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Trivia Quiz: The Heroes of Olympus: Book 1

Braingle’s Daily Trivia Quiz for Dec 27, 2022

A Literature > Fantasy Quiz : This creator combines fashionable children with historic Greek and Roman gods and goddesses to create a fast-paced journey for the reader. How nicely are you aware this adventurous story?

1. Who are the three demigods who’re issued a quest on their first day at camp?
2. Who is Piper’s godly mother or father?
3. What does Leo identify the dragon?
4. What is Annabeth doing on the Grand Canyon?
5. What is Drew’s particular energy?
6. Who is Chiron?
7. Hera doesn’t like Annabeth and sends cows to poop in her path.
8. Which character was raised in a north Houston condominium complicated?
9. Butch is the son of Iris, the rainbow goddess.
10. The Hunters of Artemis are searching for a _______. He/She is ________, who’s _____________.

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