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Sailor Moon was very practically a half-animated half-live-action monstrosity that ought to make us all slightly grateful for DIC.

If you’ve been into anime for lengthy sufficient you could know in regards to the half-live-action half-animated Sailor Moon present that was virtually our North American actuality. It didn’t make it far, only a idea and a pilot, and for years all we might discover of it was the opening tune shared round early two-thousands anime boards. It was a wonderful catastrophe and I keep in mind my buddy and me speaking about how a lot we wished we must always see the true terribleness that was the total pilot.

Instead, we might periodically return to the potential opening tune, share it with newcomers to the Sailor Moon fandom, and really feel lucky that it had ever been greenlit. The DIC model could have been edited down, minimize to items, and dubbed with a whole lack of care or understanding of the present. But it wasn’t this. And apart from, we had the manga if we wished the precise full story.

Fighting Bad Pilots By Moonlight

But YouTuber Ray Mona answered our prayers twenty-two years later with the two-part documentary The Western World of Sailor Moon. Part one was uploaded again in March. But half two, uploaded on August twentieth has made waves with the inclusion of the long-lost pilot. And it’s each bit as unhealthy as you could assume.

If you don’t need to sit via just a few hours of documentary, I’ve included simply the pilot above. But truthfully, I counsel watching the entire thing whenever you get a second and supporting all of Ray Mona’s exhausting work. They deserve it.

Winning Love By Daylight

From the tacky animation to the less-than-seamless transition from live-action to 3D to 2D, to how clearly the writers’ room was phoning it in, this entire factor is a multitude. And I’m fairly certain the transformation locket we see on display screen was the precise plastic licensed-Sailor-Moon-toy that I had as a tween. But you’ll want to look at for your self. And then you can also really feel lucky that we bought the poorly dubbed model of Sailor Moon that all of us grew up with and liked.

Victoria (aka Sailor Moon) and Luna. Who for some purpose has merged with Artemis.

The documentary itself is stuffed with nuggets of knowledge that any moonie would need to know. Like the proposed Americanized names of the scouts (which have been all modified as if “Amy” and “Rey” weren’t proper there) and the truth that the units have been recycled from Saved By The Bell.

Luckily, anyone got here to their senses and realized dubbing the already present present could be simpler and yield a greater product than making an attempt to recreate your entire factor from scratch. But possibly this isn’t the worst timeline in any case. Maybe out there’s a model of all of us who grew up with Saban’s half-live-action Sailor Scouts.

Would you might have watched this model of Sailor Moon? Did you understand about this model earlier than Ray Mona’s documentary? What’s your favourite element from the pilot? Let us know within the feedback!

Ja Ne, Adventurers!




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