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Warhammer 40K: Death Guard Combat Patrol Point Breakdown and Next Steps

Warhammer 40K: Death Guard Combat Patrol Point Breakdown and Next Steps


Mortarion’s boys are right here to unfold ache and illness with their Combat Patrol Point Breakdown and Next Steps!

When Games Workshop launched all of the factors as a free replace we obtained to pondering — how do the earlier Combat Patrols stack-up? In this sequence we’re going to revisit the older Combat Patrols, breakdown their factors, and speak about the place to construct from that field. For earlier breakdowns verify the underside of this text.

The Death Guard Combat Patrol Box is doing one thing a little bit totally different in comparison with the opposite containers we’ve coated up so far: It’s giving us a Unique Named Character with Typhus. That actually unlocks a specific playstyle. With at present’s Next Steps we’re going to lean arduous into that playstyle. If you’re on the lookout for a extra aggressive spin, right here’s a very totally different playstyle listing.

So, with that in thoughts, let’s check out what the field is working with!

Death Guard Combat Patrol Point Breakdown

Combat Patrol: Death Guard

1x Typhus – 165 factors
1x Biologus Putrifier – 65 factors
7x Plague Marines – 147 factors
30x Pox Walkers – 150 factors

Points Total: 527

This Combat Patrol is a bizarre one for a couple of causes. First up, there’s probably not lots of Wargear to work with right here. Second, we’d have to separate these Pox Walkers up into at the very least 2 models because the max unit measurement is 20. We’ll go 20 and 10 for now. Aside from that…it’s 527 factors to kind that core. Would I choose up a second one? Not this time. That’s as a result of Typhus is right here and he’s a little bit arduous to disregard!

But let’s speak about him for a second. He’s obtained a few fairly potent auras that we’re going to try to reap the benefits of. First up, he’s obtained Master of the Dead Who Walk which buffs these Poxwalkers with +1 Strength when their unit is inside 6″ of him. He’s additionally obtained Lord of the Death Guard which is mainly the Captain aura that enables for re-rolls of 1 for pleasant Death Guard Core.

We’re not even going to get into the remainder of his skills. But from these two auras and all these Pox Walkers, I believe we have to fill out some squads.

Personally, if I’m bringing Typhus, I’m gonna need at the very least two squads of 20 Poxwalkers. At 5 factors a pop, these plague zombies don’t go down straightforward and can drag down a unit with the precise buffs. We solely want so as to add 10 extra in order that’s simply 50 extra factors. And, if nothing else, they supply one heck of an annoying pair of models to take care of. They can have an enormous footprint and can take up board presence. And with Typhus round, nobody goes to need to get too shut. Let’s use that so as to add some huge weapons.

Plagueburst Crawlers are in all probability going to be the MVP of this listing in most video games. With that wall of plaguebeef in entrance of them, they’ll lob shells on the enemy and as soon as they DO get shut, you’ll be able to infect them with these plaguespitters. Those issues are gross. We’re gonna take two of those. They are 135 factors + 5 in order for you the Entropy Cannon. We’ll avoid wasting factors for wargear on the finish. But that’s going to run us 270 factors for now.

Foetid Bloat-drones are up subsequent. We need the fleshmower choice for +5 factors. And we need to run at the very least 2. Why? Well, you’ve obtained these two huge blocks of Poxwalkers who’re going to tie stuff up. Use the Bloat-drones to counter-charge and actually mow down the enemy subsequent! They are simply plain nasty, too. At 120 factors (with the Fleshmower added), that’s solely 240 extra factors to the listing.

So far, we’re at 1087. And that’s a fairly stable core to launch the subsequent 1000 factors with. At this level you might simply add in Mortarion and a Daemon Prince or three and name it performed. We’re NOT going that route. In reality, we’re going to skip out on Mortarion fully. We would possibly add a Daemon Prince as a result of they’re simply good. We’ll in all probability need to add wings, too. That’s going to run us 175 + plus another wargear you need to toss on.

And whereas we’re including HQ choices I need to toss within the Lord of Virulence. He’s simply one other good HQ choice with an incredible weapon and aura buff, too.

At 120 factors, with the Daemon Prince, we’re as much as 1382 factors + wargear. At this level I form of need to add a unit of Death Guard. It feels odd to solely have 7 Plague Marines. So let’s toss in one other unit of seven. These are simply good, common models to have round. And it’s solely 147 extra factors. That brings the whole as much as 1529 factors.

Oh man, I virtually forgot so as to add the Tallyman! For 70 factors he’s a cut price. And we’re simply now at 1599. What else do we want now. Well, we’ve lots of our bodies on the tabletop and a few firepower with the Plagueburst Crawlers. We’re nice at holding an goal however pushing into enemy territory goes to be a problem. Especially as this military isn’t notably quick.

Let’s go along with some Blightlord Terminators! They’ve obtained some heavy armor, a great invulnerable save, and you may Teleport Strike with them. And as a result of it’s Nurgle, we gotta go along with 7 of them. At 40 factors every that’s 280 factors + wargear. With there addition we’re at 1879 + wargear. I need to cease there as a result of Death Guard can even purchase Deadly Pathogens which is an entire different set of skills.

The List

Daemon Prince
Lord of Virulence

20x Poxwalkers
20x Poxwalkers
7x Plague Marines
7x Plague Marines

Foetid Bloat-drone
Foetid Bloat-drone

Plagueburst Crawler
Plagueburst Crawler

7x Blightlord Terminators
Biologus Putrifier

Points Total: 1879 + wargear

This military is creeping demise. You’ve obtained a wall of our bodies that may gradual the advance of the enemy and take up house as they get pummeled from vary. And then, as soon as they get there, you’ve obtained methods to tie them up and end the job. And if the enemy is just too dug in you’ve obtained the Terminators to drop in and trigger their very own units of issues, too. Don’t be afraid to advance and let the Plague Marines maintain the targets as the remainder of the military strikes up. Use these Auras to your benefit!

For extra suggestions and tips try our How to Play Death Guard in ninth Edition article

And there’s all the time Mortarion so as to add later…

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