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Warhammer 40K: ‘Darkness Made Metal’ Breakdown

Games Workshop dropped an enormous teaser. What the heck are we taking a look at with Darkness Made Metal?

We’ve bought a creepy new teaser video from the Warhammer Day celebration and I believe we’re about to have some…nicely, have a look for your self earlier than we get on the idea prepare.

Darkness Made Metal

First up, observe the re-colored brand. I don’t know if that has something to do with a tease it however it’s value noting.

The video opens with this scene as we slowly pan in on some Chaos figures. Black Legion. And in fact Abaddon within the middle. Note the bizarre wires and cords with skulls transferring in direction of them.

We get an excellent creepy and distorted voice over. I listened to it too many instances and all I could make out is that this:

Abaddon, dearest [friend], I’m again to carry [garbled]. An element [something something] An provide.

And then we get a have a look at one thing much more disturbing. Apologies concerning the big play button, however I needed to pause the video body by body to get these photos.

I don’t know what we’re taking a look at however I’m getting some severe Dark Mechanicus vibes right here. Clearly we’ve bought some kind of mechanical/possessed Daemon factor. The silhouette seems fairly neat although! I’m betting that is somebody from Abaddon’s previous. I can’t wait to seek out out who it could possibly be!

And then it abruptly ends with this display screen:

Warhammer Community added a bit to this from their publish:

They even have what might be a part of the garbled voice over:

“Whispers in the Void”

“A New Power Rises From The Warp”

“I have come to make you an offer”

Yeah this one is gonna be enjoyable. Have at it people.

Darkness Made Metal? That truly appears like the right title of a metallic album.


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