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Thymesia is a Souls-like that sees you play as Corvus, a reincarnated warrior with amnesia. Though uncertain of your standing on the earth, you might be guided by a spectral visage that duties you with uncovering the secrets and techniques of “Vile Blood” and “Pure Blood”.

Trappings of Souls titles are aplenty, with issues like lanterns serving as bonfires, a spectral house base the place you improve your character, and labyrinthine stage design affected by shortcuts. The 4 ranges are fairly small, and every successive one will get smaller. Each space has facet quests that add a little bit of extra content material, although. Visually, the environments drastically differ from each other, however do borrow closely from the FromSoftware playbook; a toxic forest, blood-soaked caverns, and an deserted village. The ranges add their very own visible twists: the forest encompasses a travelling circus, and also you attain the bloody caverns by means of a collection of arboretums, however nothing feels wholly authentic.

Gameplay affords a mixture of hack and slash fight with the meticulous assault and dodge schema you’d anticipate from Dark Souls, and that is problematic. A fight system like this requires a level of precision that Thymesia does not have. Inputs fail to register typically, daggers used to counter vital strikes usually tend to undergo enemies than hit, and lots of enemy combos final lengthy sufficient that dodging is pointless.

All these flaws are additional amplified throughout bosses, the place you have got a higher want for precision that simply is not there. However, if you happen to get previous the primary boss, it must be clean crusing. The problem is front-loaded, and as you stage up and unlock perks, the issue does not scale with you a lot, making the again half of the sport largely trivial.

Minute-to-minute fight in opposition to common enemies is fairly enjoyable, thanks largely to the sport’s finest thought: reaving. You use a cost assault to steal particular strikes from enemies and it is an ideal system that is well-implemented. It slots into the circulate of fight properly, and chaining combos is satisfying, and extra importantly, enjoyable. If extra of the sport had the diploma of polish that reaving does, the sport might have been one thing particular.

The finish result’s a small-scale recreation with lofty aspirations that miss the mark. Stealing specials is nice, however all the pieces surrounding that’s unimpressive.



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