhibits (no Power Rangers crossover, sadly). There’s full soundtracks and technique guides for the video games, and I really did use it to assist me end the primary NES sport. There’s behind-the-scenes paperwork, and that is the place the actually good things is. Included on this part is stuff the IP’s “style guide” which is what IP holders ship to licensees to point out them how the characters MUST be drawn. Finally, there’s design paperwork for seven of the house video games that present you idea artwork, portraits, sprites, storyboards, and many others. If you may’t learn Japanese, you’ll have to activate the captions, and I’m undecided why translations weren’t set as a default however I’m glad they’re there. I spent over an hour sorting by the extras and by no means received bored. For all of the media further options, I’m crediting $10 to Cowabunga Collection.


Really, solely three of the video games NEED the built-in technique information: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES), Radical Rescue (Game Boy, map proven in pic) and the SNES Tournament Fighters (to study the particular strikes). But, I’m glad the maps have been there. They actually went all-out on this set.

Even although I’ve performed many of the video games on this set earlier than, and in some instances, had already given my full ideas on them, I gave all 13 video games a completely clear slate. Only the Cowabunga Collection model of the included video games counts for this characteristic. For these not accustomed to my mind-set of how retro video games needs to be reviewed, I take NO historic context into consideration. I don’t care how necessary a sport was to the business, as a result of that doesn’t make a sport price enjoying in the present day. The check of time is the cruelest check of all, however each online game should face it. I won’t be right here if not for Space Invaders’ success, however I wouldn’t wish to play it in the present day. Not when there’s higher choices. Therefore, after I overview retro video games, each sport will get both a YES! or a NO!

YES! means the sport continues to be enjoyable and has precise gameplay worth when performed in the present day and is price in search of out.

NO! means the sport didn’t age gracefully and isn’t price in search of out, and definitely not price spending cash on.

With $20 in credit score earned and the worth of retro Ninja Turtles sport fastened at $4.99, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection wants to attain 4 YES! votes to win my seal of approval.

YES!: 5
NO!: 8

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection is Chick-Approved. Having an official re-release of Turtles in Time for the SNES is a fairly superb factor, however this assortment has just a few surprises as effectively. I didn’t anticipate to love the unique arcade sport, and in reality, I loved my time with it rather a lot. I didn’t anticipate to love any of the Game Boy video games, however two of them have been acceptable time wasters. I actually didn’t anticipate to benefit from the two hours I spent with Manhattan Project for the NES, but right here we’re. Five completely strong Turtles video games, emulated to perfection, plus an entire lot of bonus materials, makes this a set worthy of buy.


How I made up my mind the rankings is straightforward: I took the total checklist of video games, then I stated “I’m forced to play one game. Pick the one I could play the most and not get bored with.” That goes on high of the checklist. Then I repeat the query once more with the remaining video games time and again till the checklist is full. Based on that easy standards, listed below are the ultimate rankings. Games above the Terminator Line obtained a YES! Games under it obtained a NO!

  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (SNES)
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project (NES)
  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Arcade)
  4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Radical Rescue (Game Boy)
  5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan (Game Boy)
  6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters (SNES)
  7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game (NES)
  8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time (Arcade)
  9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist (Genesis)
  10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)
  11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters (NES)
  12. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Back from the Sewers (Game Boy)
  13. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters (Genesis)


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
for Nintendo Entertainment System
Released June 25, 1989

One of my main annoyances with TMNT-NES is how enemies spawn. In this display, you may see the playfield is spammed with enemies to such a level that there’s mainly no manner you gained’t take harm. Enemies respawn in the event you stroll off the display too, which is frequent on the NES, however TMNT-NES is basically bizarre about how scrolling works, so backing as much as have room to struggle may scroll the display extra and trigger the enemy to respawn earlier than you’ve even killed the unique.

By far probably the most attention-grabbing sport in Cowabunga Collection is the very first Ninja Turtles sport. Don’t mistake that for being “good.” It’s not. TMNT-NES is a whole catastrophe. But, it’s a compelling catastrophe. I’ll give it that. Basically, every thing that may go fallacious does go fallacious right here. The most necessary factor is that it feels nothing in any respect like a Ninja Turtles sport. Even with the Turtles and their signature weapons. Even with Bebop, Rocksteady, the Technodrome, and Shredder. I first performed Ninja Turtles a pair years in the past after I ran by nearly your complete NES library, and I walked away with a niggling suspicion that this began growth as a very totally different sport that was transformed into TMNT as quickly as Konami received the license so they might strike whereas the IP was red-hot. Apparently, it’s not true. There was no asset flipping or sprites from unused video games. They simply rushed this by and got here up with enemies as quick as potential on the idea that the Ninja Turtles fad might burn out at any second. The hurried growth exhibits. The full lack of polish and unrelenting swarms of enemies that will usually make the NES chug like a freshman at homecoming are issues that ought to by no means have made it to the ultimate product. The Cowabunga Collection model of TMNT can muffle the slowdown and continuous flicker (there IS nonetheless a little bit of each, however nowhere close to as noticeable now) however that solely makes the horrible design decisions of TMNT stand out extra.

The Giant Mouser and the Technodrome are the one two boss fights that really feel “epic.” The relaxation really feel like fights in opposition to regular enemies. If something, the Mouser struggle feels prefer it’s straight out of Contra.

What annoys me most about TMNT-NES is that there’s an excellent sport buried inside this dumpster hearth. Not MISSING from the sport, however already within the sport. Well, really, this might have used rather a lot higher degree design typically, however the fundamental idea of how the degrees work may be very strong. I like the thought of traversing an overworld and looking sewers and buildings for the right pathway to the top of every stage. New York City is maze-like, afterall, so why not benefit from that? I like that half. It’s the one good concept the sport had, and even then they bungled it by having too many dead-ends and “red herring” buildings. Sure, there’s pizzas or objects in them, however the best way enemies respawn usually isn’t designed with shifting ahead and backwards by the degrees in thoughts. Often, you’re higher simply making an attempt to not have interaction the enemies in any respect. If not for the abysmal collision detection.. which is significantly among the many worst within the historical past of video video games.. the fight can be fairly satisfying. At least while you use Donatello. His employees is gradual however has probably the most attain and causes probably the most harm. That’s proper: getting poked with a big wood stick is extra deadly on the planet of Ninja Turtles than being stabbed or sliced with sharp, pointy steel. If you consider this as Donatello: The Video Game, it really works rather a lot higher. With follow, you may even use his distinctive hanging fashion to break enemies behind you. Donatello is the person, and I solely used the opposite Turtles if I had acquired a subweapon utilizing them or if I didn’t wish to take harm with Donatello. Hell, until you’ve the opposite three Turtles loaded down with sub-weapons, the second-to-last boss, the Technodrome, is just about unimaginable to beat with out him. You can’t disable the electrical fork within the entrance with anybody else’s weapon. They don’t have sufficient vary. What was Konami pondering after they green-lit this?

