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The Five Best Feats in D&D

Feats are an important non-compulsory rule in D&D. And when all of it comes right down to it, these are the 5 greatest feats in D&D.

With the discharge of the One D&D playtest, it seems to be like feats are shifting away from the “optional rule” standing they at present take pleasure in. That’s proper. Just like multiclassing, the flexibility to take a feat instead of an Ability Score Increase is technically an non-compulsory rule. But most everybody performs with them anyway, as a result of feats are cool.

They change the best way your character performs. Feats can provide you extra injury, and new decisions to your actions and reactions. There are an terrible lot of them, however just a few maintain rising to the highest. These are one of the best feats in D&D


Sentinel makes the listing as a result of it modifications the best way your character performs. With this feat, swiftly assaults of alternative turn into rather more critical enterprise.

For one, while you hit a creature with a chance assault, its velocity turns into 0. So they’ll’t transfer previous the place they have been after they provoked the assault. On high of that, you may all the time make a chance assault, even when your goal makes use of the Disengage choice.

And lastly, you may make an assault as a response when a creature assaults a goal aside from you.

Which means you may actually defend your pals. Taking this feat transforms a personality, making them capable of lock enemies down on the battlefield. It’s nice for Fighters, Paladins, Barbarians, and anybody on the frontline. But even squishier lessons like Rogues profit from the talents of this feat.

Polearm Mastery

Polearm Mastery is an ideal complement to the Sentinel feat. It provides your character the flexibility to make a chance assault when characters enter your attain. Which, with the best polearm, might be so far as 10 ft out from you.

Plus this provides you an additional assault you may make as a bonus motion, which is sweet. But bonus actions are steadily scorching commodities, so the percentages are you may need one thing you’re already doing with that bonus motion. But in case you don’t, making an assault for no price is an effective way to pile on the injury.


Sharpshooter is an notorious feat in fifth Edition. It powers up characters who use ranged weapons like bows or crossbows considerably. It does this by letting you ignore a lot of the penalties ranged assaults face—no extra drawback for attacking at lengthy vary, that means with a longbow you may shoot somebody precisely out to 600 ft away. And no extra penalties for enemies being in cowl both. If you may see ’em, you may hit ’em.

But the true large add-on right here is that Sharpshooter enables you to take a -5 to hit in alternate for +10 injury on an assault. The Archery combating fashion (which most ranged characters can choose up fairly simply) provides you a +2 to hit, in order that’s already +10 injury for under an efficient -3. As quickly as you begin making multiple assault, the injury provides up rapidly.

Great Weapon Master

The melee counterpart to Sharpshooter, Great Weapon Master makes characters do even higher in melee. Like Sharpshooter, this feat grants you a -5 to hit +10 injury trade-off. Which is by itself purpose sufficient to choose up the feat.

But, on high of that, while you crit or while you scale back a creature to 0 hit factors with a melee weapon, you may then additionally make a weapon assault as a bonus motion. This is simply good to have, although as with Polearm Mastery, you may have already got stuff you’re doing together with your bonus motion.


Finally, one of many single greatest feats for any character in D&D: Lucky. Lucky provides you three Luck Points that you should utilize on any assault roll, capability examine, or saving throw (or d20 check within the new D&D).

Spend a luck level to roll an additional d20, then select which d20 you wish to maintain. Which turns virtually any roll into functionally having Advantage. But Lucky interacts even higher with rolls upon which you’ve gotten Disadvantage or Advantage, turning them into one of the best of three d20 rolls.

Because you don’t must take the very best or the bottom, Lucky enables you to select which d20 consequence to take. With this feat, drawback turns into tremendous benefit. And each character can take pleasure in that.

What are your picks for greatest feats in D&D?




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