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Peter A. Collins’s Wall Street Journal crossword, “Look Inward”—Jim P’s evaluate

Now this is how you utilize circles to good impact in a puzzle theme! Each theme reply is a well-recognized two-word phrase, however the first phrase is discovered embedded within the second phrase and is recognized by circles.

Wall St Journal crossword resolution · “Look Inward” · Peter A. Collins · Thu., 1.19.23

  • 1a. [Belonging to former times] (OLD) WORLD.
  • 6a. [Delta and the like] (AIR) CARRIERS.
  • 23a. [Wild goose chase] (RUN) AROUND.
  • 37a. [Winter warmer-upper] (HOT) CHOCOLATE. Really love the symmetry right here! (It’s solely marred by the presence of that different O).
  • 54a. [Sent off the pitch, in soccer] (RED) CARDED.
  • 68a. [Specifying exactly] (PIN) POINTING.
  • 69a. [Woody vehicle?] (TOY) STORY. Fun discover!

What a nifty theme! I don’t suppose I’ve seen it earlier than, and it was lots of enjoyable sussing it out and having that aha second (which got here with the second entry for me). How did it play out for you?

The fill is lots stable as nicely with UNION REP, LINGERIE, EROTICA, UP TO PAR, and DAVINCI because the highlights. I additionally love TELLS OFF which I feel is extra of a Britishism than an Americanism. But we picked it up in our household and used it when our youngsters have been youthful. (Thankfully, they don’t have to get instructed off a lot anymore.)

I’ll say that SW nook was powerful with correct names crossing DAVINCI at essential factors. I stared at DA_IN_I for fairly a while earlier than I spotted I wanted LEVI and ALCINDOR. I didn’t know LEVI Stubbs, and I’d by no means heard Abdul-Jabbar’s given identify (full delivery identify: Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor), so I didn’t know if we have been wanting simply on the surname or if “Al” was his first identify. And with DAVINCI clued obliquely with [Code name?], I couldn’t see it for a very long time. But I had one other aha second and completed the grid with that entry, so no hurt no foul.

Clues of word:

  • 14a. [Illicit liaisons]. AMOURS. I used to be set on TRYSTS for a very long time and that basically harm me within the NW.
  • 16a. [Person calling strikes, maybe]. UNION REP. My first thought was an umpire, after all. My second thought was a army floor unit calling in air strikes.
  • 22a. [Odoriferous adornment]. LEI. I didn’t know “odiferous” was a variant of the phrase on this clue.
  • 50a. [Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary locale]. BALI. This requires photographic embellishment.
  • 35d. [Job requirement?]. PATIENCE. Probably required of virtually any job, however I feel the clue goes for the Biblical Job who was recognized for his PATIENCE. Excellent clue.
  • 63d. [Physics class unit]. ERG. Not part of a course targeted on a central theme, however a unit of measurement. Good misdirection.

Innovative theme, robust fill, and good cluing. 4.25 stars.

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