Oh you bastard. You bastard. There’s nothing I can say that others haven’t already stated concerning the notorious underwater sequence. It’s each bit as unhealthy as its popularity suggests. For my cash, it’s the worst degree within the historical past of video video games. Not even the Speed Bike stage on Battletoads is that this unhealthy, as a result of not less than there the controls and collision aren’t terrible. When you end this overview, go watch this video that explains how the terrible collision ruins this stage. It’s really jaw-dropping how badly coded this sport is. You didn’t anticipate that from Konami video games of this period. They have been solely months away from releasing Castlevania III in Japan when this got here out, a contender for the most effective sport on the NES.

For a set that’s loaded with extras, I’m a bit of greater than ticked off that it was by no means defined wherever within the sport (the unique instruction handbook or Cowbunga Collection’s built-in technique information) that every turtle really has distinctive particular attributes. Leonard does the least harm, until his well being falls under 4 bars, at which level it doubles. Because that’s how swords would work, or one thing. Raphael has the quickest weapons within the sport however can’t do a down-thrust. Michelangelo can’t assault downward both and he has poor vary, however like Leonardo, his assault energy doubles when he’s beneath 4 bars of well being. I really feel like this is among the nice missed alternatives of the NES period. This isn’t a side-scrolling beat-em-up. It’s a full-fledged platforming journey with labyrinthine ranges. Assigning extra distinctive talents to every Turtle might have made for a extra strategic, attractive sport. But that’s not what Konami did. There’s actually by no means a degree while you’ll need to make use of a Turtle apart from Donny, and that’s particularly damning. Honestly, it appears like every thing was put into making degree one good, so that youngsters would hire it and pester their mother and father to purchase it. Pretty a lot the entire sport from degree two onward turns into so unfair that I actively surprise why Ghosts ‘n Goblins grew to become the poster youngster for mean-spirited sport design when TMNT outsold it 3 to 1 and is practically as unfair. For all of the crap the dam degree will get, that remaining stretch earlier than you get to Shredder is straight-up bullshit. Then once more, most TMNT homeowners by no means made it previous degree three from what I can collect, and 99.9% actually by no means made it previous the Technodrome.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After degree one, there’s simply nothing actually gratifying left to do as a result of TMNT-NES loses all semblance of steadiness. The enemies will be spongy, low cost, and too fast to respawn. Most of them have actually nothing to do with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise and really feel like they’re unused character sprites from horror video games or sci-fi video games. Not badly designed or ugly character fashions, however I can’t think about a baby in 1989 understood in any respect why their TMNT sport felt nearly nothing just like the present or film or comedian they fell in love with. I’m not even a Turtles fan myself, because it had already type of dried out by time I used to be the fitting age for it, and even I’m like “what the hell are all these monsters from?” The reply will not be from THE Ninja Turtles franchise. Hell, the Giant Mouser appears like a Contra boss. Speaking of bosses: after a pair hours price of low cost enemy placement, swarming bosses, and unavoidable harm, I entered the ultimate room with Shredder and beat him with out dishonest in ten seconds with out taking a single hit of injury. If there had been somebody within the room with me who had a trumpet, they might have performed WOMP WOMP at that second. Despite all the issues I’ve with Ninja Turtles, I really feel like there actually is a probably nice sport right here. While it by no means appears like a TMNT sport, it all the time feels distinctly NES Konami-like. If you altered some jumps, tightened the collision detection, eradicated the time restrict and adjusted how swimming works within the underwater space, adjusted the respawning, and gave the empty buildings an precise objective apart from being a wild goose chase for gamers, TMNT might have been considered one of THE greats on NES. Of course, what I simply stated is mainly “if you change the whole game, it could have been a masterpiece!” By the best way, this was the best-selling third Party NES sport of all-time. Go determine, proper?
Verdict: NO!
Cowabunga Collection Ranking: #10 of 13

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
for Arcades
Released October 11, 1989

This got here out precisely two months after I used to be born. There’s really no worth to that ineffective reality, however I figured I might share it.

Being a weirdo, I performed the NES port earlier than enjoying the arcade sport. I’m famously not a fan of the Simpsons arcade sport, and I believed I wasn’t of the TMNT arcade sport. It is sensible, proper? Same growth workforce. Same engine. Same sense that the sport was rushed to the market to strike whereas the iron was scorching. Now, I’m racking my mind making an attempt to determine if I ever performed the arcade sport earlier than. I’m not solely positive I’ve, as a result of I had a fairly good time with it. In stark distinction to the gradual, plodding, extraordinarily stripped-down NES sport that one way or the other earned a popularity as a very good port, I really actually loved my time enjoying Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game. An enormous a part of that’s that it breezes proper on by at an astonishingly quick tempo. Compared with the NES port, the place after about twenty minutes, I felt like I used to be going to burst into tears each time I spotted I wasn’t on the final degree.

Yea yea, you’re alleged to play this multiplayer. Well, my household loved doing the current indie Shredder’s Revenge with me (sure, it’s an indie) getting them to play retro video games is like pulling tooth.

The arcade sport has solely two main flaws. The first is that the handful of flying enemies really feel like they’ve inaccurate collision packing containers in comparison with the airplane of existence you stand on. Lining your self as much as harm them is extraordinarily irritating. The struggle with Baxter Stockman is especially irritating, and after throwing drop kicks from each angle and hitting round one out of six instances, the sport gave me a mercy ruling and he simply flew away. Wow. Thankfully, the difficulty with flyers is a restricted subject. The larger drawback with TMNT Arcade is there’s very restricted OOMPH! to the struggle. Your assaults really feel type of weightless, and that drops this out of the realm of “best brawlers” since you want that sense of violence for immersion. So, it’s outstanding that I nonetheless had fun.

