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[Ver.072922 Updated] Cocos Creator 3.6.0 Neighborhood Beta – Cocos Creator



Hello, everybody!

We’re very excited to launch the group beta of three.6. We hope you’ll get pleasure from the brand new options and assist us to enhance this milestone model. Please give us your suggestions on this matter if you encounter issues.

Obtain Hyperlinks (ver.072922)

Home windows

Mac OS X


  • Export enum outlined in engine-adapter.js (engine#12274)
  • Repair: animation mode cover add-component-btn (engine#12264)
  • Repair reminiscence points for XMLHttpRequest & WebSocket (engine#12271)
  • Use log as a substitute of assert in cleanup to keep away from assert crash in pr check. (engine#12269)
  • Add deprecation checks (engine#12266)
  • Repair ui mesh renderer allow bug (engine#12265)
  • Repair particle-system deserialization (engine#12220)
  • Take away mix state on ui render (engine#12228)
  • Repair backbone tint (engine#12263)
  • Feat: animation graph – help absolute vacation spot begin time (engine#12162)
  • Repair the crash after the habits of Data_to_seval modified from returning TypedArray to returning ArrayBuffer. (engine#12260)
  • Repair Object::clearPrivateData doesn’t set _privateData to nullptr (engine#12259)
  • [Bug] Take away prefabInfo when copying elements (engine#12255)
  • Use native middleware buffer for Backbone and Dragonbones (engine#12233)
  • Repair native module constructing for separate engine (engine#12251)
  • Add an additional alignment to GeneralBarrierInfo to make it 8 byte aligned (engine#12247)
  • Modify the assistance icon coloration to –color-default-contrast-emphasis (engine#12196)
  • Add deprecated features (engine#12155)
  • Export AssetsManager to native (engine#12254)
  • Repair Stencil supervisor crash when move destroy (engine#12241)
  • Repair CocosApplication doesn’t unregister engine occasion when restarting. (engine#12250)
  • Particle materials change warning when materials will not be appropriate (engine#12249)
  • Repair sprite body trim bug (engine#12252)
  • Add docs for jsb.garbageCollect (engine#12238)
  • Delete redundant file OSInterfaceManager (engine#12245)
  • Repair HttpClient extreme efficiency degradation by use threadPool in script engine (engine#12240)
  • Repair backbone reminiscence leak when restarting recreation and another reminiscence leaks (engine#12206)
  • Add again HttpClient::destroyInstance in destroy to repair http no response when restart (engine#12236)
  • Repair reflection not export bug. (engine#12237)
  • Repair reminiscence leak in BufferAgent.cpp. (engine#12231)
  • Repair the bug that recreation will crash on exit when utilizing deferred pipeline (engine#12216)
  • Refine websocketClose parameters for defense (engine#12202)
  • Revert convertToUINode deprecation (engine#12229)
  • Add vbColorDirty for native coloration filling (engine#12221)
  • Disable tbb on HarmonyOS & CI repair bindings (engine#12225)
  • Take away USE_REFLECTION_CUBEMAP (engine#12215)
  • Floor shader help rendering to reflection map (engine#12223)
  • Repair screenPointToRay logic error (engine#12210)
  • Change Renderable2d identify (engine#12213)
  • Optimize embedded participant/occasion analysis in animation state (engine#12186)
  • Specify ndk model for built-in res (engine#12211)
  • Optimize body animation efficiency (engine#12209)
  • Repair graphics drawing in backbone/dragonbones (engine#12198)
  • Repair swap accessor not change buffer (engine#12204)
  • Repair bullet contact information error (#13210) (engine#12195)
  • Repair inverseBindposes binding (engine#12205)
  • Optimizing ‘GCObject’ name efficiency (engine#12208)
  • Fastened the issue that the script callback operate couldn’t be registered to recreation in native surroundings (engine#12190)
  • Repair reminiscence leaks (engine#12185)
  • Repair shader compilation error (engine#12203)
  • Repair challenge that baked object can’t obtain dynamic shadow (engine#12194)
  • Repair a reminiscence leak in CCMTLSemaphore (engine#12189)
  • Repair ui Mannequin proxy reminiscence leak (engine#12184)
  • Add FogInfo.FogType (engine#12197)
  • Repair construct error when allow swappy (engine#12191)
  • Disable debug renderer in simulator to disregard function cropping (engine#12181)
  • Optimize code of batcher2D (engine#12166)
  • Repair the bug that mathutils::approx at all times returns 1 (engine#12168)
  • Repair fallacious logic if passing ‘keepWorldTransform = true’ to setParent. (engine#12169)
  • Right the logic of visiting _worldRotation/Scale/Place in Node.cpp (engine#12170)
  • The enter argument of Mat4::toRTS ought to be within the first order and const reference, output arguments ought to be pointer. (engine#12172)
  • Rename INITAL_CAPACITY to GLES_COMMAND_POOL_INITIAL_CAPACITY to keep away from battle. (engine#12164)
  • Optimize reminiscence utilization in second (engine#12157)


