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The Tsukihime Remake Is Well Worth The Wait

The Tsukihime Remake Is Well Worth The Wait


One 12 months in the past, The Tsukihime Remake, A Piece of Blue Glass Moon was launched in Japan after over ten years of growth, and because of the trouble of the interpretation staff Tsukihimates, English-speaking followers have not too long ago been in a position to emulate and play the primary route centering round Arcuied.

As a kind of English-speaking followers, I used to be more than pleased to return to Type Moon’s world of vampires, and after spending the final week going by way of it, it was nicely well worth the wait. Tsukihime – A Piece of Blue Glass Moon is a unbelievable re-imagining that brings the visible novel to trendy consoles. Considering I’ve but to play the opposite route within the VN, this can much less of a overview and extra of my normal ideas and what I loved about Tsukihime’s long-awaited return.

Returning to Tsukihime

tsukihime remake

The plot of the VN is acquainted. Shiki Tohno is a excessive schooler that may see traces of demise in all dwelling issues following a freak accident.  He returns to his childhood residence following the passing of his father. Returning from college he sees a fantastic blond lady and feels a murderous urge to stalk and kill her for causes even he doesn’t perceive. Yet, she seems alive once more the following day as if nothing occurred. This is Arcueid Brunstud, a vampire that recruits Shiki to seek out one other vampire since she will be able to now not act at full energy after being chopped into 17 items.

The biggest energy and weak spot of the Acruied Route is that it’s in the end the identical story as the unique. All the plot beats are kind of left intact with a couple of notable tweaks.

tsukihime remake

A can see older followers being disillusioned that Arcuied appears to get so little new materials when the Ciel route has been closely rewritten however I personally don’t thoughts. The unique Arciued route acted as the proper introduction to the world of Tsukihime, clearly demonstrated the VNs ideas, and arrange for one another route so as to add upon. The Tsukihime Remake clearly does the identical.

It’s fascinating to see Nasu return to this story 20 years later. You can see simply how way more expertise he has when it comes to writing and world-building. The Tsukihime Remake sport goes deeper into organising the vampires of this world, their hierarchy, and the completely different factions that assist or oppose them in a approach that’s simply digestible for the participant. The Remake additionally removes the H-scenes, and consideringing they had been the worst a part of the unique, it’s higher off with out them.

The Moon Princess

The route being so much like the unique can also be good because the unique Arcuied story is truthfully one among my favourite Type-Moon plotlines. It’s a basic boy meets lady love story wrapped in a layer of demented horror.

tsukihime remake

The overwhelming majority of the route is Shiki and Arcuied speaking about their plans, cracking jokes, discussing philosophy, and simply being cute. These two all the time had nice chemistry they usually nonetheless do. I really like seeing Shiki’s tsundere aspect popping out, having to take care of Arcuied many quirks. While it’s simple to see the man as only a generic anime protagonist, he has sufficient character to make him really feel distinct. I get pleasure from his extra realist outlook on life, realizing that the world may be darkish and merciless however nonetheless making an attempt to benefit from the little issues that make it enjoyable. I additionally like how Nasu rights his murderous aspect popping out, you’ll be able to actually really feel Shiki himself changing into confused and terrified as he slowly offers into his darker urges.

That brings us to our essential heroine: a vampire that has no comprehension of what common life is meant to appear to be. While it’s simple to see Arcuied as a bubbly airhead, and don’t get me she is and it’s lovely, A Piece of Blue Glass Moon is an effective reminder that she has far more dimension than that.

tsukihime remake

As the VN itself says Arcuied is lots like a cat (la creatura wasn’t far off). She’s aloof, and clever, and lethal severe in the case of finishing her mission. However, she can be very playful in the case of new experiences and folks she’s grown keen on. She wanders the place she pleases, assured and cheerful even when she’s has no consciousness of the world round her. Cute, good, and badass all on the identical time.

Lots of people prefer to make enjoyable of artist Takashi Takeuchi for giving all his characters related faces however I bought to applaud him for giving every character so many distinct expressions that every exhibit a lot of their character. This is particularly true of Arc because you spend nearly all of the route her mannequin.

tsukihime remake

Underneath all of this, nevertheless, at her core: Arcuied is a predator. She’s a blood-sucking demon with an innate need to hunt and kill, and simply as Shiki (and by extension the participant) learns to adore her, the VN smacks you again with that actuality of her nature. That’s when the horror aspect of the VN seeps again in. You’re given a grim reminder that these two can’t be collectively, not simply because they’re completely different species however as a result of they’re actually killing one another simply being collectively. Forbidden love at its most tragic, and most dreading.