The solely really putrid factor of TMNT Arcade is the Baxter Stockman struggle. It’s not simply lining as much as rating successful that’s a ache within the ass. He drops too many mousers, which require you to button mash to flee. It’s a horrible area for the battle too. I hated every thing about this struggle. The solely factor the NES port did higher was this half.

But, I by no means received uninterested in the gameplay. Konami stretched rather a lot satisfying fight out of two button gameplay. Satisfying sufficient, in actual fact, that I opted to not merely spam the particular assault that kills foot troopers in a single hit. This is earlier than these kind of assaults got here on the worth of a sliver of well being, however I loved utilizing my fundamental assaults, and sometimes did. That’s one thing that’s utterly gone from the NES sport. The moments the place the unhealthy guys assault from each angle don’t even frustrate, as a result of it feels true to the spirit of the property. As far as licensed video games from this period go, the unique arcade TMNT must be among the many greatest at making the sport really feel just like the IP. The bosses, particularly early ones, aren’t the whole sponges they’re mainly the prototype for the “Konami Style Brawler Boss” that I am keen on. The final couple do get borderline spongy, nevertheless it feels climatic. Shredder’s one-hit instakill felt a bit “quick! Wring every last quarter out of the little bastards” cynical, however in any other case, I had a number of enjoyable with the 1989 TMNT arcade sport, and I didn’t anticipate to in any respect.
Verdict: YES!
Cowabunga Collection Ranking: #3 of 13

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game
for the Nintendo Entertainment System
Released December 14, 1990

The Shredder struggle is particularly tedious. He clones himself, and you’ll solely inform which is the true one by knocking his helmet off. At this level, the faux one normally hangs out shut by the true one so that you simply accidently kill it, at which level one other spawns. Oh and the instakill loss of life ray is bullshit. At least right here, it’s doesn’t really feel prefer it’s making an attempt to squeeze as many last-second quarters out of gamers as potential, I suppose. Oh, and play the JP model in the event you insist on enjoying this, the place the dropkick causes as a lot harm because the particular assault, and the SP assault is simpler to do.

Calling the NES port of the arcade Ninja Turtles “boring” is sacrilege to a complete era that got here earlier than me, however I’ll proudly put on the blasphemer tag earlier than I say something good about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game. It’s boring. Like, actually boring. This is NOT port of the arcade sport. I used to be surprised after I performed the arcade sport after enjoying this and noticed what number of extra strikes simply hitting the assault button might do. In addition to the conventional assault, Donatello might carry enemies up over his head and throw them, a reasonably satisfying transfer. That’s gone right here. In reality, I didn’t wish to use fundamental assaults in any respect as a result of the enemies tended to counter assault them too shortly. That left solely two different choices: the lone kind of drop kick you get (the arcade model offers a number of) and the ability assault that kills all of the foot troopers in a single hit. Levels take rather a lot longer to slog by, and to actually add insult to damage, they added two extra ranges which have some pretty low cost GOTCHA! kind of hits. They additionally modified the struggle in opposition to each Bebop & Rocksteady to a struggle in opposition to the fly model of Baxter. Okay, wonderful, there IS one constructive factor I can say: it’s simpler to kill flying enemies on this model, however that’s on account of some very beneficiant collision with them. TMNT 2-NES has total unhealthy collision detection, spongier bosses, and ranges so lengthy they might be referred to as eras. You youngsters from generations earlier than have been far too simple to impress, as a result of they turned a enjoyable, fast-paced romp right into a gradual, plodding, padded slog.
Verdict: NO!
Cowabunga Collection Ranking: #7 of 13

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan
for the Game Boy
Released August, 1990

I genuinely go into all these video games with as open a thoughts as humanly potential. Having stated that, I’m floored I gave a YES! to Fall of the Foot Clan. I figured the second and third Game Boy TMNT video games had a shot, however that there was no manner in hell a first-gen GB sport that was probably rushed by growth as quick as potential to cash-in on the Ninja Turtle craze earlier than it stopped being worthwhile had any probability of being enjoyable.

Fall of the Foot Clan is a nice shock on the identical degree as while you put your pants on and discover a greenback invoice in one of many pockets that you simply didn’t know was there. It’s not precisely trigger for celebration nevertheless it’ll put a smile in your face. This early Game Boy launch is among the stronger third celebration releases from that early interval, simply out-classing Konami’s first try at a Castlevania sport. It’s not precisely probably the most formidable title. In reality, it’s so generic that they might have made this any IP and it could have felt the identical. The Turtles don’t have any variation between them apart from how their weapons look, not less than from what I can inform, and it’s not just like the Game Boy can present the totally different coloured masks. The gameplay is as fundamental because it will get. You stroll proper and enemies leap onto the display and also you whack them together with your weapon. Occasionally you need to leap, however largely, you simply stroll proper. There’s no power-ups apart from life-restoring pizzas. There’s an terrible lack of selection in each enemies and the best way they assault. Fall of the Foot Clan’s gameplay is as shallow as a mud puddle. Honestly, the degrees usually really feel like LCD kind motion video games with higher animation.

What gave me the LCD vibe is how the enemies are inclined to assault in the very same manner. Foot troopers leap in from the left and the fitting, barely out of sync, so as to smack one, then flip round and smack the opposite. This assault sample is repeated nearly continuous all through the sport. Little robotic enemies will buzz throughout the highest earlier than reducing down so you may smack them. You’re shifting proper. You’re leaping over gaps. You’re altering ranges. But, the identical assault sample with the identical enemies repeats time and again. I’ve by no means seen a non-LCD motion sport that mimics the LCD spinning-plate-style like this earlier than.

But, I by no means received uninterested in it! It helps that the motion is just about continuous, plus this grew to become the primary TMNT house sport with correct collision detection. Enemies drop pizza slices in common intervals, and if you would like a bit of selection, you’ve a vast provide of ninja stars to throw at enemies while you duck, although they do much less harm than your sword and I by no means actually wanted them. Fall of the Foot Clan is tremendous simple and goes by fast, barely taking thirty minutes to finish the five-level quest in your first play-through. I used to be surprised that I even misplaced one life, which occurred after I fought Shredder on the finish of degree 4, which was the actually the one a part of the sport that felt like there was any kind of nuanced problem apart from simply full-speed-ahead assault. Has Fall of the Foot Clan aged effectively? Oh god, no. Is it nonetheless considerably enjoyable? Yea. This could be the worst retro sport I’ve ever given a YES! to, however I by no means received bored and wished to complete it. That counts for one thing.
Verdict: YES!
Cowabunga Collection Ranking: #5 of 13

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time
for Arcades
Released March, 1991

A significant, game-defining facet of Turtles in Time on the SNES is how simple it’s to drag off the 2 particular strikes (throw on the digicam and the repeating slam). The arcade sport feels prefer it picks random instances to work. Even the “hit both buttons to do a special attack that takes a tick of life off” transfer is SIGNIFICANTLY tougher to do within the arcade model. It’s simply not a enjoyable sport.

