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There are so many Pokémon at this level. We’re closing in to 1000 of the blighters, and similar to the actual world, when you don’t like one, there are loads extra fish within the sea. The oceans of the Pokémon world are affected by as many fish as Earth, and when you’re trying to develop into a water coach, you’ve received a load of implausible finned decisions to replenish your ranks.

Our checklist of the very best fish Pokémon trawls the seas of the Pokémon world and fishes up some top-tier scalyfellas. We’ve received some Pokémon that are simply… a fish, we’ve received weirder swimmers that characterize the monstrosities on the backside of the ocean, and bizarrely, we nonetheless don’t have a dolphin? Yes, I do know dolphins aren’t fish. You Pokémon are totally different, and when you suppose I’m not placing Wailmer on this checklist you then’re sorely mistaken.

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Let’s dive into our checklist of the very best fish Pokémon.

Fish Pokémon

Fish Pokemon: key art from the Pokemon series shows the fish-like Pokemon Magikarp


The unique and presumably nonetheless the very best, Magikarp, was one thing of a joke again within the early days. A coach would promote you one in Pokémon Red and Blue, a deal that felt like a rip-off once you realised this little orange man may solely splash round and was just about helpless in battle. Luckily it will get the very best glow-up in Pokémon, as this usually underestimated fish transforms into the terrifying and highly effective Gyarados with a bit of affection and endurance.

What cements Magikarp as a basic for therefore many Pokémon trainers is that this preliminary helplessness, continuously flailing round similar to a fish out of water. It has an inherent disappointment to its pathetic manner that always endears individuals to it. But as everyone knows, Gyarados is a fish you don’t mess with and has develop into a basic in its personal proper with a number of scary anime appearances. I’ll always remember catching a pink Gyrados in Pokémon Gold & Silver, and I’ll all the time love this specific line of Pokémon.

Fish Pokemon: key art from the Pokemon series shows the fish-like Pokemon Sharpedo


Introduced in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, the area infamously identified for having loads of water, Sharpedo is certainly one of many fish Pokémon from this era however stands out because of its stellar design. It’s a marvel we didn’t have a shark Pokémon sooner, however this one seems to be significantly menacing, particularly in its monstrous mega evolution type. It evolves from the Pokémon Carvanha, a cool piranha Pokémon however one which doesn’t stand out fairly as effectively. Sharpedo’s pace, look, and normal angle means it seems to be as fierce because it does cool.

Fish Pokemon: key art from the Pokemon series shows the fish-like Pokemon Barraskewda


One of the Pokémon added in Pokémon Sword and Shield, Barraskewda, is predicated on the evil-looking barracuda and likewise sports activities a spinning tail harking back to a ship’s rudder. Surprisingly, this ‘mon is incredibly fast and actually has a place in the meta if you know what you’re doing. It additionally manages to precisely painting the sinister look of the fish it’s primarily based on whereas nonetheless having an fascinating look in its personal proper. I really feel sorry for any Cramorant that tries to gobble certainly one of these…

Fish Pokemon: key art from the Pokemon series shows the fish-like Pokemon Feebas


While it could possibly be mistaken for simply one other fish Pokémon, Feebas grew to become beloved in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire thanks to 2 essential causes. First, this Pokémon is extremely arduous to search out, solely being out there in a number of choose blocks of the ocean, relying on the climate, and altering at random. Seriously, good luck catching these guys.

Secondly, Feebas evolves into the serpentine and significantly cool Milotic, a cumbersome water kind that brings to thoughts the sirens from previous sailors’ tales. Having a Milotic in your workforce again within the day was an actual badge of delight, and it had the stats to match the hassle put in to search out and evolve one.

Fish Pokemon: key art from the Pokemon series shows the fish-like Pokemon Wailmer


YES. I do know whales aren’t fish. Let me stay. Plus, it’s the Pokémon world, so who is aware of how the science holds up? Just take a look at this man’s little smile,- what an angel. Surfing the waves of Hoenn was all the time a pleasure, and each time a Wailmer popped up, I used to be full of pleasure. I additionally love whales, so I’m slightly biased. Speaking of, Wailord actually takes inspiration from actual animals just like the blue whale, because it’s one of many largest Pokémon within the sport, and appears really huge in Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor DLC.

Seeing one of many absolute items really taking on some house within the ocean is nice, and solely additional helps to make the Pokémon really feel like a part of a dwelling respiratory world once they seem correctly scaled. I’d additionally like to see extra types of these two contemplating the large number of whales within the wild. While the brand new ‘mon Cetitan seems based on a narwhal or a beluga whale, I’d like to see a Wailmer that pulls from a gray whale or one thing extra aesthetically distinctive just like the pilot whale. In reality, why haven’t we received an orca Pokémon but?

Fish Pokemon: key art from the Pokemon series shows the fish-like Pokemon Goldeen


Magikarp could look like a ineffective choose, however on the opposite aspect of the coin is Goldeen, the elegant and lovely fish Pokémon that, for some motive, has the delicate voice of a lady within the anime and a cry I’ll by some means always remember. Used by Misty in addition to its formidable evolution Seaking, these two Pokémon characterize stunning fish like koi carp and present that not each water Pokémon is a waste of time.

Fish Pokemon: key art from the Pokemon series shows the fish-like Pokemon Relicanth


An historical Pokémon with an interesting story rooted in the actual world, Relicanth is predicated on the story of the coelacanth, a fish from millennia in the past that many regarded as utterly extinct. However, the coelacanth was miraculously found by fishermen in a distant location, upending years of scientific analysis and igniting the marine biology group into additional analysis.

Relicanth has an identical story in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. it was thought lengthy extinct and found deep underneath the waves by utilizing the distinctive dive mechanic from the Hoenn video games. It seems to be historical and even incorporates a rock typing to attract additional parallels to the fossils of the unique creature scientists studied for years. It exemplifies the very best of Pokémon design, taking an concept from the actual world and operating with it, making a singular creature alongside the best way.

Fish Pokemon: key art from the Pokemon series shows the fish-like Pokemon WishiWashi


An entry from the Alola area, the video games Pokémon Sun and Moon, drawing inspiration from Hawaii. Wishiwashi is considerably forgettable by itself, but it surely’s all about its particular trick. Wishiwashi can group collectively like shoals of fish within the ocean, and create a Megazord of smaller fish, an enormous type of Wishiwashi referred to as its ‘school form’ and is predicated on the real-world tactic of smaller fish to group collectively and resemble a bigger fish to idiot predators. Science, fish! I really like marine biology, so any fish that’s primarily based on the actual science of the ocean will get a stable fin up from me.

Well, we totally loved driving the waves of nostalgia to fish up these picks, and we hope our decisions didn’t make an excessive amount of of a splash. Sorry however Bruxish and Alomomola are simply boring. There’s no manner round it. To get your self prepared for the brand new era dropping later this 12 months, you’ll want to try our information to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet thriller reward codes subsequent.



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