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The Movie Thread Reloaded


This is a website for discussing roleplaying video games. Have enjoyable doing so, however there may be one main rule: don’t focus on political points that are not instantly and uniquely associated to the topic of the thread and about gaming. While this website is devoted to free speech, the next won’t be tolerated: devolving a thread into unrelated political dialogue, sockpuppeting (utilizing a number of and/or bogus accounts), disrupting matters with out contributing to them, and posting photographs that might get somebody fired within the office (an exterior hyperlink is OK, however clearly mark it as Not Safe For Work, or NSFW). If you obtain a warning, please take it critically and both transfer on to a different subject or steer the dialogue again to its unique RPG-related theme.

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Thirteen Lives is a good dramatization of an unattainable rescue. Complete with map. Very good supply materials for these eager to convey a little bit of gritty realism into their fantasy adventures.

I actually preferred Thirteen Lives. It was as claustrophobic because it will get, with Viggo and Colin Farrell doing virtually all the underwater scenes by themselves. It was additionally good to see the vast portrayal of all of the efforts (and the folks) concerned within the rescue operation.

I counsel the documentary “The Rescue” as a companion piece. I watched “The Rescue” first however, even when it’s the actual factor, it truly made me take pleasure in this film much more.

For each fool who denounces Ayn Rand as “intellectualism” there is a superb DM who creates a “Bioshock” journey.

Just noticed The Secret of NIMH. Interesting story. I additionally suppose it was fairly darkish for an animated film. It couldn’t fairly resolve if it was fantasy or Sci-Fi (type of a combination) however I nonetheless suppose this was one of many higher animated motion pictures I’ve seen.




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