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Trivia Quiz: "Family Guy" Characters

Braingle’s Daily Trivia Quiz for Sep 15, 2022

A Television > Comedy Quiz : “Family Guy” is a well-liked, animated American sequence. Do you realize among the present’s characters?

1. The final title of the primary household in "Family Guy" is what?
2. Who is the overweight person who might be often called the primary character of "Family Guy"?
3. Which baby is gifted at drawing?
4. Stewie has a half-brother.
5. What instrument does Lois train and play?
6. Which of the next canine will not be a member of Brian’s household?
7. Cleveland Brown owns his personal arcade.
8. Joe, Bonnie, and Kevin Swanson are all paraplegics.
9. Jake Tucker is Tom Tucker’s son. What is mistaken with Jake Tucker’s face?
10. Adam West, the mayor of Quahog, loves taffy.

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