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Warhammer 40K: (In)Famous Death Worlds Of the Imperium

Warhammer 40K: (In)Famous Death Worlds Of the Imperium


What is a Death World and why would you reside there? Because it’s the place the robust survive!

In the Grimdark Universe there are various worlds labeled as a Death World. These are planets through which the native wildlife have developed into extremely aggressive and harmful types. These planets can vary from carnivorous jungle planets, to barren wastelands, to sub-zero icy fjords. Today, we’re going to take a tour of a few of the most well-known Death Worlds within the Imperium.


Catachan is arguably essentially the most well-known Death World within the Imperium. It’s a Jungle Planet through which all the pieces is attempting to kill you. It has a formidable ecosystem of lethal predators starting from the Brainleaf all the way in which to the dreaded Catachan Face-Eater. Seriously, all the pieces on this planet desires you useless! Where do you assume these Catachan Jungle fighters received all these muscular tissues?


Baal and it’s two moons type the Baal System. But the principle planet is the homeworld of the Blood Angels. But make no mistake, Baal is a Death World. This world was an idyllic place however a viral and nuclear conflict ravaged the floor and turned it right into a poisonous wasteland. Life is harsh and unforgiving and the folks that reside there needed to turn into scavengers. It wasn’t till the arrival of Sanguinius that some form of order was restored.

In the present timeline, Baal has as soon as once more been ravaged by a Tyranid Invasion – each moons have been severely broken with Baal Prime being rendered barren after the occasions of the conflict and the opening of the Great Rift.


Fenris is the homeworld of the Space Wolves and is a harsh ice planet and Death World. The orbit of Fenris truly contributes to this difficult life – for starters, it takes roughly 3-4 Terran years for a full orbit. During the Summer, large volcanic exercise on the planet spews for nice lava flows. This melts ice and churns the seas into raging floods and tidal waves. Then, within the winter months, the temperature drops so low that all the pieces then ices over. What was as soon as flood plains turns into glacier-like areas.

There is one large land-locked space, however the seas dominate the planet. The volcanic exercise and the earthquakes make for a really unstable geography and the barbarian tribes that reside there have a nomadic life-style. Between the massively shifting temperatures and the deathly fauna, Fernis will kill the unprepared briefly order.


Cretacia is the brand new residence of the Flesh Tearers Chapter. For a number of millennia they had been a fleet primarily based chapter however, after discovering human colonists had not solely inhabited this harsh world and thrived, they made this planet their residence by means of the Right of Conquest. The planet itself is residence to large beasts and native monsters – large reptilian predators nearly the scale of Scout Titans. To say the creatures on the planet had been lethal is an understatement.

But the Flesh Tearers did handle to clear areas and make contact with the Humans and thus they determined that if these Humans might survive right here they’d make a wonderful pool of recruits to the chapter.

Since the Great Rift opened, the planet was encircled by a Warp Rift that is named the Annihilus.

Luther Macintyre IX

Luther Macintyre IX is a airplane within the Segmentum Tempestus notable for being the homeworld of the burrowing, desert-dwelling Ambull species. The planet is roofed in huge deserts. The sandstorms that plague this world are able to flaying a person’s pores and skin from his bones. The wildlife on the Death World are formidable within the excessive.

Luther Macintyre IX is considered a doable Necron Tomb World, and is residence to monumental  Ambull colonies. The world additionally incorporates Mica-dragons, the enamel of which had been used to create the mighty chainaxes Gorechild and Gorefather, wielded by the World Eaters’ primarch, Angron, and subsequently, Kharn the Betrayer.

Iax (Ultramar)

Iax, also called the “Garden of Ultramar”, is a planet within the stellar realm of Ultramar. The planet was an Agri World whose local weather and fertility has made it some of the productive worlds within the Imperium. There had been no giant cities on Iax, its land given over to producing high quality meals. The oldest and most urbanised space is the traditional fortress metropolis of First Landing, its tall citadel withstanding the barrages of invaders over the centuries.

During the Plague Wars, Iax turned the positioning of main preventing. A gaggle of Imperial Guard refugees delivered to Iax had been revealed to be unwitting Daemonic vessels, reworking them into Plaguebearers who managed to summon a cohort of Great Unclean Ones beneath Ku’gath. The Daemons summoned huge armies which ravaged the planet. Later, Roboute Guilliman and Mortarion engaged in a fateful duel on the planet as Imperial forces enacted Exterminatus. It is now a Death World which in line with Guilliman will take centuries to be freed of corruption, if ever.

If you wish to try extra Death Worlds the Lexicanum has an enormous listing. However these planets are most likely essentially the most well-known. There is yet one more Death World that’s fairly well-known as effectively however that’s as a result of Death World can even imply “at the moment of demise.” And that world is Caliban – aka The Rock.

Do you could have a favourite Death World? Let us find out about it within the feedback!


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