Before enjoying Cowabunga Collection, I’d already had loads of expertise with Turtles in Time. I had it when it was given a horrible facelift and referred to as Re-Shelled again within the day. Years later, I ran by the SNES sport throughout #IGCvSNES. There was this attention-grabbing phenomena whereas I did the SNES sport: lots of people famous that it far out-classed the arcade counterpart. Now, there’s individuals who insist the NES port of the unique arcade sport is healthier as a result of it has (checks notes) two further ranges. Allow me to wave my palms round my head whereas saying OOOOOOH sarcastically. They couldn’t have been extra fallacious, in fact. TMNT II: The Arcade Game on NES is horrible. But, after I began Cowabunga Collection, I as soon as once more began catching phrase that Turtles in Time was inferior in arcades. This time round, the thrill was spot-on. If something, individuals understated simply how unhealthy Turtles in Time arcade is. It has higher animation than the SNES sport, and it’s additionally completely horrible.

When it involves arcade video games, there’s a distinction between “fair hard” and “borderline scam hard.” Turtles in Time has so many low cost photographs or enemies that interrupt your assaults that it appears like a rip-off. Yea, that’s the correct time period. If a type of redemption video games that spits out ticket is rigged particularly to make gamers assume they’ve a greater probability to win than they actually have, we name {that a} rip-off, proper? Why not do the identical for arcade video video games, for the reason that final purpose (trick gamers into paying actual cash to play) is similar? Turtles in Time has one purpose and one solely: suck quarters. The quicker gamers die, the higher. When you don’t should put quarters into the sport anymore, all it has left is to suck.

This could be Konami’s worst arcade sport of the 90s. Talk a few main downgrade from the earlier sport. The play management usually feels unresponsive. As a outcome, there’s NO oomph. Seriously, this could be the least OOMPHful 90s brawler. The violence appears like feathers doing karate strikes on cotton balls. Pulling off the cool particular strikes is almost unimaginable to clock. The swarming enemies interrupt your combos prefer it ain’t no factor. There is a barely higher selection in enemies within the arcade (and the annoying shield-wielding foot troopers aren’t that unhealthy right here) however with fight that isn’t satisfying in any respect, what’s the purpose? The identical points with airborne enemies from the primary arcade sport return right here, together with different points with what airplane you’re on. The out-of-sync enemy assaults that always don’t allow you to get-up was the ultimate straw for me. Actually, it was the ultimate straw twice, which shouldn’t even be potential! Cowabunga Collection’s “Nightmare Mode” stacked with “God Mode” made Turtles in Time enjoyable. For some time. Then I received to the Neo Night Riders stage and the flying foot troopers used their weapons out of sync, so not solely might I not struggle again, however I couldn’t even rise up. It’s superb that they turned this piece of crap into what could be the most effective brawler on the SNES, however this appears like a prototype that wasn’t completed. It does have worth as a case examine for OOMPH, as a result of the SNES model really has it.
Verdict: NO!
Cowabunga Collection Ranking: #8 of 13

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Back from the Sewers
for Game Boy
Released December 1, 1991

Apologists for the sport word that the proper no-hits run within the video exhibits you don’t should heel-toe it. I’m so sick of the pace run argument after I complain a few sport with pacing points. The argument is basically “if you spend enough time to become an expert at a game that already bores you, you can beat it faster.” Well, yeah. That’s normally the way it works. But why would anybody wish to turn out to be an professional at a sport they discover boring within the first place? There’s like one million video games on the market. I’ve higher choices than a 1991 Game Boy product tie-in that zero effort was put into to really be enjoyable.

They had greater than a 12 months of additional time to work on Back from the Sewers. So, how is it so much like Fall of the Foot Clan? Actually, change that. How come it’s worse than Fall of the Foot Clan? I’m not going to name Back from the Sewers unplayable. It’s even worse than that. You CAN beat it, however so as to take action, you’re pressured to play the sport in probably the most cautionary, plodding, reverse of enjoyable method I’ve ever seen in any “action” sport. Take the identical fundamental enemy assault patterns from the primary Game Boy sport.. and I imply the EXACT SAME ATTACK PATTERNS, solely with totally different character sprites. Now, have that sequence of assaults occur each time you scroll the display a half step ahead. On “normal” problem, the sport spawns a fully comical quantity of enemies that you need to whack together with your comically quick weapon, then take a step ahead and repeat the method. The first sport felt like an LCD sport that with the restricted quantity of assault patterns that repeated all through the sport. Well, if that was a Game & Watch, this might be the B mode. The identical sport, solely with the patterns taking place at a quicker price. More formidable degree design primarily based on zig-zagging by buildings or plane is undermined by enemies or turrets that fireplace so quick you’re mainly pressured to take harm. Who on earth needs to play a sport the place the one technique to play effectively is to primarily crawl your manner by it? Back from the Sewers? I believe not. This belongs again IN the sewers, as a result of it’s crap.
Verdict: NO!
Cowabunga Collection Ranking: #12 of 13

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project
for the Nintendo Entertainment System
Released February 1, 1992

I’ll get my solely knock with Manhattan Project’s controls out of the best way: it’s too simple to do the life-draining particular transfer. I do know that in earlier video games I complained that it’s too exhausting, however right here I usually went to leap to do a drop kick and ended up doing my particular transfer as an alternative. If I hadn’t had infinite lives on, I’d of game-overed simply from unintentional particular transfer utilization alone.

Dinosaurs don’t present up at any level in any respect on this sport. Absolutely shameful cowl artwork. Reprehensible, actually. If this was a brand new launch, I’d give this a NO! on precept.

