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I’m underwhelmed.

So the aim for 6e is to have folks taking part in D&D with brown-skinned demon-blooded Tiefling ‘genderqueer’ characters on the Internet with their computer systems or smartphones, as an alternative of taking part in video games face-to-face? Hasbro needs huge centralization of the rpg pastime and trade, for the sake of brainwashing the plebes? It feels like an enormous moist fart to me. I’m certain they’re going to have a lot of informal truthful climate clients shopping for their app, however so what? I’ve performed D&D on my laptop with my pals, after I performed video games like NWN (Neverwinter Nights) and DDO (Dungeons & Dragons Online). Well, what makes taking part in 6e (“GroomerDnD/WokeDnD/OneDnD”) on Hasbro’s web site/app extra attractive than that?

I may create characters with DDO or NWN. My characters may have lessons, expertise, feats, potential scores and extra. I may equip my characters with weapons and armor, play with my pals, and go on adventures. So what’s presupposed to be the attract of 6e? Is it so that folks can play video games on their computer systems or smartphones, whereas pretending that they don’t seem to be truly taking part in a pc recreation?

Oh, properly. I’m certain 6e could have a lot of Critical Race Theory and plenty of groomer propaganda. But I should not be shocked, since Hasbro (which controls D&D) is receiving ESG funding capital from big mega-corporations like BlackRock and Vanguard, and each single firm that receives ESG funding capital pushes Critical Race Theory and pro-groomer propaganda. Well, Vanguard is the biggest shareholder of BlackRock. Do we all know who the precise shareholders of Vanguard are?

No, in fact not. 

Are you guys posting from the yr 2000? Because we’re many years in to the digital revolution and that prediction, which at this level is about as outdated as Y2k fears, by no means occurred. In reality, D&D has grown massively throughout this period of digital tabletops, whereas multiplayer video video games have shrunk a bit.

Over the final 30 days, greater than 62 million folks have performed Genshin Impact. That’s greater than WotC’s optimistic estimates for the overall quantity of people that have ever performed D&D throughout it is complete existence. The RPG pastime remains to be fairly small.

To thrive, old fashioned RPGs have to work with digital desk tops. Stop attempting to make the sport in-person solely, in a world the place in-person gatherings have shrunk enormously, recreation retailer numbers have diminished, and populations have dispersed extra.

I utterly disagree. RPGs ought to deal with optimizing the nose to nose expertise. This is what I noticed taking place in the course of the boardgame explosion of the early 2000s. Games like Settlers of Cataan and Puerto Rico got here out that centered on optimizing the boardgame expertise. Emphasizing participant to participant interplay whereas decreasing the tabletop’s limitations by having cheap setup occasions and a superb (to not lengthy, to not brief) recreation size.

RPG ought to, as properly, deal with what makes nose to nose gaming totally different from on-line gaming. This is not to say that on-line RPG classes aren’t allowed, however they need to be considered as sub-optimal. Something to do when you’ll be able to’t truly meet IRL. Designing a recreation particularly to make it work higher on-line is the flawed approach to go.

This goes again to the entire level about video video games not taking the place of RPGs. This can solely occur if RPGs present some form of expertise that video video games can not. The extra you modify RPGs to work in an internet atmosphere, the much less totally different RPGs will probably be from these video video games and the 2 will simply get nearer and nearer till that benefit is misplaced. Better, IMO, to run the opposite approach.

I agree with you. NOBODY has been actually specializing in optimizing the FACE-TO-FACE expertise for tabletop rpgs. Nobody. And that features the content material creators within the OSR motion. Furthermore, digital tabletops CANNOT compete with laptop video games that do MOST of what VTTs do anyway, besides with much less thoughts caulk. If I’ve to decide on between VTT or a pc recreation, the pc recreation wins……….as a result of the VTT PRETENDS that it’s not a pc recreation, when it truly is…..whereas the pc recreation has higher graphics, and I can play it at any time when I need. Don’t get me flawed; VTTs are helpful, however having rpgs focus totally on the VTT market is a useless finish… a result of the top recreation for VTTs is in the end folks simply taking part in yet one more laptop recreation (whether or not folks prefer to admit it or not). Not to say, the very last thing we’d like….is to encourage folks to turn out to be much more socially retarded than they already are, by consigning everybody to a digital ghetto. This ‘Great Reset’ social distancing wankery has gotten uncontrolled.

Anyway, I’d prefer to see some kind of tabletop rpg/board recreation hybrids, or OSR video games which might be bought with miniatures or giant maps or playing cards or tokens or no matter. Even the character sheets for many roleplaying video games are an afterthought. It actually would not harm for tabletop rpg content material creators to take some classes from the board recreation trade.

Meanwhile, the place are the OSR video games and OSR marketing campaign settings with extremely detailed wikis and SRDs? Where are the OSR journey paths (like “Shackled City”, or no matter)? How about even a pair OSR ‘Endless Quest’ books with masculine straight white male protagonists? Furthermore, when you publish a tabletop rpg, then it behooves you to promote {a magazine} that showcases what your valuable recreation truly does.

Imagine if the creators of OSRIC supplied an SRD (just like the d20 SRD), a pair month-to-month magazines, and bought magic merchandise playing cards and spell playing cards and extra. And even had a well-drawn quarterly comedian e-book. And created their very own tabletop rpg marketing campaign setting boxed set, with spell playing cards, magic merchandise playing cards, miniatures, a recreation board, and monster playing cards. And hey, possibly an OSR firm may even produce a pair brief cartoons. Just for starters. I do not see stuff like that wherever, and I did not see it 20 years in the past.

But no matter. If I desire a digital D&D expertise, I’ve laptop video games for that…..that convey me shut sufficient to VTT (with out being VTT), performing as a extra handy surrogate for VTT. And moreover, if I play DDO (or no matter), I haven’t got to take care of Critical Race Theory Babylon 2.0 wankery and Satanic groomer degeneracy. And by the best way, I’m gonna name this sixth Edition, and never 5.5. The distinction between 5E in 2014, and what I’m seeing right here now could be higher than the distinction we see between 1e vs 2e.

And it seems horrible. :(

This is a brand new version of D&D, however with out Hasbro brazenly admitting it. Remember when Hasbro known as 5e “D&DNext”? I keep in mind, and now they wish to name 6e “OneDnD”. You simply wait. Hasbro will finally have a Satanically inverted rainbow flag on their web site in just a few years. But no matter.

Fuck 6e, the Groomer Edition.



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