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Warhammer 40K: Just How Bad Are Krootox Riders?

Warhammer 40K: Just How Bad Are Krootox Riders?


Today we have a look at the poorest of fellows, the lowly Krootox, and discover out simply how a lot GW hates the straightforward creatures.

Krootox Riders Overview

Krootox Riders include a somewhat-reasonable statline, although this belies different flaws. They have a good motion worth of seven″, quicker than most models within the sport. Weapon talent 3+ is above-average, however ballistic talent 4+ does them no favors. A energy of six is likewise fairly spectacular for a Tau unit, and toughness 5 is definitely not dangerous however will not be actually sufficient by itself. Four wounds is a stable praise, and 4 assaults is sort of good. However, management six and a 6+ save are each abysmal, and mixed with different elements relegate the Krootox to theme lists or Kroot armies. At 25pts per mannequin in squads of 1 to a few, Krootox are an entirely unimpressive alternative.

Special Rules and Wargear

Krootox include just one particular rule, which they share with all different Kroot units- specifically Ambushing Predators, which provides them a pregame 7″ motion. This is definitely not a foul rule to have, as it will probably get them into place extra shortly or react to an enemy counter-deployment, nevertheless it definitely isn’t sufficient to save lots of them.

Krootox are all armed with a Kroot Gun, which is basically a downgraded Autocannon or Missile Pod. With 48″ vary, S7, AP-1, and Dmg2 in addition to two photographs, it has a suitable profile however hardly one which Tau are actually struggling to get entry to. They even have Krootox Fists, that are AP-2 Dmg2 melee weapons- given their melee stats, this truly makes them vaguely respectable in a combat, if it comes all the way down to that.

Krootox Rider Uses

Krootox are, sadly, one of many worst models within the sport proper now. This is for a lot of causes, however sadly they’re all ones which might be unlikely to see an answer anytime quickly, or probably ever due to the constraints on their design imposed by GW.

The largest downside is that they’re extraordinarily, extraordinarily susceptible. Although T5 and 4 wounds will not be terrible, their pathetic save implies that even informal hearth directed their means can simply obliterate them and makes the prospect of making an attempt to commerce up with a Krootox all however not possible. This is additional exacerbated by their standing as Cavalry- they can’t cross by way of breachable partitions the best way most models can (nor fly over them) and thus will discover themselves closely restricted by most forms of event terrain. Worse but, they additionally received’t profit from cowl more often than not, and their mannequin is massive sufficient that staying out of sight isn’t any trivial feat.

Now layer in on prime of that the truth that the multidamage weapons which might be on the market to prey on Space Marines are additional efficient towards Krootoxen, as are most all the anti-vehicle/monster instruments, and you’ve got a unit that will get the worst of all worlds- it dies to gentle, medium, and heavy firepower with equal facility, so there actually isn’t any such factor as a foul gun to make use of towards it.

All By Myself…

Krootox used to bypass this subject by being a part of Kroot squads- as in, they actually had been simply one other member of the unit, successfully an embedded heavy weapon. But Games Workshop determined that was not how they needed to do issues within the newer editions and went out of their technique to cut up all the Kroot off into their very own separate units- a choice that labored out fantastically for Kroot Hounds and completely doomed the Krootox. Without 10-20 ablative our bodies to face in entrance of it, a Krootox is useless the second it exhibits itself to the enemy, which additionally precludes any actual probability of them getting to make use of their close-combat prowess.

And talking of harm output, the Krootox’s… isn’t nice. With the Autocannon and Missile Pod each having gone as much as AP-2 base, the Krootox continues to be sitting down at solely -1, and towards all of these Marines on the market that’s attaining exactly nothing in any respect. You can’t even compensate for his or her poor ballistic talent with Markerlights, since as an Auxiliary unit they will’t profit from them, so they’re usually going to step out from behind one thing, plink off possibly a wound or two, after which get vaporized.

Strange Bedfollows

To actually drive dwelling the purpose of how dangerous they’re, they’re in the identical slot as Crisis Suits. Now, they clearly don’t truly compete for that area in any significant means, for all the explanations listed right here and in addition as a result of you may get them slot-free by together with a unit of Kroot Carnivores, however having them proper subsequent to one another definitely makes clear simply how nugatory Krootox are. Crisis fits are solely a bit dearer base (albeit coming with out weapons), however have higher stats in nearly each respect and profit from sept traits and markerlights and can mount weapons way more effectively and are quicker and have deployment choices and have stratagems and auras to learn them.

Final Thoughts

Krootox, put merely, aren’t an environment friendly technique to ship firepower. Given that “delivering efficient firepower” is a fairly good summation of what the Tau codex does and has at all times finished and the principle cause lots of people play it, it actually needs to be no shock that they aren’t only a dangerous unit however a very unpopular one which hasn’t seen a brand new sculpt in ages and is unlikely to get one within the foreseeable future. Their design and lore has pigeonholed them into the area of interest of “worse-than-normal gun on a fragile chassis”. Unsurprisingly that bundle has not ever been enticing to Tau gamers.

I feel that in case you are hoping to see the Krootox turn into viable in Tenth- or probably ever – you’re hoping in useless.

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