Essential model replace

  1. Native second efficiency have been vastly improved
  2. Node remodel efficiency enchancment with enoki
  3. Separate IBL reflection map and surroundings map, enhance bake pace
  4. L10n take away compile course of
  5. GameView is now utilizing devoted course of
  6. Assist native tiled map
  • simplify c++ summary class (engine#12156)
  • keep away from reset float array dimension (engine#12154)
  • break round dependency (engine#12149)
  • repair ia (engine#12147)
  • add callbacksInvoker lacking api (engine#12131)
  • shut splash display screen and add profiling data (engine#12146)
  • help backbone/dragonbones use native native batcher2d (engine#12141)
  • add minimal construct help (engine#12145)
  • add defend situation of kerningDict and fontDefDictionary are undefined (engine#12130)
  • repair lacking code (engine#12144)
  • repair construct error (engine#12142)
  • Repair bug when JsbBridge check case shut window (engine#12126)
  • [optimize] disable denoise with convoluted reflection map (engine#12140)
  • [Optimize] mipmaps on the inspector (engine#11938)
  • help quantity sort of engine fixed (engine#12012)
  • [Optimize] When MENU is specified, don’t put it within the customized script (engine#12123)
  • gpu particle repair (engine#11944)
  • [pipeline] add pipeline macro (engine#12136)
  • [gfx] auto barrier added (engine#12118)
  • Output pleasant details about impact identify (engine#12137)
  • Repair TextureCube binding. (engine#12133)
  • [Feature] skybox bake reflection convolution (engine#12128)
  • [Optimize] impact modifying interface type (engine#12093)
  • [Optimize] optimize i18n textual content for editor (engine#12052)
  • repair huawei-agc can’t discover platformTemplate (engine#12079)
  • appropriate steel gadget limits for maxFragmentUniformVectors, maxVertexUniformVectors, maxUniformBufferBindings (engine#12127)
  • reflection convolution map baking pace optimization (engine#12112)
  • Add ->(geometry, profiler, planarShadow) and replace shadow map (engine#45)
  • replace documentations of reflection, bridge and jsbBridgeWrapper (engine#12097)
  • crop debug renderer & geometry renderer & occlusion question by default (engine#12132)
  • Shield corrupted node and element in editor (engine#12120)
  • [optimization] compress csm ubo (engine#12111)
  • name cease when destroy particle (engine#11923)
  • add customized pipeline (engine#12124)
  • repair tiledLayer addUserNode (engine#12122)
  • Added interface for copying textual content to clipboard (engine#12029)
  • stop including multiple rendering element to a node (engine#12121)
  • repair crash at server_mode due to make use of fallacious header file (engine#12119)
  • [bug] repair IBL miplevel exceed restrict (engine#12117)
  • add package-lock.json (engine#12110)
  • [pipeline] added net ahead and deferred pipelines (engine#11646)
  • replace native pack device (engine#12113)
  • repair: Modify the judgment situation (engine#12050)
  • Examine passes size in Shadow.getPlanarShader & getPlanarInstanceShader (engine#12105)
  • optimize efficiency (engine#12080)
  • Right the logic to acquire the batching scheme. (engine#12094)
  • replace cmake listing (engine#12107)
  • replace chunk and impact meta information (engine#12108)
  • default physics materials utilizing inside asset (engine#11855)
  • repair physx create terrain top out of vary (#13252) (engine#12100)
  • repair fallacious orientation by use vulkan at android platform (engine#12109)