To say that I used to be utterly taken without warning by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III on the NES is an understatement. Here’s what I knew going into it. (1) It used a modified model of the Turtles II: The Arcade Game’s engine, and I hated that sport. (2) It’s nonetheless the NES, so gameplay is restricted to 2 buttons and stuff that may be completed with 8 bits of horsepower. (3) The full-length gameplay video included was practically two hours lengthy. I might barely maintain my eyes from glazing-over enjoying TMNT II: The Arcade Game and this was over twenty minutes longer. (4) It had a popularity for being insanely tough. The most frequent factor I heard from gamers was that it begins enjoyable however finishes with a thud due to prohibitive problem. Granted, they probably didn’t have entry to the infinite lives that Cowabunga Collection permits you to apply. (5) Konami opted to save lots of a couple of bucks by not going with the identical particular chip they used to make Dracula’s Curse potential. Of course, this set permits you to flip off flicker/slowdown inherit to the NES, however the level is TMNT 3 didn’t aspire to max-out the NES’s 1991/92 potential. That’s 5 utterly legitimate crimson flags. For these causes, I’d been dreading the time I’d should spend with the Manhattan Project greater than some other sport within the set.

Given the restrictions of the preventing engine and the 8-bit console, they type of received the bosses excellent. This was particularly stunning given how boring the bosses in TMNT II have been. An enormous a part of that’s not one of the bosses in Manhattan Project are too spongy. Just while you assume they’re about to get boring, the blinking begins, that means they’re nearly lifeless. Each has a singular fashion and twist. Most importantly, they’re all enjoyable to battle. Every single one, which is a feat no Turtles sport, NOT EVEN SHREDDER’S REVENGE, has pulled off. Only this late-stage NES sport. Well completed! Outstanding! And some of the surprising, pleasant surprises of my now five-year-long retro gaming adventures.

My fears have been unfounded. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project was fairly superior. It cleans up many of the issues that killed TMNT II on the NES. Collision detection, in the beginning, is totally fastened. There was a pair bizarre cases involving Michelangelo the place his weapon really had extra vary than the graphics let on (particularly the “lift over head” transfer) however these have been restricted to him. Beyond that, this has among the greatest fight collision of any sport of this sort on the NES. The controls are far more responsive too, and it makes the fight much more passable. Plus, this time round, every turtle has their very own distinctive particular transfer. Raphael, who I normally keep away from due to his teeny tiny weapons, really has the most effective particular transfer by far, a torpedo-like headbutt, and thus he grew to become my major character. Michelangelo, one other turtle I normally keep away from utilizing, has a neat handspring kick that, with correct timing, could cause two hits for the worth of 1. Of course, they fastened the difficulty with the ability strikes coming without charge. This time, whether or not you hit the transfer or not, utilizing the particular strikes takes a tick of well being off, and the sport is ultra-stingy with the life-refilling pizza so that you’ll wish to area the particular strikes out. But, when you get all the way down to your remaining sliver well being, you get limitless particular strikes, and with Raph particularly, I used to be spamming them like loopy.

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Manhattan Project feels prefer it squeezes as a lot content material out of the formulation as two button gameplay on an eight bit console permits. Right as much as the eighth and remaining degree, it’s nonetheless introducing new enemies. The number of foot troopers rivals Shredder’s Revenge, a sport launched 30 years later. This is a significantly spectacular effort. There’s even some distinctive stage concepts, like an space happening on a conveyor belt the place you need to brawl whereas leaping over lasers (or not leaping generally). I believe it went a bit too lengthy. Six ranges that had mid-bosses would have labored rather a lot higher, and in reality, the most effective ranges have been those that had mid-bosses. Two hours is a number of time to spend with a beat ’em up this restricted, although it by no means turns into totally boring. That’s in all probability as a result of, not like Turtles II, TMNT III appears like a labor of affection. As for the infamous problem, effectively, some individuals say that you simply’re not actually beating a sport in the event you cheat and use infinite lives or save states or rewinding. I say, if that’s the one manner a sport will be gratifying, so be it. Besides, it’s a brawler and even with one added fundamental transfer and distinctive tremendous strikes, it’s nonetheless gameplay as shallow as your mom in regulation’s contempt for you. It’s alleged to be cathartic. Yea, I’m glad I can beat Double Dragon NES if I actually put my coronary heart in it, however that additionally type of nullifies the enjoyable. You should buckle down and play effectively, even when it’s not as enjoyable that manner. Without the stress of enjoying the sport effectively, I might get pleasure from TMNT 3 simply wonderful. I might use the essential strikes, which are literally FUN to make use of this time, one thing the primary arcade adaption on the NES utterly failed at. Seriously, it’s a chore utilizing the essential strikes in TMNT 2, they usually don’t really feel rewarding after they land. That’s fastened. It’s all fastened. This is nearly as good as an arcade brawler on the NES will be, and kudos to them for pulling it off. Surprise: TMNT 3 is sort of enjoyable.
Verdict: YES!
Cowabunga Collection Ranking: #2 of 13

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time
for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Released August 15, 1992

I believe that is my favourite boss in any side-scrolling brawler ever made. Someone at Konami will need to have realized it was simply so satisfying to throw foot troopers on the display, in order that they made it rather a lot simpler to drag off on the SNES, then constructed a boss struggle round it. It’ll take one thing spectacular to high this battle.

Now that is extra prefer it. Despite the arcade sport having extra fluid animation and sharper graphics, the Super NES model is healthier in each conceivable manner. It controls higher. It sounds higher (effectively, okay wonderful, it doesn’t have many of the arcade’s voice samples or the Pizza Power rap through the entice display). It performs higher. It’s a kinder, gentler lover, like I think about Shredder actually is deep down♥. Turtles in Time on the SNES is a virtually continuous pleasure to expertise. The feathery, weightless fight of the arcade is changed with weighty crunches, bone-breaking slams, and weapons that really feel like they might really harm to get struck by. Whereas the added ranges have been to not the good thing about the NES sport, which was already skinny on gameplay and terminally gradual, the added content material right here is welcome. There’s 4 new bosses and all of them enjoyable to battle. Levels have both been added or closely altered, together with turning the 2 “surfing” ranges in bonus phases. The Super NES has a number of nice arcade ports, however few really enhance on the coin-op. Turtles in Time MURDERS its arcade counterpart a was probably the most effective home-to-arcade port till SoulCalibur in 1999.

A weird further characteristic unique to this port is the time trial mode. There’s three “courses” that take bite-sized segments from the principle sport, referred to as “laps” right here and instances how lengthy you are taking to beat all of the enemies. It’s weirdly gradual, as you spend as a lot time ready for the subsequent lap to lastly load as you do really “racing” the timer. It’s not the worst concept however the execution is irritating due to the agonizing wait between laps.

