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Tinykin Review (Switch eShop) | Nintendo Life

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Captured on Nintendo Switch (Docked)

Splashteam, developer of the humourous 2D platformer Splasher, is again once more however with a distinct solid of curious creatures in its latest mission, Tinykin. It’s an imaginative and really nice 3D platformer that challenges you to assume exterior the field and discover a new goal in on a regular basis objects — particularly since they’re going to be the one factor that will help you escape the ’90s home you’ve got discovered your self in. But it is okay, you are not alone; Tinykin is crammed to the brim with intriguing NPCs to information the best way.

You tackle the function of Milodane, an explorer and astronaut who finds himself in a cluttered home on planet Earth, however this home has an uncommon ambiance, and there aren’t any people. Instead, every room is infested with an array of talkative bugs who rapidly request Milo’s assist for the rewards of one thing we see as an earthly family object, however to Milo, they’re the important thing to repairing his ship and at last heading house.

Yes, it does sound an terrible lot like Pikmin X Chibi-Robo, and — as you would possibly anticipate — Milodane cannot tackle the journey alone. Alongside recruiting the assistance of a clever elder, Ridmi, Milo has to depend on NPCs and a peculiar species known as Tinykin to get to the place he must be. Eventually, every creature Milo meets helps him find the elements he must restore his ship and return to his house planet.

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Captured on Nintendo Switch (Docked)

So, like Pikmin, Tinykin are small, pleasant creatures that Milodane depends on to make progress. Unlike Pikmin, they are often discovered residing in colored eggs round every room or trapped in crates and crying for assist, which provides to an addictive ‘collector’ gameplay ingredient.

There are 5 kinds of Tinykin, all totally different colors and all adopting a novel quirk that is useful in a method or one other. While blue ‘kin assist create electrical energy hyperlinks, inexperienced ones can construct a ladder to achieve excessive locations. Collecting as many as attainable in every space is crucial to make sure you aren’t caught quick if you want them most. To make issues easy, the sport routinely applies the best-suited Tinykin for any chosen job, whether or not you are constructing a bridge between two platforms or transferring a heavy object. These cutesy critters can be utilized as and when Milodane pleases and observe him across the map with no need any babysitting.

Although the sport instantly presents loads of Pikmin-like traits, there are a number of variations which make it greater than a carbon copy. Tinykin are far more scarce, for instance. Each stage will produce sufficient to comfortably assist Milodane by means of the journey, however there will not be any extra to throw round. Additionally, since there isn’t any fight, there isn’t any must sacrifice any Tinykin — excellent news for these amongst us that felt horrible guilt over each misplaced Pikmin. Tinykin are solely used to progress by means of every space utilizing environmental problem-solving quite than brute pressure battles in opposition to marauding bugs.

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Captured on Nintendo Switch (Handheld/Undocked)

Each time Milodane meets a brand new sub-species of Tinykin, a cartoonish animated cutscene briefly introduces the creature’s skill. Rather than sustaining the 3D look, these animations mirror the 2D type of Milodane and the Tinykin and function remarkably refreshing tutorials in comparison with bombarding you with textboxes, and if the animation did not make it clear, there’s at all times hands-on apply accessible with the Tinykin not removed from the place you first met.

One draw back to the mixture of 3D ranges and a 2D protagonist is a matter with depth notion. It’s arduous to evaluate the place Milodane will land after a big leap, generally sending him falling to the underside of a map. It turns into simpler over time, nevertheless, to pick an acceptable digicam angle to keep away from perilous leaps of religion and assure a protected touchdown.

Beyond that minor subject, the 3D platforming right here feels exceptionally strong. Control-wise, some gamers might have a problem with leap being on ‘A’ in the event that they’re used to ‘B’ however, like a number of mechanics in Tinykin, an hour or so in and it is second nature. Outside of remembering the right way to leap, the sport does not require a lot studying to choose up and get caught in. Before you understand it, you will be browsing round on a cleaning soap bar and throwing Tinykin left, proper, and middle.

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Captured on Nintendo Switch (Docked)

Gameplay is predominantly stress-free, and in contrast to Pikmin, there isn’t any day and night time cycle to restrict your journey, and no main antagonists or threats to Milodane’s well being in addition to falling from a excessive area — and even then he respawns on the ledge he fell from after a number of seconds. There’s no frustration or rigidity to remove from exploration right here. The solely minor inconvenience you will encounter is an absence of the particular Tinykin you want, however a number of cycles across the map will remedy that. Simplicity is a part of the sport’s stress-free vibe and does not really feel detrimental and boring.

Perhaps probably the most compelling ingredient, if collectables are your factor, is the mountain of goodies it presents from the get-go. Even after finishing the six-ish-hour central marketing campaign, there’s greater than sufficient pollen to gather and facet quests to finish to maintain you occupied for a number of extra hours. For a perfectionist, Tinykin presents round ten hours’ value of gathering and quest competitors alongside the story. The central hub the place Milodane repairs the ship makes coming into every room extremely easy, so there’s at all times an opportunity to sprint between areas to mop up this and that if you lastly have the required upgrades.

While the creature-tossing ingredient and total premise give the sport an undeniably Pikmin-like really feel, Splashteam has created sufficient variations to offer Tinykin its personal charming character. Nintendo’s sequence entails useful resource administration and a few correct Real Time Strategy in a method Tinykin does not hassle with. What Splashteam provides here’s a stress-free and really nice platforming expertise which may be very welcome certainly.


As a complete, Tinykin is greater than only a healthful, stress-free 3D platformer or ‘Pikmin Lite’; it is a lesson in appreciating the straightforward issues in life, together with the assistance from these round you. Even with a mass of collectables and a free-flowing storyline to observe, Tinykin by no means feels cluttered or overwhelming. Despite feeling so much like a sure Nintendo sequence if you first choose it up, the sport has sufficient of a novel id to separate itself from the pack, providing a pleasing, pure platforming spin on Pikmin.



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