  • [bug] Repair planar shadow serialization drawback (engine#12086)
  • repair a leak with html canvas components (engine#11979)
  • [optimization] Break up csm ubo (engine#12072)
  • take away Mat4::transformVector for Vec3 (engine#12088)
  • on server mode, use unix executable file (engine#12103)
  • allow bullet instantiate in Editor (engine#12106)
  • repair impl.ts typo & doc refine (engine#12091)
  • cut back log (engine#12092)
  • replace external-config.json (engine#12084)
  • get language with LocaleList on Android7+ (engine#12073)
  • Repair the parameter of TextureCube::setImage, help to move nullptr (engine#12062)
  • [bug] repair macro of fabric is invalid and set worth of HDR for PipelineSceneData on native (engine#12074)
  • modify the kind of albedoScaled and transparencyFactor multiplied by baseColor.a (engine#12071)
  • use cmath std::fabs as a substitute of cstdlib std::abs (engine#12075)
  • Alter code struct and take away unneeded variables in Node (engine#12069)
  • Repair crash of backbone check on Android, and use enoki::load_unaligned in Vec3::transformMat4Neon (engine#12076)
  • repair information exception brought on by parseInt (engine#12078)
  • take away mix state on fillPass operate (engine#12068)
  • repair masks default materials bug (engine#12070)
  • [bug] retrieve getShadowPassIndex from submodel (engine#12057)
  • repair the validation errors about renderpass and swapchain (engine#11945)
  • mac server mode (engine#12054)
  • RenderDrawInfo code sorting (engine#12055)
  • optimize a bit jsb name (engine#12065)
  • Slim Render Draw Data (engine#12053)
  • native batcher2d tiled-map addUserNode full (engine#12059)
  • repair the calculation of projection of shadow, ought to contemplate clipSpaceSignY (engine#12036)
  • Repair some potential reminiscence points (engine#12045)
  • UIOpacity and UIRenderer recursion bug (engine#12015)
  • Optimize se::Object::getPrivateData, math::IsEqualF, Vec3::transformMat4 (engine#12039)
  • optimize renderEntity and renderDrawInfo padding (engine#12042)
  • ban remodel es6 to es5 on Bytedance platform (engine#12035)
  • [optimize] keep away from calculate dir lighting and shadows with lightmap (engine#12027)
  • choose fill vertex buffers (engine#12046)
  • [optimize] shadow move texture sampling with out alpha check (engine#12005)
  • [Optimize] export CCClass.isCCClassOrFastDefined (engine#12043)
  • native batcher2d for tiled-map (engine#12044)
  • Repair sprite render bug when Sprite Body is null (engine#12041)
  • repair : video participant state present error (engine#11992)
  • repair graphics replace materials crash (engine#12038)
  • repair gfx buffer reminiscence utilization (engine#12037)
  • Repair PassUtils parsing vec3 with single float (engine#12028)
  • Repair se::Object* conversion. (engine#12034)
  • masks _updateBuiltinMaterial overload (engine#12033)
  • Take away customized Materials flag (engine#12021)
  • Alter mannequin code struct (engine#12020)
  • use hash mix in Go.cpp to enhance efficiency (engine#12024)
  • add material-compiling stage (engine#12022)
  • Deal with vacation spot begin time on empty transitions (engine#12007)
  • Repair typo of TextureCube::setMipmapAtlas and replace property binding in belongings (engine#12016)
  • set buffer dimension for middleware (engine#12013)
  • Refactor native Batcher2d lifecycle (engine#12011)
  • [Optimize] cut back dimension (engine#12004)



