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Trivia Quiz: It's an American Wonder…Or is it?

Braingle’s Daily Trivia Quiz for Nov 16, 2022

A Geography > United States Quiz : Can you guess the landmark or surprise from the outline?
I’ll provide you with a bit of data and also you select the proper landmark. (trace) All the landmarks are within the United States.

1. This orange bridge situated in California is recognizable worldwide.
2. This monument was a present from France and stands in New York Harbor welcoming the huddled lots.
3. Built close to Keystone, South Dakota, this mountainous sculpture represents the primary 150 years within the historical past of The United States of America.
4. The challenge for this dam was referred to as the Boulder Canyon Project, however the dam ended up being constructed within the Black Canyon.
5. Located in Yellowstone National Park, that is maybe the world’s most well-known geyser.
6. This is the biggest man-made lake and reservoir within the United States. It was created by waters impeded by Hoover Dam.
7. Also often known as Clinton’s Folly, this canal ran from the Hudson River to Lake Erie, connecting the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean.
8. This signal is situated on the southern facet of Mount Lee in Griffith Park, north of the Mulholland Highway.
9. This landmark is situated in St. Louis, Missouri close to the beginning of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. It is a part of a much bigger memorial, The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.
10. An archipelago of about 1700 islands within the southeast United States, this vacationer attraction separates the Atlantic Ocean from the Gulf of Mexico.

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