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If you’ve been questioning what number of factors the brand new Cadia Stands field will get you then you definitely’ve come to the suitable place.

We received on fingers on the brand new boxed set for Cadia Stands and we constructed a bunch of the fashions to indicate off. We’ve additionally carried out a pricing breakdown to indicate why this field is a very whole lot. Typically, we’d additionally add up all of the factors based mostly on the Munitorum Field Manual. But the factors from that aren’t up to date but. So we figured …what the heck! We have the e book — we’ll simply do it ourselves.


Cadia Stands Point Breakdown

Cadian Command Squad = 75 factors + Wargear

2x Cadian Shock Troopers = 65 factors x 2 = 130

Field Ordnance Battery = 130 factors (for 2 fashions – it is available in a unit of two)

Armored Sentinel = 45 factors + Wargear / Scout Sentinel = 40 factors + Wargear

Points Total = 380 + Wargear or 375 + Wargear (with the Scout Sentinel)

That’s…not a ton of factors. On the plus aspect, GW did put collectively some instance lists. Just to present you an thought of what you may construct with the Astra Militarum.

The excellent news is that with this field you may actually go in a variety of completely different instructions. Obviously, when you wished to chew up a bunch of factors you may begin by including in a ton of armor models like Leman Russes (150 factors base) and Baneblades (variants between 390-450 + wargear) or the brand new Rogal Dorn (250 factors base) tank.

Maybe you’ve been eyeing the brand new Attilan Rough Riders. Good information — these clock in at 20 factors per mannequin! That’s a great way to chew up some factors fast and so they look cool. I don’t understand how sensible these will probably be within the Grimdark however hey, we’re simply gonna let it experience.

It’s cool to see that Games Workshop has simply rolled the worth of the Cadians and Catachans Squads particular weapons into the models as properly. Even with weapon upgrades these models are simply flat prices at 65 and 70 factors respectively. Alternatively, Infantry Squads are additionally 10 males for 65 factors however you need to pay for a plasma pistol and/or energy sword at 5 level every.

On the plus aspect, these Infantry squads do have the choice for a heavy weapon workforce…and there’s no factors adjustment for that. 65 factors for a multi-wound lascannon might work.

The level is that this field is an effective begin to a military or a pleasant method so as to add in some new fashions for an present one. However, when you’re seeking to make the journey to 2000 factors, you’re gonna need to plan to make some extra purchases. Decide what type of Astra Militarum military you need to play and put together accordingly. And if you wish to get an infantry heavy military up and working be ready for a complete lot of shopping for, constructing, and portray.


The military set is sub 400 factors + Wargear choices. You’re going to have so as to add extra than simply water to get this military to develop!


Writer, Editor, Texas Native, and Austinite for 15+ years, Adam covers all issues Tabletop Gaming. Which consists of Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar, D&D, Board Games and all the pieces else that entails cube, boards, playing cards and a desk.
A hobbyist, participant, and collector of miniatures and video games, Adam’s present obsession are his Death Armies for Age of Sigmar, his Blood Angels and Tyranids for 40k, and his ever rising Arkham Horror: The Card Game Collection.



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