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Warhammer 40K: Four Weird Choices GW Made In Codex: Astra Militarium

The Imperial Guard have a brand new codex out, and there are some actually odd issues in it.

After years of ready and hoping Imperial Guard have a model new codex. The venerable IG or Astra Militarium for you younger people, have gotten a ninth Edition improve. It comes with a bunch of recent guidelines and methods the play the military. Along with that comes a number of model new items and some new fashions for older items. In some methods it’s a return to the outdated bizarre guard armies, even when it feels a bit missing in focus. The guide has its good and unhealthy elements, nevertheless it additionally had a share of simply plan odd issues. These are bizarre selections GW made in designing the Codex. Today let’s check out a number of of these.

The Rogal Dorn Can’t Be A Tank Commander

The Rogal Dorn is the model new IG tank launched on this Codex. The tank is a… medium-heavy tank? Heavy-heavy tank? It sits between the Leman Russ Battle Tank and the Super Heavies just like the Baneblade. It’s a giant beefy tank, nevertheless it nonetheless suits into a traditional military as a heavy help alternative. Rather than getting a squadron such as you do with the Leman Russ, you get only one. It’s the sort of tank you see placing a commander in… solely you possibly can’t. Don’t get me unsuitable, the Tank Commander nonetheless exists as an HQ alternative, however as was the case earlier than – it’s solely an choice in a Leman Russ. This is an odd option to me as a Dorn appears the proper choice for an HQ tank commander. Then you can have this huge beefy command tank main squadrons of lighter Russes.

It’s not like this might make the tank damaged. Tank Commanders not get a stats enhance, actually all they get is the choice to offer an order, not an enormous buff. I assume it will allow you to take extra Dorns, however the issues are fairly pricy and I don’t assume taking greater than 3 would break the sport. It’s additionally not as a result of lack of a mannequin. Tank commanders don’t have a devoted mannequin, its simply one thing you placed on a tank. It’s actually an odd alternative and makes the Rogal Dorn really feel like a little bit of an afterthought, virtually like it shouldn’t exist.

Why Only Two Guns In An Ordnance Battery

OK, this can be a small one, nevertheless it bothers me. The new Field Ordnance Battery is a fairly cool unit. However I’ve beef with the truth that it is available in a set two mannequin unit. Guard very historically have are available in both 1s or 3s (or generally 1-3). Three has at all times sort of been a magic quantity for Guard help issues. Three heavy weapons groups in a unit, three particular weapons in a help weapon unit. Three sentinels, or Leman Russ Battle Tanks, it goes on. Now we have now this new very cool unit that’s restricted to 2. I do know it’s as a result of in the true world the field comes with two fashions. That’s a alternative GW made and the foundations should observe. It nonetheless bothers me to be breaking this IG custom.

The Loss Of Squadrons

This one is one other unit dimension change than may truly anger lots of people. Quite a few Guard tanks, together with the Hellhound, Basilisk, Hydra and Wyvern are all now unit dimension 1. In the earlier Guard guide they’d been capable of be taken in items of 1-3. Given the rule of three this discount may depart gamers with a lot of tanks they’ll not use, because the quantity you possibly can discipline went from 9 to three. It additionally sort of limits a few Guard builds, an artillery battery acquired a bit more durable to discipline (at the least in the event you don’t wish to be a mish-mash) as did a lightweight tank firm based mostly on Hellhounds.

I’m not likely certain why this alternative was made both. None of those automobiles are tremendous good. They don’t even have any of the survival guidelines that make different mild car swarms annoying. The Valkyrie  additionally took the hit, killing airborne armies. Why?

The Dorn’s Twin Battle Cannon Kind Of Sucks?

OK is it me or does the Dorn’s model new supposedly superior Twin Battle Cannon sort of suck? Stat smart its a Leman Russ Battle Cannon with AP -3 and 2d6 photographs. If it’s only a battle cannon I’m undecided why it will get AP -3 (to make it suck much less I assume) nevertheless it has it. The situation I’ve is that 2d6 photographs. That appears cool till you keep in mind that a traditional Battle Cannon is D6+3. You’d assume a twin battle cannon can be twice pretty much as good, however actually its solely barely higher. In reality it has a decrease minimal photographs than the conventional battle cannon. It actually appears unhealthy when in comparison with the Oppressor Cannon. The Oppressor has higher stats will get and common of 6.5 photographs to the TBC’s 7, with a min of 4 to the TBC’s 4. Sure the TBC has extra max photographs however when you add it the autocannon the OC comes with its just one additional shot. It simply appears no brainer right here.

Let us know what odd belongings you discovered within the guide, down within the feedback!



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