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Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion – 100% Achievements! – Indiecator

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion – 100% Achievements! – Indiecator


This one’s a brief one as I’ve an early begin tomorrow and I spent an excessive amount of time getting Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion to 100%… Yup, I lastly acquired all of the achievements. Took me some time… as a result of I frankly didn’t play the sport after taking part in it to the credit.

I imply, not each sport must be performed to 100% and extra… however since I cherished this sport a lot, I stored the sport put in to “return later for those other three achievements”. And that “later” was… now… I assume. I haven’t actually had an opportunity to sit down down for it and since I hardly ever play video games off-stream, I simply type of forgot to do it. Oh effectively,…

BTW: Spoiler Warning.

Oh, look! It’s the Graffit Games Hat! The writer made it into the sport!
  1. Achievement-Hunting
  2. Turnip Boy: Mugen Train Arc (…I imply, Infinity Train)
  3. How to get “Passenger”, “Conductor” and “???”:
    1. “Passenger”
    2. “Conductor”
    3. Defeating “???”
  4. At final… I acquired all of them!


But extra importantly, what are these three achievements that I used to be lacking and why am I making this put up?

Well,… I used to be lacking the “Passenger”, “Conductor” and “???” achievements – and in response to Steam’s international stats, solely 28.9% of gamers have the passenger achievement. The different two are sitting at 22.2% (Conductor) and 13.7% (???), which means that not even a 3rd of the Turnip Boy gamers (on Steam) have realised that there’s a Roguelike Mode on this sport!

And sure,… I used to be included in that quantity as effectively!

Well, after beating the sport and returning again to your home, you basically have a ticket in your mail that grants you entry to the “Infinity Train” which is a Demon Slayer reference as you’re most likely conscious of.

Anyway, after accumulating your ticket from the mail, you merely have to move to Layer Lane and go East to Sunset Station. There you’ll be prompted by the Conductor Onion to hop onto the practice.

Turnip Boy: Mugen Train Arc (…I imply, Infinity Train)

Yes, it actually is infinite. This is an infinite mini-roguelike the place you defeat the sport’s bosses in addition to two extra whereas powering up and attempting to outlive rooms filled with harmful but cute critters!

Power-Ups vary from elevated Trip-Range to an opportunity of blocking harm to extra motion velocity and an on-hit likelihood of lighting enemies on hearth. Brutal.

Once you end three rooms, you battle towards a boss. Upon slaying them, you earn blue tickets… which then can be utilized outdoors of the practice to purchase hats and new powerups. Pretty darn dandy, innit?

How to get “Passenger”, “Conductor” and “???”:

First up,…


With that out of the best way,…


For the Passenger achievement, you merely must die on the Limitless Line (aka the Infinity Train). The different two are about beating the 2 secret bosses that you could solely encounter on this mode. The essential bit right here is that you could additionally activate “God Mode” (Invincibility) and Increased Attack Damage within the Settings, below “Game”. This is not going to disable achievements. After all, the sport’s builders need the sport to be accessible to anybody and everybody.


The Conductor is a comparatively straightforward battle. You merely attempt to not get hit whereas additionally attempting to hit the enemy. lol.

Jokes apart, the Conductor is that this type of mash-up of the Mentor trope from Ninja Movies and Dio from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure… however if you battle him, he’s principally only a ninja.

The assault patterns are comparatively straightforward to know. One of his strikes is that this ninja star assault the place he throws one, then teleports away, and throws one other as soon as he reappears earlier than teleporting away once more. He does this a complete of thrice. Afterwards, he’ll attempt to stab you after chasing you.

For the ninja stars, you merely sidestep them after which assault earlier than he vanishes. For the chase/stab assault, you dodge proper earlier than he makes an attempt to stab you and then you definately stab him again. An eye for an eye fixed and stuff.

And then, ultimately, he additionally has this assault the place he comes flying from the left/proper display in an try and sprint via you. Simply dodge these.

Defeating “???”

This… is an Isaac Reference, I consider? You principally must battle a darkish model of your self right here. Simply assault after dodging their assaults and try to be good. They hit onerous, although, so when doubtful, activate God Mode.

There is not any disgrace in activating god mode.

At final… I acquired all of them!

I acquired all of the achievements. All the opposite ones have been comparatively straightforward to get all through the sport. I imply, you may have the choice of destroying tax paperwork and accumulating hats, so in fact you’ll do it each time you get the choice, proper? On prime of that, there are a couple of endings… and story-related achievements.

I really feel like the enjoyment of exploration is completely rewarded on this sport… because of achievements. You explored an space? You get a hat – and an achievement. You did one thing humorous. You get an achievement… and generally a hat. This type of factor is sweet and as brief as Turnip Boy is… returning to it made me realise how a lot enjoyable brief little journey video games like this one are.

Anyway, time to uninstall it. I’ve barely any area on my onerous drive for the time being, in spite of everything. I’ll play it once more sooner or later as soon as I forgot all concerning the story.

This put up was first revealed on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you want what you see right here and need to see extra, you possibly can test me out on Twitch and YouTube as effectively.



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