Do you already know what my solely semi-real drawback with Turtles in Time is? I object to the title. Really, the “time travel” facet barely works. Going again to struggle foot troopers within the dinosaur period? Nice. But the practice you’re on might be a practice from any time interval. Same with the pirate ship. Same with the Technodrome, for that matter. Hell, you need to end a few third of the sport earlier than you even begin “traveling through time.” So, yea, the time journey stuff exterior of the dinosaur stage and the hoverboard stage is weak sauce. Everything else is great. An enormous a part of that’s the OOMPH (my pet time period for violence in a online game feeling prefer it has actual, impactful weight to it) is great. When you hit a strike in Turtles in Time, it feels prefer it inflicts ache. Which it in all probability doesn’t since you’re largely preventing robots however my level nonetheless stands. In the arcades, it’s like paper dolls preventing. On the SNES, while you seize an enemy by the limb and begin slamming them backwards and forwards on the concrete like Hulk does to Loki in Avengers, it could be my favourite brawling sport transfer EVER. It’s simply so rattling cathartic, particularly while you filter a display stuffed with enemies whereas doing it.

Turning Neo Night Riders right into a Mode 7 showcase was one other sensible transfer. You’ve already completed one “Sewer Surfing” stage. In arcades, it’s simply extra of the identical, and futuristic facade feels paper-thin. On the Super NES, the Mode 7 graphics make it really feel contemporary and type of novel. The bizarre factor about Mode 7 is it shouldn’t impress in any respect in 2022, nevertheless it all the time makes me sit up and take discover each time I’m enjoying any SNES sport.

The sound design components into it, however the controls being much more responsive than they’re in arcades is the true distinction maker. That fluid animation that does look so good in arcades appears to even be why doing combos, getting assaults interrupted, and normal unresponsiveness is current. On the SNES, it appears like while you give the command to crush an enemy, it’s completed. I might nearly do the “slam on the concrete” transfer at will (which actually helps within the time trial mode) and after I wanted throw enemies on the display, I might all the time accomplish that with minimal effort. Of course, not like the NES arcade sport, simply utilizing fundamental assaults is definitely satisfying as effectively. So is the operating shoulder block that makes for the proper set-up for the concrete slamming. Turtles in Time’s move-set is comparatively restricted, however what strikes you’ve are very satisfying. My want checklist would solely embody extra satisfying/efficient aerial assaults.

The OOMPH isn’t fairly nearly as good in opposition to bosses, however hell, even the most effective Capcom brawlers the place you can virtually really feel the bones shatter additionally struggled with that too. Boss OOMPH is a tough balancing act as a result of in the event you get it fallacious, you make the enemy look weak and it takes the stakes out of the struggle. One factor Turtles does get proper is having all of the bosses really feel like they’re totally different. They require totally different patterns to defeat. You can’t simply spam assaults. I like that.

Well, if I’m going to get nit-picky, I suppose I want there was a much bigger number of enemies. It’s largely simply foot troopers of varied colours/weapons. The second most typical enemies are these stone guys that aren’t as enjoyable to struggle, as while you attempt to slam them, you simply form of toss them like a sack of potatoes. Rarely, mousers or these big alien-looking issues present up. My hunch is the dev workforce centered all their vitality on the bosses, which was in all probability sensible. The number of bosses is spectacular they usually all really feel totally different, however I’m bummed becuase Turtles in Time was perhaps 5 – 6 fundamental enemies away from being the undisputed greatest brawler of its period. Of course, every thing I really feel is lacking was really completed with the current Shredder’s Revenge, and possibly the most effective factor I can say about Turtles in Time on the SNES is it set the bar that sport needed to clear very excessive certainly. Turtles in Time won’t be the most effective Ninja Turtles sport anymore, however that it held that title for twenty years and barely confirmed any put on from the check of time is a testomony to what Konami completed right here. The SNES port is a very superb piece of software program and I’m so glad I received to play by it a second time. Let’s depart it right here and never re-re-remake it, please. I’d somewhat have Shredder’s Revenge 2.
Verdict: YES!
Ranking: #1 of 13 **BEST IN SET**

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist
for Sega Genesis
Released December 11, 1992

They took the Krang Fight from Neo Night Riders in Turtles in Time, identical assault patterns, and made him a boss with out the cool futuristic facade or the hoverboards. Like so many issues with Hyperstone Heist, it feels stripped-down.

I legitimately can’t imagine there’s any debate on what’s the superior 16-bit house TMNT arcade sport. Lots of people appear to actually like Hyperstone Heist. I’ve by no means seen a sport this horrible that has so many individuals falling over to apologize or make excuses for it, and even name it good. I imply reliable PASSION from followers who stand by Hyperstone Heist as among the finest, if not THE greatest, TMNT video games ever made. YIKES! I’m not simply speaking fanboys both, however skilled sport critics! Hyperstone Heist has made lists like “The 20 Best Genesis Games.” I checked, there’s not less than twenty-one Genesis video games, which implies they’re not awarding this by default. They’ll say “the graphics and sound are better!” Who cares? Turtles in Time within the arcade seems to be a LOT higher than the SNES sport, particularly the fluid, cartoony animation. But, the gameplay is worse, so the SNES sport is healthier. That’s simply how it’s. If you worth a sport having higher animation or sound at the price of gameplay, my evaluations should not for you. And whereas we’re at it, what individuals take into account “better” with Hyperstone Heist may be very debatable.

