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Elizabeth C. Gorski’s Crsswrd Nation puzzle (Week 604), “Knock Around the Block!”—Ade’s take

Crossword Nation puzzle answer, Week 604: “Knock Around the Block!”

Hello all people! Here is hoping you’re doing effectively and thawing out from this previous weekend, a minimum of for individuals who have been affected by the brutal winter storm. Definitely hoping all are secure as effectively!

Today’s crossword causes us to take an extended stroll across the puzzle, as every of the phrases that make up the perimeter of the grid is a phrase that may additionally come earlier than the phrase “block.” 

      • CHESS (1A: [Musical with the song “One Night in Bangkok”])
      • STAR (6A: [Twinkler in Orion’s Belt])
      • CLIP (10A: [Rate of speed])
      • PLANNING (13D: [Setting goals for the New Year, say])
      • BOOGIE (49D: [Move and groove on the dance floor])
      • SKATE (68A: [Stingray relative])
      • DART (67A: [Classic dodge model])
      • HEAD (66A: [Eye site?])
      • SANDWICH (35D: [Reuben-esque snack?])
      • CHEESE (1D: [Word said while smiling at a camera])

Lots and much (and much) of themes, and typically it’s laborious to not instantly go to the border entries and fill all of them out as soon as discovering the theme, which was finished fairly rapidly right here. Loved the pair of lengthy acrosses, with LEAVES TOWN (21A: [Gets out of Dodge?]) and WANDERLUST, which is what I used to be undoubtedly feeling after I was holed up in my place this previous weekend with the brutal chilly having descended upon the Northeast (55A: [Travel lover’s urge]). Also, how in regards to the the pairing up of a few iconic music items by way of girls’s empowerment, with I AM WOMAN (12D: [Helen Reddy feminist anthem]) and LEMONADE, in the event you take a look at the latter by way of the 2016 Beyoncé album of the identical title that touched on the empowerment of Black girls all through (11D: [Picnic drink])

“Sports will make you smarter” second of the day: MESSI (33A: [Argentine footballer whose World Cup victory photo set an Instagram record]) – Here is the record-breaking photograph, by way of variety of likes, of Argentina soccer participant/captain/god-in-cleats Lionel Messi holding the World Cup trophy after Argentina defeated France in penalty kicks within the World Cup Final after the groups completed tied 3-3 after 90 minutes of regulation time and half-hour of added further time after regulation ended 2-2. Yes, the sport earlier this month was in all probability the best World Cup match of all time. At the tip, the 35-year-old Messi lastly matched what one other Argentine footballing deity, Diego Maradona, completed again in 1986: successful the World Cup. Oh, right here’s the photograph, which broke the Insta likes document of a photograph of an egg. Yes, only a common egg.

Thank you a lot for the time, all people! Have an exquisite and secure remainder of your day and, as all the time, hold fixing!

Take care!


Gary Cee’s Wall Street Journal crossword, “Flight Maneuver”—Jim P’s evaluate

Theme: SEAT CHANGE (62a, [Irritated passenger’s request, and a hint to the ends of 17-, 27- and 48-Across]). The different theme solutions are acquainted phrases whose closing phrases are anagrams (i.e. a CHANGE) of SEAT.

Wall St Journal crossword answer · “Flight Maneuver” · Gary Cee · Tue., 12.27.22

  • 17a. [They may include camomile or rose hips] HERBAL TEAS.
  • 27a. [Cooking Channel show that might feature a funnel cake bacon cheeseburger] CARNIVAL EATS. Never heard of this present, and it doesn’t sound like one thing I’d wish to watch. I’m wondering in the event that they monitor carnival eaters’ coronary heart circumstances on that present. Probably not.
  • 48a. [Bill Graham’s Big Apple rock venue] FILLMORE EAST. Didn’t know this one both. It was solely energetic from 1968 to 1971, in order that in all probability explains it.

Solid Tuesday theme. Not realizing two of the three entries added to the problem, however I feel they’re truthful crossword entries. My different downside was not realizing 33d [Not kosher] was TREF, so the F in FILLMORE EAST was somewhat bit tougher to return by. But it was the letter that made essentially the most sense and I discovered one thing new immediately, so it’s all good.

I’m actually digging the lengthy fill immediately: WORD SALAD, POOL PARTY, ALL EARS, PANACEA, NO SWEAT, and POLI SCI. Good stuff.

Clue of word: 44a. [Rapper’s appeal]. “OPEN UP!” One rapping on one’s chamber door, maybe, not a hip-hop artist.

Solid theme, pretty fill. 3.5 stars.

Matt Jones’s Jonesin’ Crossword, “Catch Me If You Can” – Erin’s write-up

Jonesin' solution 12/27/22

Jonesin’ answer 12/27/22

Hello lovelies! Hope you’ve had some vacation break time for stress-free and fixing. Did Matt rope you into his newest puzzle? Each theme entry accommodates a hidden rope con-trap-tion:

  • 17a. [Heavy cannon turret used in the “Star Wars” universe] TURBO LASER. A BOLA is a set of weights related by a wire that’s thrown at an animal to catch it.
  • 26a. [Native American ballerina who’ll be on one of the five 2023 American Women quarters] MARIA TALLCHIEF, whose Osage title was Ki He Kah Stah Tsa. A RIATA is one other title for a lariat or a lasso.
  • 43a. [Even considering consequences] DESPITE THE RISK. A TETHER is a line connected to an animal to limit its motion.
  • 56a. [2022 follow-up to “Knives Out”] GLASS ONION. As acknowledged above, LASSO is one other time period for lariat or riata.

Other issues:

  • 39a. [“Hold ___ your butts!”] ONTO. Robert Zemeckis reportedly uttered this line whereas sitting down for reshoots for Death Becomes Her, and screenwriter David Koepp preferred it a lot he added it to the script he was engaged on for the unique Jurassic Park film.

(Alt textual content: Samuel L. Jackson speaks in a darkish room with a cigarette dangling from his mouth. Text on the backside in giant white letters reads “Hold onto your butts.”) through GIPHY

Let’s simply depart it at that, as a result of my child must go to mattress and I can’t prime Samuel L. Jackson saying “Hold onto your butts.” Wishing you peace and good well being this vacation season and all the time. Until subsequent week!



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