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Warhammer 40K: Commissar Yarrick – The Legendary ‘Old Bale Eye’

With Commissar Yarrick bowing out of the grimdark (for now), we figured it was good time to dive into his backstory and historical past.

Sebastian Yarrick is an Imperial Guard Commissar well-known for his participation within the Second and Third Wars for Armageddon, through which he twice fought towards the Ork forces of Warlord Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka. His management and bravado throughout these conflicts have made him one of many biggest heroes of the Imperium.

Commissar Yarrick History

The Second War for Armageddon

In his youth, Yarrick had discovered the Ork language from a captured raider, and have become an professional in the way in which the Ork thoughts labored. Before the Second War for Armageddon started, in 941M41, he had already served in a dozen campaigns as a commissar with Armageddon‘s Planetary Defence Forces and gained a popularity for loyal loyalty to the Emperor. In truth, he was already of superior age on the time of the War and was scheduled to retire on the day the Orks landed.

When the primary warnings of the Ork touchdown got here, Yarrick was on Armageddon to help within the founding of the 4th Armageddon Regiment. Yarrick swiftly noticed that Ghazghkull was a extra crafty and tenacious warlord than beforehand encountered amongst Orks, and Yarrick ordered the planet’s astropaths to ship a name for assist. Herman von Strab, the inept Overlord of Armageddon, insisted that Armageddon might take care of the Ork risk by itself, and banished Yarrick to Hades Hive as punishment for circumventing von Strab’s authority.

Von Strab was grievously mistaken. Under his incompetent management, the planet fell little by little till the Orks reached Hades Hive. Here, Commissar Yarrick commanded the defending forces, inspiring them to a fanatical diploma of bravery and resolve. Not a single soldier was executed for cowardice through the preventing at Hades Hive, even within the face of the overwhelming Ork numbers.

Yarrick himself was all the time on the entrance strains through the preventing. He acquired many battle wounds, probably the most grievous in single fight with Warboss Ugulhard, who severed Yarrick’s proper hand with a swipe from his Power Klaw. Such a wound would have killed a lesser man, however Yarrick’s iron will allowed him to not solely survive, however to decapitate Ugulhard together with his chainsword after which pull the Power Klaw from his corpse and maintain it aloft for all to see. The sight precipitated the Orks to flee in terror, whereas concurrently inflicting the human defenders to cost ahead with renewed vigour. Only after the Orks had been routed did Yarrick permit himself the luxurious of passing out.

The Imperial defence of Hades Hive was so implacable that ultimately Ghazghkull himself joined the assault, main his forces from the entrance. He tried to take the Hive by each technique he might think about, however Yarrick countered all of them. Eventually, Hades Hive turned a private battle between the 2 warriors. When Ghazghkull fell upon the hive, Yarrick realised they might not maintain their place. In a sequence of daring shuttle runs, the remaining forces managed to flee. Yarrick himself acquired a near-fatal wound in fight with Ghazghkull, and hovered close to loss of life through the ultimate stage of the evacuation.

Eventually, the struggle ended with the arrival of Commander Dante of the Blood Angels, whom the defenders of Armageddon turned to for management. Although the Space Marines‘ offensive pushed the Orks off the planet, Yarrick’s protection of Hades Hive was acknowledged because the turning level of the struggle, and he was hailed because the Saviour of Armageddon.

Battle of Golgotha

In 944.M41, three years after the tip of the Second War, Yarrick formally got here out of retirement and requested a army expedition to completely cleanse the encircling worlds of Ork raiders, his specific purpose being to seek out Ghazghkull. One such planet, Golgotha, was to be the place this purge would finish for the Imperials in a crushing defeat by the Ork defences. Yarrick’s private Baneblade, the Fortress of Arrogance was deserted and Yarrick himself was captured by Ghazghkull. After torturing the Commissar for a number of weeks, Ghazghkull determined to let him go, feeling that the Warboss’ deliberate re-invasion of Armageddon can be way more enjoyable with Yarrick on the opposite facet.

The commissar narrowly escaped the planet together with his element whereas Cadian Kasrkin and Armoured Divisions held the road lengthy sufficient for his dropship to elevate off. The remaining defenders afterwards had been overwhelmed and slaughtered. Repelled and defeated, the cleaning of the sector was ended in the intervening time and the fleet returned to Armaggeddon to re-arm and help with the rebuilding.

The Third War for Armageddon

The Third War for Armageddon would show to be a a lot tougher battle than the Second. Yarrick arrived again on the planet two weeks earlier than the invasion started. By overwhelming vote, he was provided supreme command of all Imperial forces on the planet, and he accepted.

Before the struggle commenced, Yarrick had the stays of the Fortress of Arrogance salvaged from Golgotha and repaired, to function his private command car.

Ghazghkull opened the battle by obliterating Hades Hive from orbit, successfully throwing down the gauntlet to his previous adversary. Fortunately, Yarrick had foreseen this assault; the place one other commander may need diverted assets and males to defending the town he had so ferociously defended earlier than, Yarrick acted out of chilly army logic and and not using a hint of sentimentality. Seeing that Hades Hive couldn’t be defended, he had it evacuated earlier than the Orks attacked, and concentrated his forces elsewhere.

His first order was to ship all remaining Imperial plane to destroy as lots of the Orks as doable earlier than they might contact the bottom. Eventually, the Orks landed their Roks, offering them with pre constructed fortresses. Yarrick personally led the assault on one in every of these with a drive of Cadian Shock Troopers. Eventually the Third War for Armageddon degenerated right into a grueling struggle of attrition, thwarting Ghazghkull’s hopes for a transparent victory. When Ghazghkull fled Armageddon and the Black Templars ready to present chase, Yarrick petitioned High Marshal Helbrecht to permit him to hitch their quest; Helbrecht agreed, and Yarrick instantly set off, decided to rid the galaxy of Ghazghkull for good.

After a lot pursuit Yarrick and Helbrecht had been capable of lastly catch as much as Ghazghkull. However whereas they had been capable of nook his flagship Kill Wrecka within the ensuing Battle of the Haunted Gulf, Ghazghkull was capable of escape into the Warp and start his Great Waaagh!. When Yarrick noticed the Ork Warlord vanish, he slumped and knew that his escape meant ailing for the galaxy.

A Mysterious Loss

The Imperium has just lately put out a bulletin throughout the Departmento Munitarum with information of Commisar Yarrick’s loss of life. It is claimed that the Emperor has allowed him to put down his mortal weapons and return to the Emperor’s facet. There he will likely be remade and ship to reenter the better struggle – his wonderful souls ablaze.  It is unknown what the precise circumstances of Yarrick’s loss of life had been, however many rumors are whirling.

Commissar Yarrick’s Wargear

Yarrick’s weaponry displays each his iron will and his eager understanding of the Ork thoughts, which respects solely power and can also be extremely superstitious.

In the aftermath of the Second War, he changed his lacking hand with the identical Power Klaw that had taken it, specifically modified to suit his arm. It is highly effective sufficient to kill in a single swipe.

After listening to rumors from the Orks that he might kill with a look, he had his lacking eye changed with a bionic alternative, the Bale Eye, that may fireplace a laser beam, comparable in impact to a laspistol at shut vary.

See Lexicanum for extra on the Aramgeddon Wars

That Power Klaw may not be customary concern – however I don’t assume anybody has the “rank” to inform Commissar Yarrick that.


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