I used to be already depressing enjoying Hyperstone Heist for causes I’m going to get into proper about now, however not less than I wasn’t utterly demoralized. Then a boss confirmed up I already beat, and I used to be solely on the fourth stage. “Uh oh” I believed, a chill coming over me. Then, after beating Leatherhead for the second time, Rocksteady confirmed up, and I simply felt utterly dejected. A goddamned boss rush. And since there had solely been three bosses as much as that time, it was some of the pathetic boss rushes I’ve ever seen. Unbelievable. Then it ended with the Baxter Stockman struggle from the unique TMNT arcade sport. Hey, wait.. Rocksteady is within the sport however Bebop isn’t? That’s like Simon with out Garfunkel! ♫GENESIS DOES! YOU CAN’T DO THIS ON NINTENDO (until it entails a mutant warthog)!♫

Lots of people lead off with “the music is better!” I’ve by no means understood why anybody would go to music earlier than gameplay, however wonderful, let’s begin with the music. The Wikipedia web page describes Hyperstone Heist as having the identical music as different TMNT video games, solely quicker. The quicker half I’m not solely positive was deliberate. It has the identical music tracks from earlier Turtles arcade video games, solely they’re sped-up. The factor is, the voices of the Turtles after they die (“ohh, shell-shocked!”) sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks, as a result of they’re ALSO sped up. Then you notice the assorted bonks and baps from the fight additionally sound kinda comparable, however weirdly so, and it’s as a result of they’re the identical sound results sped-up too. Why would you pace up the sound results too? That is not sensible in any respect, until they simply screwed up the soundtrack and sound results and determined to name it a characteristic as an alternative of a bug. It should work as a result of individuals cite the soundtrack as a motive that is higher than the SNES counterpart that has extra ranges, extra bosses, extra strikes, extra set-pieces, higher play management that makes pulling off superior strikes simpler, and has heroes that don’t sound like they’re on an all-helium eating regimen.

The Sega Genesis model of TMNT has solely 5 ranges and 6 bosses, three of which you need to struggle twice, BUT HEY, it has one boss.. ONE SINGLE, SOLITARY BOSS.. that’s not in some other Turtles sport. You can virtually see the Genesis fanboys showering themselves with confetti whereas singing “GENESIS DOES WHAT NINTENDON’T!”

But, it’s the declare that Hyperstone Heist has “more aggressive AI” that I object to probably the most. Apparently it was Konami’s “selling point” for the sport. “More aggressive AI” on this case is probably the most meaningless buzzword on the Genesis since “Blast Processing™©™®™.” But, individuals fell for it. Reviewers on the time famous the AI was “more aggressive.” The Wikipedia web page notes it. People telling me I’m fallacious about Hyperstone Heist have stated it to me. I don’t know the place this “more aggressive” shit comes from, as a result of when *I* performed Hyperstone Heist on Normal Difficulty, the enemies stored backing away from me after I walked in the direction of them. They would again all the best way to the far-far-far fringe of the display, a lot they usually weren’t on the display in any respect, earlier than they lastly stood nonetheless lengthy sufficient for me to kill them. Of course, meaning after I hit my strikes, I might solely hear that I used to be doing it and didn’t get the satisfaction of seeing the enemies die. This was constant from the beginning of the sport till the top. One of my largest points with the beat ’em up style typically is the motion too usually migrates to the perimeters of the playfield, however Hyperstone takes it to a brand new excessive. “Well Cathy, enemies in a real fight WOULD back away from you!” OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, IT’S A VIDEO GAME! In actual life, a hearth respiratory, princess-kidnapping turtle dragon wouldn’t select to make its remaining stand on a bridge with an axe that the hero might use to drop it right into a lake of fireside, both, however within the make-believe world of video video games, it’d be bizarre if it didn’t! And it’s bizarre that a lot motion in Hyperstone Heist is in opposition to enemies you may’t see!

Might as effectively have put an enormous Pizza Hut commercial within the the middle of the display. It wouldn’t have blocked the motion in any respect.

I believe by “aggressive” followers of the sport imply the enemies are full back-fighting, sucker-punching cowards. The overwhelming majority of enemies don’t swarm you. They form of fall again, they usually solely transfer in to assault when your again is turned to them and also you begin swinging your weapon to the opposite aspect. They even have pitch-perfect timing on counter-attacks. But, fight largely consists of chasing enemies to the sting of the display for the kill. Many of the enemies are straight-up programmed to only sit on these edges and throw their projectiles in preset intervals. For a sport that’s allegedly “faster-paced”, you positive do take FOREVER to rise up while you get knocked down. The dramatic knockdown-rolling-sit-up animation is agonizing each time it occurs, and more often than not, the enemies start their assault animation with excellent timing so that you simply’re going to get hit once more on the very nanosecond you make it to your ft. I don’t care how a lot followers of this sport regurgitate Konami’s 1992 advertising and marketing of Hyperstone Heist as “more aggressive” and “faster-paced” as a result of the precise gameplay unfolds rather a lot slower. It’s stop-and-go gameplay on steroids, and due to Cowabunga Collection, you may play this side-by-side with Turtles in Time on the SNES and see that it’s really the SNES sport that’s “fast paced” and has extra aggressive enemies, as a result of they don’t run away from you want full lilly-livered yellow-bellied scaredy-cats. Isn’t the purpose of a brawler being fed a military of cannon fodder to punch?

The solely good factor I can say about Hyperstone Heist is it had probably the most playable model of this Baxter Stockman battle. So hey, +1 for having the most effective model of my least favourite boss from the unique arcade sport.

While I’m at it, the place is all this different “better gameplay” at? You can’t throw the enemies on the display, which is among the most satisfying strikes from Turtles in Time. It’s a lot tougher to drag off the “slam enemies into concrete” transfer, and the opposite foot troopers you hit doing it take much less harm. Your personal life bar will be drained too shortly, as the quantity of injury attributable to environmental traps and even by random hits from bosses or foot troopers usually is a number of of your well being factors. The OOMPH isn’t nearly as good because the SNES sport. It has lower than half the bosses the SNES sport does at 13 to six. If you object to me counting the fights in opposition to Bebop & Rocksteady as two totally different bosses, and the identical for Tokka & Rahzar, the tally continues to be 11 to six, a not unsubstantial hole, and the SNES sport didn’t make you replay bosses you already beat. “The stages are longer!” Yea, however they don’t do something. They’re not enjoyable set-pieces in any respect. I used to be excited for a “haunted ship” as a result of these will be cool, nevertheless it had nothing haunted about it. It was simply decrepit. Going off this sport’s definition of haunted, my Mom is changing into haunted. So, the place’s this higher sport play? Oh, as a result of the sprint button is separate? Well dip me in shit and roll me in bread crumbs, Genesis wins! ♫GENESIS DOES! YOU CAN’T DO THIS ON NINTENDO! GENESIS DOES!♫