  • Repair compilation challenge for HarmonyOS
  • Repair engine module information migration
  • Repair construct activity button can’t show regular reminiscence
  • Repair the display screen orientation configuration challenge on CocosPlay
  • Repair the encryption of distant listing script on native platform
  • Repair the operation drawback brought on by lacking information of key body choice
  • Repair the issue that the title bar of three.5 editor could also be misplaced after opening 3.6.0.
  • Repair the issue that vconsole reviews error when previewing on mobile phone.
  • Repair the issue that the scene script will not be began when the plug-in is dynamically began.
  • Repair the issue that the engine module configuration could also be misplaced when upgrading the mission.
  • Repair the issue that the plug-in mounting db can’t be set seen.
  • Optimize the place and textual content of the button of script compilation and debugging device.
  • Repair the interplay drawback of desire settings and customized macros
  • Repair the issue that loading engine fails to reply throughout editor startup
  • Optimize the add interface of Huawei AGC
  • Repair the problem that construct can’t export configuration file


  • [Optimization] Simplify logic of Node::stroll() (engine#11997)
  • Guarantee operating audio context (engine#11996)
  • Repair particle noise module change bug (engine#11958)
  • Repair render pipeline’s inspector (engine#11982)
  • [Optimization]Crop occlusion question in second mission (engine#11990)
  • The computation of projection matrix ought to contemplate signal of Y (engine#11995)
  • [Optimization] Shadow map makes use of linear depth macro with webgl (engine#11993)
  • Keep away from tick a number of occasions (engine#11991)
  • Repair ui bug for rendering customized materials (engine#11989)
  • Replace deprecated data for SystemEvent (engine#11985)
  • [Optimization] Restructure life cycle (engine#11971)
  • Repair planar-shadow not displayed when directional mild shadow disabled (engine#11984)
  • [Optimization] Audio supply will emit provided that it’s hooked up to a node (engine#11975)
  • Repair linear depth operate for spot shadow (engine#11951)
  • Repair wechat cc plugin import scriptPackages (engine#11967)
  • Repair cc.Label modifying interface error (engine#11949)
  • Repair AddressSanitizer: memcpy-param-overlap: reminiscence ranges in Mesh.cpp if CC_OPTIMIZE_MESH_DATA is enabled (engine#11976)
  • Repair program exit bug (engine#11966)
  • Repair second particle rendering bug on native platforms (engine#11973)
  • [Optimization] Scale back construct log & warnings (engine#11961)
  • Repair debug renderer construct challenge on second initiatives (engine#11968)
  • [Optimization] Add help to DCC impact for specularMap of Mixamo and blender (engine#11953)
  • Repair gameActivity can’t be discovered by different module (engine#11962)
  • [Optimization] Batcher2d code sorting (engine#11943)
  • [Optimization] Use Exterior ArrayBuffer to optimize the shared reminiscence in Node (engine##11926)


  1. Win32 help is eliminated, solely win64 launch is offered since 3.6
  2. iOS minimal model help modified from iOS 10 to iOS 11 (to be able to use C++ 17)
  3. The naming of built-in supplies is predicated on the naming in AssetDB, and when utilizing EffectAsset.get, the parameters ought to be the identical because the shader identify within the editor.
  4. software.js has been up to date, you probably have a customized construct template in your mission, please be sure to regenerate software.js and modify it accordingly.

Essential updates

Since there are too many updates in 3.6, we are going to solely listing some key adjustments right here. You too can confer with the v3.6.0 function notes

The engine have been extra native than ever

After nearly a yr of growth and steady iterations since 3.3, we transfer extra of the engine all the way down to the C++ layer, together with the SceneGraph hierarchy, RenderScene rendering scene administration and all of the rendering information. This additionally resulted in additional efficiency enhancements. The chart beneath reveals efficiency of various model, the check case contains 3d scene with growing transferring fashions (with strolling skeletal animation), we improve the quantity of fashions till it’s steady at 30 fps.

Editor Capabilities

  1. Total editor UI replace
  2. Add Sport View editor preview mode, help for operating and debugging video games straight within the editor
  3. New Rendering Debug View mode
  4. [Scene View] Scene Editor provides floor alignment and vertex alignment capabilities to the remodel gizmo, confer with Introduction
  5. [Scene View] help field choice operate, you may choose a number of objects directly
  6. [Build Panel] Optimize the group of construct duties
  7. [Asset Explorer] Assist Mesh thumbnails
  8. [Asset Explorer] Assist bundle filtering
  9. [Animation Editor] Animation clips can now add new embedded participant, help particle participant and animation participant
  10. [Animation Editor] can collapse blocks by double-clicking the node listing and property listing identify place
  11. Add Localization Editor because the official editor built-in i18n scheme
  12. Mesh useful resource choice field helps Mesh preview
  13. [Particle System] Particle preview helps mixed preview of sub-node tree
  14. [Particle System] Particle inspector panel help undo/redo
  15. [Particle System] Assist Noise module

