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‘The Rings of Power’ Episode 3 Recap: The Men of the West

Amazon’s The Rings Of Power Episode 3 takes us to new lands.

Last week’s premiere of Rings of Power was one of many pretest issues on TV. It was additionally a dang good begin to the present. The third episode continues the principle storylines and introduces a number of latest places and characters.

The shadow of spoilers lies over all that follows – BEWARE.

Branching Stories 

The Rings of Power Episode 3  continues a number of the main plot traces from the primary two episodes. However, it doesn’t observe all of the plot traces they’ve launched. This is partially as a result of they need to introduce loads of new places and other people. This episode focuses on simply three of the plotlines and a handful of the characters we’ve met. While the episode intertwines.

The Rings of Power Episode 3 Finally Takes Us to Númenor

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The largest a part of  The Rings of Power Episode 3 is dedicated to Galadriel’s plotline. After being within the water final time, she and Halbrand are rescued by a Numenorian ship captained by Elendil. Elendil in fact is one most necessary people within the Lord of The Rings and goes on to discovered Gondor and Arnor. He takes the pair again to Númenor. And boy is it fairly. I imply, actually fairly. We quickly discovered that Elves now not go to Numenor and should not well-liked there.

Galadriel and Halbrand are taken to see Queen Miriel and her predominant advisor Pharazon. Galadriel calls for they provide her a ship, nevertheless it doesn’t go nicely. Halbrand defuses the state of affairs and will get everybody to agree to attend three days earlier than making any determination. Halbrand then goes off and tries to get a job as a smith, however finally ends up preventing and beating up a bunch of males, ending him in jail.

Questions are Answered

Galadriel in the meantime spends a while chatting with Elendil, who seems to know extra about elves than he let on. He takes her to the Hall of Lore after which they discover a solution to one of many present’s mysteries. It seems the image she’s been investigating is definitely a map. It represents an space of the Southlands by which the Orcs plan to construct a brand new stronghold. This is in fact Mordor.

Meanwhile, we’re additionally launched to 2 of Elendil’s kids, Isildur and his show-only daughter Eärien. Isildur is coaching to affix the ocean guard (the navy it appears) and Eärien desires to be a builder. They additionally point out his different son Anárion in passing. Elendil and his kids are fairly pleasant to Galadriel. Later she visits Halbrand in jail and informs him she did some analysis on the image he wears. It was a crest of the royal household of the Southlands, kings who supported Morgoth. He claims he took it from a useless man, however nobody actually buys that.

The Elves are within the Pits

The second plot of The Rings of Power episode 3 follows Arondir. After being captured within the final episode, he’s tossed by some amazing-looking Orcs right into a pit.  The pit is stuffed with each human and elf prisoners. This consists of his mates from the watchtower. It’s probably not clear how they have been captured. I imply, these are imagined to be Elf troopers and fairly good fighters. Arondir was ambushed down in a gap. But how have been the others taken? And why are the Orcs who each hate and concern Elves conserving them alive?

Honestly not a ton occurs right here although. The prisoners are being made to dig a trench, in what is going to quickly be Mordor. It appears to be to assist hold the Orcs out of the solar, however possibly there’s extra to it. The Elves in fact don’t like this and attempt to escape. It doesn’t go nicely. Arondir’s mates all die. It looks as if that is imagined to be impactful, however we don’t know them nicely sufficient to care. Arondir himself is taken to fulfill the Orc chief, Adar.

Harfoots Prove to be More Brutal than Orcs

Lastly, we test again in with Nori and the Harfoots in The Rings of Power Episode 3. The Harfoots are having a pageant, which appears to mark the time for them emigrate. Meanwhile, Nori’s dad and mom are frightened about her dad’s damaged foot – it’s not an excellent factor for a migratory folks. Nori and Poppy steal a star map for the Harfoot’s chief to provide to the stranger, then attend the pageant. There the Harfoots bear in mind these left behind. This form of looks as if a euphemism as most of these they point out appear to have been killed or died alongside the way in which.

The Stranger reveals up and finds his star map, but additionally begins a magical hearth.  As a end result, he’s found, and so is Nori for having helped him. As punishment, Nori and her household are compelled to stroll in the back of the migration. This seems to be dangerous as along with his damaged foot her dad has issues pulling the cart they usually can’t sustain. And that is the place the Harfoots show to be essentially the most brutal folks in Middle Earth. It seems that for those who get in hassle in any respect, nobody will assist you to. Instead, they’ll simply depart your ass, and also you and your loved ones will presumably die alone. There isn’t even any hazard right here. They simply depart them. Luckily, the Stranger comes to assist pull the cart and saves the day.

Overall Thoughts on The Rings of Power Episode 3

Númenor was attractive. It was every thing I might have needed. There are additionally a ton of cool nods to the lore within the structure.

I actually dig warrior Galadriel. I additionally like brash Galadriel. However, on this episode, she got here off as a bit… dumb? She simply felt younger and naïve. There was actually a little bit of Elf vanity, however the way in which she acted in Númenor, insulting folks and selecting fights felt off. As was the seeming father/daughter dynamic with Elendil. She’s 1000’s and 1000’s of years older than him.

Lots of hints about Halbrand right here. His household served Morgoth (manner again when) and he’s obtained a darkish aspect to him. They are seeming to set him up as an Aragorn kind right here (he even appears to be like a bit like Vigo). The misplaced king of a folks in peril who should reclaim (and redeem) his birthright. It’s fairly attainable he’ll find yourself a reverse Aragorn although, and find yourself falling into darkness. Maybe a Ringwraith? However, he’s additionally a smith, so he might be Sauron in disguise.

So I used to be clearly not a fan of the Harfoot brutality. I get that migratory folks do need to make exhausting decisions and would possibly depart some folks behind. However, up until now, the Harfoots have been proven as type, loving of us with a robust sense of neighborhood. I might purchase that in an emergency they’d be compelled to depart individuals who slowed the group down. But the concept that successfully nobody would assist an injured and struggling member alongside appears off. I don’t purchase that they’d simply callously abandon them when there is no such thing as a current menace.

Also, why did Sauron carve their secret backup plan map in Finrod? Why did they also have a plan at that time as they have been successful the conflict?

Overall I didn’t assume The Rings of Power Episode 3 was as sturdy because the premier. It was nevertheless nonetheless an excellent time. I can even give it some slack because it nonetheless needed to introduce loads of new stuff.

5/7 Rings for Dwarf-lords of their halls of stone.



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