Home Indie Game Vecho Fights model 1.6 Update (Free model) is out

Vecho Fights model 1.6 Update (Free model) is out

Vecho Fights model 1.6 Update (Free model) is out


  Vecho Fights is a 2D facet scroll one on one combating sport that has two characters duel in a greatest two out of three matches. Game play mechanism is targeted on gamers creating lethal combos utilizing any of the 9 characters by chaining or combining their completely different assaults akin to particular assaults,boosters,juggle or strange assaults(punches or kicks).

in case you are occupied with taking part in this sport you may go on the following Url:

Gamelink: https://www.patreon.com/JackBandai?fan_landing=true

Game obtain: https://jack-bandai.itch.io/vecho-fights

Play on-line free of charge: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/757062

If you might have any questions or want to get involved with me , you will discover me on:

https://twitter.com/BandaiJack (on twitter)

https://www.instagram.com/jackbandai/ (on instagram)


The sport remains to be in early improvement a lot of the content material remains to be lacking akin to characters,arenas,arcade mode,Story mode,artwork zone and many others. These shall be added with time as updates. Currently these are a few of the sport options :

-Six playable characters

-Five arenas or areas

-Training mode

-Battle mode which might performed both as participant one vs laptop or participant one vs participant two.

-Each character is provided with a two punch assaults,two kick assaults,a throw/seize,three particular assaults,an additional capacity/assault referred to as booster, a counter tech referred to as logic counter and an excellent assault referred to as vecho finisher.

-Amazing two dimensional vector artwork sprites or artwork.

-Juggle system that may chain any assault right into a combo

-Cinematic tremendous/final assaults(Vecho Finisher)

-A gallery or artwork part referred to as artwork zone.

-A visitors system that helps you identify an opponent’s state akin to if they’re invincible or blocking based mostly on sure colours.

-Six additional distinctive characters

-Twenty battle arenas or areas with background characters and objects.

-Arcade mode plus different modes akin to V arcs (Story mode).

-Character voices,in sport sound results and further music to be added.

-Extra costumes for all 10 characters.

The sport remains to be within the early levels of improvement.



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