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I would like the assault transfer to chill down after 3 clicks, after which re-enable after time has handed.

I acquired the three clicks cooldown, however I am unable to wrap my head on the opposite half.

utilizing System.Collections.Generic;
utilizing UnityEngine;

public class ASDF : MonoBehaviour
    [SerializeField] personal float attackCooldown;
    personal float subsequentAttackTime;
    personal Animator anim;
    int counter;
    personal float cooldown = 1f;
    personal float finalAttackedAt = -9999f;
    int delayBeforeCooldownStart;
    // Start is known as earlier than the primary body replace
    void Start()
        anim = GetComponentInChildren<Animator>();

    // Update is known as as soon as per body
    void Update()
        if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Mouse0) && (Time.time > subsequentAttackTime))
            Debug.Log("get hit");

            counter = counter + 1;

        if (counter >= 3)
            subsequentAttackTime = Time.time + attackCooldown;
            counter = 0;

    personal void Attack()

    personal void timer()
        anim.SetBool("reset", false);

//if (Time.time > finalAttackTime + delayBeforeCooldownStart)
// subsequentAttackTime = Time.time + attackCooldown;

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