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Trivia Quiz: Harry Potter Scene It? I



Braingle’s Day by day Trivia Quiz for Aug 03, 2022

A Motion pictures Quiz : Are you able to keep in mind which Harry Potter film these scenes are from?

1. Harry and different World Cup campers sprint for canopy as Dying Eaters trigger mayhem and chaos.
2. Ron casts the spell "Wingardium Leviosa" to knock out a troll.
3. From Hagrid’s pumpkin patch, Harry watches the executioner, Dumbledore, Hagrid, and Fudge.
4. Earlier than Harry can kill Sirius Black, Professor Lupin takes Harry’s wand.
5. Earlier than leaving Hogwarts, Professor Lupin talks to Harry about his dad being a stag.
6. Through the third activity, Cedric is cautious of the maze.
7. Harry inflates his Aunt Marge together with his underage magic.
8. The sorting hat assigns all first 12 months college students to their home. Harry is positioned in Gryffindor.
9. Fred and George chuckle at Professor McGonagall’s dance lesson.
10. Harry tells the snake to "again off" in Parseltongue.

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