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Ticket to Ride “Longest Path of Routes”

Spurs usually are not included.[1] Being linked is just not adequate; the routes should kind a steady path.

The guidelines say

The participant who has the Longest Continuous Path of routes receives this particular bonus card and provides 10 factors to his rating. When evaluating and evaluating path lengths, solely consider steady traces of plastic trains of the identical colour. A steady path could embrace loops, and move by means of the identical metropolis a number of occasions, however a given plastic practice could by no means be used twice in the identical steady path. In the case of a tie for the longest path, all tied gamers rating the ten level bonus

Let’s use the next community for example:


How many routes are on this longest steady path? Obviously, it is no less than 4 (A-B, B-C, C-D, D-E). Is there a method of together with C-F with out leaping (not steady) or revisiting a route (explicitly disallowed)?

  • If you journey alongside the trail A-B-C-D-E, you’d want to leap or backtrack to go to C-F.
  • If you journey alongside the trail A-B-C-F, you’d want to leap or backtrack to go to C-D.
  • If you journey alongside the trail F-C-D-E, you’d want to leap or backtrack to go to B-C.

So no. The longest steady path consists of 4 routes.

This is confirmed by means of play with a number of teams and thru use of the official digital model. Note that no less than one map (Asia) awards factors for largest community, which incorporates forks (although this counts cities slightly than routes).

  1. Unless you’ll be able to loop again. For instance, the next has a steady path of 5 routes:



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