Back From The Dead

tsukihime remake

In phrases of the remainder of the solid, they’re all fairly strong. Akiha, Hisui, and Kohaku are all pretty minor characters, enjoying the identical roles they did within the unique VN. I do should admit although, it does grow to be fairly humorous simply how adamant Akiha is at Shiki sticking to curfew solely to slowly be compelled to let it go as he continues to interrupt out of the mansion anyway (Arcuied is a nasty affect).

I’ll admit I’m a bit disillusioned with what they did with Ciel, whose position was lowered a bit to make room for the brand new characters. You solely actually see her proper at the beginning and finish of the route and whereas she’s nonetheless cool, I actually appreciated her position of being Shiki’s supportive senpai within the unique sport, even when she didn’t approve of Arcuied. Regardless, when senpai lastly does present up, she doesn’t disappoint. Here’s hoping her route will likely be translated quickly.

The New Comers

tsukihime remake

Speaking of latest characters, nearly all of them are good additions to the story and slot in nicely with the unique solid. Noel is an effective comedian reduction character and her makes an attempt to be powerful or seductive solely to get bullied by others are nicely executed black comedy.

The one doing mentioned bullying Mario is likewise a superb addition. He’s a vulgar little child, however I like simply how actual he will get with Shiki about how harmful the vampires are, you’ll be able to inform he’s bought a good coronary heart beneath all of the Noel bullying.

They can’t all be winners although. I, sadly, wasn’t an enormous fan of Dr. Arach. I do know she’s presupposed to be comedian reduction, however there’s a motive Taiga is reserved for the start of Fate/Stay Night. Arach simply got here off as loud and obnoxious each time she appeared. That does appear to be the intention although since even Shiki doesn’t’ appear to love her. I’ve heard about what she does within the Ciel route and normal theories round her although so I’m to see the place they take her character sooner or later.

Finally, there’s Vlov Arkhangel, the brand new Dead Apostle Ancestor who replaces Nrvnqsr (Nero) Chaos because the starter boss of the VN. I do choose Nero only for how bizarre his energy set is, however I can perceive wanting to vary issues up for the remake, additionally Nero’s simply approach too cool of a personality to kill off so early within the sequence.

Vlov is sweet in his personal proper. His vampiric must drink blood comes off as legitimately grotesque and his powers make for some unbelievable struggle scenes, one the highlights of the Tsukihime Remake simply as a lot as Nero’s had been within the unique. I do additionally suppose it’s becoming that Shiki begin preventing a extra classical gothic-looking vampire earlier than assembly the extra unorthodox ones revealed afterward.

A Shining New Moon

The most notable facet of the Tsukihme Remake is the brand new graphical glow-up. While writing is crucial I can’t deny how immersive it’s to listen to the characters absolutely voiced, mixed with extra detailed artwork and results to make every motion really feel all of the extra actual.

The new OST is likewise unbelievable. The Tsukhime theme is as hauntingly serene because it’s all the time been and the added instrumentals simply make it really feel heavier and extra eventful. The composer of the monitor Keita Haga truly uploaded it to their Youtube account so give it a hear:

Other returning tracks have way more character. The new songs slot in completely together with the opening theme ‘Seimeisen’ by Renoa which fits the fantastical world of Type-Moon and goes nice with the opening by Ufotable.

A Piece of Blue Glass Moon

It’s a bit surreal that the Tsukihime Remake isn’t solely out, but in addition translated. I’m very grateful to the staff at Tsukihimates for giving us such a superb localization in a comparatively quick period of time.

Tsukihime stays one among my favourite sides of the Nasuverse, combining Nasu’s sensible world-building with a uncooked slice of psychological horror. As Fate continues to increase ever ahead, it’s additionally good having the ability to re-visit an earlier Type-Moon story, with a smaller, extra tight nit solid and barely decrease stakes battle however nonetheless with loads of coronary heart.

Of course, this is just one piece of the glass moon. Hopefully, Ciel’s route will seem quickly sufficient, later adopted by elusive routes on The Far Side of The Moon. The night time is way from over and I’m completely happy to see what’s subsequent.

Tsukihime A Piece of Blue Glass Moon is obtainable for Switch and PS4 in Japan. To play it in English you’ll want to make use of an emulator and fan translation patch.

For extra info on the unique Tsukihime, take a look at our retrospective overview of the unique sequence.

Tsukihime A bit of blue glass moon

Publisher: Aniplex

Developer: Type-Moon

Release Date: 2021-08-26

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4

Tsukihime -A bit of blue glass moon- (月姫 -A bit of blue glass moon-?) is a visible novel by TYPE-MOON. It is the primary title within the Tsukihime Remake sequence, performing as a remake of the 2 Near-Side Routes of Tsukihime that includes Arcueid Brunestud and Ciel. It was launched on August twenty sixth, 2021 for Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch.



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