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twilight battle – What occurs if you should play Missile Envy, however can’t because of Red Scare/Purge + Quagmire/Bear Trap?

You discard totally different 2+ops playing cards till out of Q/BT, then play Missile envy.

This is a weird edge case. You cannot play Missile Envy, thus it’s essential to play a special (2+ops) card. You should play the Missile Envy on the first AR after the Q/BT ends until your hand is stuffed with scoring playing cards. If your hand is stuffed with scoring playing cards then you’ll be able to play the scoring playing cards and play the Missile Envy at AR1 of the following spherical.


  1. Official FAQ:

Q. How does one cope with a Missile Envy positioned in a single’s hand when
below the impact of a Bear Trap or Quagmire? A. A participant below Bear
entice/Quagmire who has had Missile Envy performed towards him MUST use it
as the following discard if its worth has not been degraded by Red

  1. reddit

This is an exception to being compelled to play missile envy in your subsequent AR.

  1. BGG

You should play Missile Envy on the very subsequent doable AR, if it does not power you to lose the sport. So, when you’ve got nothing however scoring playing cards and ME by the point you exit Quagmire, you play the scoring playing cards (you’ll be able to’t be compelled to carry them). If Quagmire/BT lasts throughout a flip boundary, it’s essential to use ME on the primary AR (not headline) as a discard to Q/BT.

(And, in fact, if Terrorism/5YP/Ask Not/Grain Sales/and many others causes ME to go away your hand, you clearly aren’t compelled to play it both).

  1. twilightstrategy:Missile Envy

Wrong reply within the commnets, then ddddddd makes the correction:

… play a special card. I’m fairly positive we primarily based this on one thing we learn on-line someplace.



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