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Warhammer 40K Hot Mess – Plasma Pistols!

Who would wish to carry a pistol that’s gonna shoot off your arm, face, and so forth and barely trigger any injury to what your taking pictures at.  Let’s see if we will get them to be higher.

I simply wish to say this isn’t a paid commercial for the Family Plasmasis Pistol enterprise.  But man – why do Plasma Pistol suck a lot?  And why does all these dang fashions have them!

Yeah man – I keep in mind when eighth Edition got here out and plasma was kinda king.  Cheap methods to throw injury normally carried round by low cost items.  Heck I nonetheless have nightmares of a bunch of Scions coming down and lighting me up.  As the version wore on plasma received kicked extra to the wayside and effectively – it simply sorta began being crappy.  Heck what number of instances have you ever seen artwork with plasma pistol totting jerks who assume they’re dangerous ass?

Make it Free!

If your equipment comes with Plasma Pistols it ought to simply be a free choice on your unit.  That is true – everybody examine beneath your seats and see the model new Plasmasis Hand Melter 5000 delivered to you by the high quality people on the Plasmasis Factory.  Only 2 hours for the reason that final scorching melty demise and counting!

Fix Its Damage To You If It Fails!

Remove the entire killing a mannequin and simply make it a Mortal wound to the unit.  This method the man might – say shove the recent mess in the direction of his buddy and never get hit by it.  It additionally makes it quite a bit simpler to determine as so many different issues simply take Mortal wounds when utilizing plasma.

Let It Do More Damage.

Plasma ought to simply be flat 2 injury and you’ll overcharge it to three.  Then the larger ones ought to go up a injury from there.  Also – let the Plasma Pistol shoot into fight identical to an additional chainsword assault.  You might even select to overcharge it and when you have a particular one possibly even shoot as many photographs because the weapon permits.  This could be thematic and let the Plasma Pistol be a scary choice.

Make Plasma Pistol Relics Cost factors!

Having a cool pistol is cool – however for those who make a neat Relic one let it simply value factors and never a CP.  Heck give an improve for Dark Age Plasmasis Classic Plasma Pistols!  The Classic Taste of Plasma in a classic form that reminds you of your grandpa’s Plasma Pistol!  Only 499.99 house bucks!

Just Make It Useful and Needed in a Unit!

I’ve clipped quite a lot of Plasma pistols this previous few weeks as I end up an Emperor’s Children military.  GW positive likes to throw them on sprues like they’re smartest thing within the universe and my 40K lizard mind calls for I maintain further bits so I received a ton of them.  I might love for them to be cool and I positive hope we see some form of “free” improve for them on the Khorne Berzerkers to match how they’re on the Death Guard ones.

Let us understand how you’ll repair the unit, down within the feedback! 


Thomas Reidy, aka Goatboy, the ever-evil member of BoLS. I do arts, play 40k, and even paint quite a lot of stuff. I’ve been enjoying Warhammer 40K for the reason that Nineteen Nineties, and have received a number of nationwide occasions together with Adepticon and GW GTs. I’ve been writing for BoLS for 15 years. Look at my Instagram to see what I’m engaged on – or engaged on for somebody. I’m at all times doing one thing interest associated.



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