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When offered side-by-side in opposition to the SNES Turtles in Time, I can’t perceive why anybody would say Hyperstone Heist is the higher sport, until they NEED Hyperstone Heist to be higher as a result of they nonetheless base their vanity on the truth that, thirty years in the past, Sega efficiently marketed their console to them higher than Nintendo did (or their mother and father saved some cash shopping for a Genesis as an alternative of an SNES after which gaslit the child into believing they actually wished a Genesis all alongside). Well, sorry Genny followers. The Genesis library beat the SNES library in some ways, however Hyperstone Heist isn’t simply unhealthy in comparison with Turtles in Time. In reality, by itself, in comparison with no different sport, Hyperstone Heist is simply boring. An already quick sport that feels very closely padded, with unhealthy enemy AI, a restricted moveset, and uninteresting set-pieces. But hey, you have been informed thirty years in the past it was faster-paced than different Turtles video games and had “more aggressive” AI, though the AI clearly spends a lot of the time backing away from the preventing, and who’re you going to imagine? The greatest advertising and marketing groups cash should purchase or your mendacity eyes?
Verdict: NO!
Cowabunga Collection Ranking: #9 of 13

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Radical Rescue
for Game Boy
Released November 25, 1993

Each of the Turtles has an excellent energy that permits you to entry a beforehand unacceptable space. For some motive, Leonardo’s is popping right into a drill.

Metroidvanias are my favourite style, and I’m a type of folks that has little or no drawback with quick video games. The subsequent IGC overview can be an indie NES Metroidvania that takes only some minutes to finish, and I take into account it an ideal sport within the sense that the one criticism about it’s its ultra-short size, which isn’t actually a criticism. I’d somewhat play twenty to thirty minutes of absolute perfection than two hours of nice or six hours of fine. Perfection is a lot rarer. So, I’ve no drawback with the smallish map and temporary runtime of Radical Rescue. Even in the event you get misplaced, will take you beneath two hours to complete, however that’s wonderful. I wouldn’t wish to be caught with this sport longer. It’s a fairly respectable, if fundamental, Metroidvania that has a serious subject with enemy placement and boss fights. This is a type of video games the place the builders fine-tuned the enemy placement particularly for cheap-shots and unavoidable harm. It occurs continuous all through the runtime, and it’s such a disgrace as a result of in any other case Radical Rescue might need turn out to be my go-to sport for child’s first Metroidvania.

I’ve an enormous drawback with the bosses. They don’t fairly telegraph their strikes sufficient to present you time to dodge, and man, do they blink a LONG time while you hit them.

The sport solely has a pair environments which are as bland and flavorless because it will get, and it doesn’t actually do an excellent job of teasing “you’re in a place that you can’t access.. yet, hint hint” that Metroidvanias are ideally constructed round. But, they really did job of constructing round beginning with Michelangelo and needing to rescue the opposite turtles. The idea of beating bosses for keys to jail cells works splendidly. Each of the Turtles has a singular means required for exploration, which is precisely what I wished TMNT-NES to do, and I’m gratified that I used to be proper to say it wanted it. The boss fights are tremendous annoying. I’ve by no means seen a sport of this sort that had the bosses blink with invincibility after taking harm as painfully lengthy as Radical Rescue does. Thankfully, with the glory of save states, you may replay them with no penalty (use the save states over rewinding. Each boss takes a minute or two to beat). Ultimately, the #1 factor I would like from a Metroidvania is an effective map, and Radical Rescue has an excellent map with a pleasant path to victory that requires the precise correct amount of backtracking (or lack thereof) that by no means turns into annoying. I simply want this had been on a platform just like the NES, Genesis, or SNES as an alternative.
Verdict: YES!
Cowabunga Collection Ranking: #4 of 13

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters
for Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and Game Boy
Released September 4, 1993 (SNES/Genesis) February 1994 (NES)

They all have such boring rosters. Oh, and the Genesis model (pictured right here) is the one sport in all of TMNT Cowabunga Collection that options Casey Jones. That’s an absolute travesty.

I don’t actually have a ton to say concerning the three TMNT Tournament Fighter video games. I’ll begin by noting the Genesis sport is mainly unplayable. Of the three buttons that they had out there, one is used for taunting, which is simply silly. The preventing mechanics are extraordinarily bland and even on the bottom setting, I couldn’t beat the enemy AI. It’s simply the worst sport in Cowabunga Collection. If I gave a hypothetical “so bad that it occupies multiple spots in the rankings” for the Genesis model, Back from the Sewers on the Game Boy can be #12, then there can be 5 to 6 gaps and the Genesis Tournament Fighters can be #17 or #18. Absolutely abysmal. And you already know that Digital Eclipse will need to have agreed. This is actually the one sport in your complete assortment that doesn’t have a bit within the set’s built-in technique information.

It seems to be like Raph is kneeing Leo in his nardos right here.

The NES sport is definitely higher, however nonetheless not enjoyable in any respect. It feels precisely like a type of trendy “demakes” that you simply’ll see indie builders provide you with as a cutesy novelty. You can solely select to make use of the Turtles within the one participant mode, and as soon as once more, the AI is simply too dang good. The large distinction on this one is a dodgeball will sometimes be dropped onto the playfield for the gamers to make use of. The solely good factor I can say concerning the NES sport is that I’d somewhat play it than Back from the Sewers on Game Boy.

I don’t perceive the entire “Cyber Shredder” factor. That’s what he’s referred to as in Radical Rescue too. Does he have on-line intercourse or one thing. Because I’d completely cyber with him. Damnit, I can change him!

Really, the SNES sport is the one considered one of curiosity. Four button gameplay for heavy and light-weight punches and kicks, so not less than the motion has substance and nuance to it apart from button mashing. The OOMPH! is respectable, there’s a pleasant number of particular strikes, and the tremendous transfer meter that penalizes utilization of the block was forward of its time and impressed. So, why didn’t I prefer it? Honestly, this felt to me like one of many extra bland entries in SNK’s preventing sport franchise. Besides Shredder and the Turtles, I didn’t acknowledge any of the characters, and the one enjoyable character to play as is Shredder. The bizarre sport show-like theme between phases threw me off, and admittedly, I didn’t assume the preventing was all that. It felt like they aimed for competent greater than spectacular. I believe a contemporary Turtles preventing sport with cel-shaded graphics might be attention-grabbing, however for its time, this was only a wannabe Street Fighter which may have labored for youths in 1993 who acknowledged the characters. For a non-TMNT fan in 2022, this wasn’t for me.
Verdict: NO!, NO!, and NO!
Cowabunga Collection Rankings
SNES: #6 of 13 **BEST OF THE WORST**
NES: #11 of 13
Genesis: #13 of 13



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