  16. [Marionette Animation System] Animation Graph Assist Animation Preview
  17. [Marionette Animation System] Animation Graph help variable and layer renaming
  18. [Marionette Animation System] Animation Graph help transition line sorting

Graphics capabilities

  1. Assist writing results with Floor Shader
  2. Assist baking IBL reflective convolution (GGX convolution)
  3. Assist Cascade Shadow Map
  4. Assist for setting Skybox supplies
  5. Improve the vary of Regular Power of the usual materials
  6. Add GLTF specular-glossiness workflow help
  7. Replace default FBX floor phong materials help
  8. Lengthen Specular channel help for Blender principled bsdf supplies

Framework capabilities

  1. DynamicMesh help
  2. Batcher logic and render command submit logic moved to native, enhance the efficiency of the native platform
  3. [Particle system] Assist particle Noise Module
  4. [Particle system] Assist instanced mesh, enhance the efficiency of the emitter
  5. Add API for retrieving audio PCMData and sampleRate help audio PCMData and sampleRate getter #11470
  6. Refactor the engine startup course of, simplify the software.js logic, add varied occasions in the course of the startup part
  7. [Terrain system] Assist rotation of terrain brush
  8. [Terrain system] Assist terrain top brush
  9. [Baking System] Mild map baker helps tga mapping format.
  10. [Baking System] MeshRenderer will robotically set the sunshine map useful resource for rendering.
  11. Replace iOS native EditBox type
  12. Assist for 3D house SpriteRenderer
  13. Add precedence help for rendering element
  14. Fill z-values in UI vertex information to help 3D Remodel of UI
  15. Use texture to retailer skeletal joints information as a substitute of uniform to keep away from mannequin splitting throughout import part.

Native framework upgrades

  1. Add simpler to make use of excessive degree JS bindings sebind
  2. Combine with Android Sport Exercise
  3. Downloader help breakpoint switch in iOS/Android platform
  4. Add native plugin specification (documentation to be added)


hmmmm.Is anybody utilizing a number of the new options in 3.6.0 beta?

A brand new model 072922 have been up to date, if anybody is utilizing group beta of v3.6, we strongly recommend you to replace to the newest model

Is there repair for supporting npm modules as in CC 2.x ?, i do keep in mind somebody promised to repair it in 3.6

It simply totally different, the brand new scripting system makes use of rollup to construct scripts into systemjs modules, the help skill for npm modules are certainly totally different. I’ll ask our engineer to clarify extra intimately

What’s the issue you encountered with npm?

I’m getting restricted success with transferring/rotating sprites/buttons in 3D house. To ensure that the 3D rotation to be noticed, I’ve to set the Projection for the digital camera viewing the sprites/UI components to Perspective, however issues like mouse hovers and clicks don’t work. If I tighten up the Close to – Far distances on the digital camera (eg -0.5 – +0.5), I can get some measure of success, but it surely’s clearly not an correct trying/feeling z-raycast examine.

That is undoubtedly higher and an enchancment, however I’d prefer to see the power to place canvas elements on any object in 3D house; or just acknowledged – have help for a world house canvas. Then I can set the remodel of the canvas, and subsequently all of its youngsters, nonetheless I like in 3D house.

Hello, The canvas is designed to adapt to the display screen, so it needs to be a 2D floor equivalent to the display screen. Nonetheless, in 3.6 we do help 3d house coordinates for UI components underneath Canvas, so you may have a hierarchy like this

I believe this could fulfill your want

Alright I’ve recreated the scene, and it’s slightly higher now… I nonetheless want to alter the digital camera to Perspective projection. Nonetheless, although, hovering/clicking buttons on a Perspective digital camera doesn’t work.

I see, we are going to contemplate it as a bug.

As a matter of reality, we already created an inside challenge about this, the rationale it doesn’t help perspective digital camera is as a result of the traditional hit check of UI node solely contemplate zero depth airplane. So the display screen level (x, y) might be transformed to (x, y, 0) for additional hit check, however in perspective digital camera ray solid ought to be used for hit check. It’s deliberate to be supported in v3.7

At the moment, you may connect collider to the buttons, and use ray solid function to examine mouse and pointer occasions.

A simple workaround that may suffice for all my wants (nonetheless testing, however to this point so good) is to set the Close to clipping distance on the digital camera to -0.5 and the Far clipping distance to 0.5.



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