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Note: Fireball is a contest this week. We may have a assessment after the submission interval closes.

Justin Werfel’s Wall Street Journal crossword, “Plight”—Jim P’s assessment

Theme solutions encompass acquainted phrases the place one phrase usually has a double-P, however a kind of Ps is eliminated leading to crossword wackiness. The title needs to be learn as “P-light,” i.e. every phrase has fewer Ps than it did initially.

Wall St Journal crossword answer · “Plight” · Justin Werfel · Thu., 9.15.22

  • 17a. [Crazy about optimism?] HOPING MAD. Meh. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.
  • 21a. [Coffee on a hillside?] SLOPY JOE. I can see espresso crops rising on a hillside, nevertheless it’s not “joe” at that time. And I didn’t know “slopy” was a phrase.
  • 39a. [Pillow stuffing arranged in bands?] STRIPED DOWN. Again, meh. Feels compelled.
  • 58a. [The Tao of bees?] APIAN WAY. This one I preferred loads. And the clue feels like a sequel to The Tao of Pooh.
  • 64a. [Caretaker who will never be replaced?] LAST SUPER. Also good.

While the the primary three entries didn’t do loads for me, neither did they overly hassle me, and the final two had been sufficient to win me over. So all in all, I loved the theme. There can’t be too many double-P phrases which can be nonetheless phrases after eradicating one of many Ps, and I admire utilizing the double-P as a constraint.

In the fill, we’ve got the enjoyable INSPECTOR Gadget, LIP BALMS, MOJITO, and FRESHNESS. I didn’t know NANKIPOO [The Mikado’s son], nevertheless it seems nice within the grid.

Clues of word:

  • 28a. [Richtung auf einem Kompass]. OST. I incorrectly guessed that “Richtung” meant “right,” which nonetheless led me to the right reply (which implies “East”). Nope, “Richtung” means “direction.”
  • 46a. [Popeyes choice]. BREAST. Lest you suppose much less of Popeye the Sailor man, the clue is referring to the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurant chain. Don’t suppose I didn’t discover “chicken” within the crossing clue for 46d: [Less chicken].
  • 11d. [Pachelbel’s Canon is in it]. D-MAJOR. When I used to be a child, my older brother gave me a tape titled, “Pachelbel’s Greatest Hit” (singular). It was a compilation of varied variations of the piece. One can’t be grumpy at a puzzle whereas one is listening to the Canon, so right here’s two hours of it (see under).

Nice puzzle general, 3.75 stars. Oh, and it’s a debut, so congrats to our constructor!

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