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Warhammer 40K: Kairos Fateweaver, The Oracle of Tzeentch

They say two heads are higher than one. Is that the case for the Oracle of Tzeentch higher often called Kairos Fateweaver?

Kairos Fateweaver is the Oracle of Tzeentch. However, that was a spot that was earned by some mystic shenanigans and Tzeentch “throwing” a hissy-fit. Read on to find how Kairos Fateweaver did what Tzeentch was unwilling to do!


Fateweaver, the Oracle of Tzeentch initially often called Kairos, is the non-public Vizir of Tzeentch – a Lord of Change able to seeing issues hidden even from the gaze of its grasp. It is numbered among the many Conclave Diabolus, the hundred and one daemons the Grey Knights think about most harmful.


Although Tzeentch may see all the previous and current, he was unable to know all the uncountable threads of the longer term. The want to beat this one weak spot took Tzeentch to the mystic Well of Eternity on the very centre of actuality, the place area and time originate and finish. However, even Tzeentch was afraid to enter the roiling currents of the effectively; so as a substitute he despatched his Lords of Change, however none of them ever returned. Finally, Tzeentch grabbed his vizir Kairos and solid him into the effectively. This time, Kairos survived, simply. But when he resurfaced, Kairos was unnaturally aged, hunched and wizened. His mighty pinions had been decreased to feeble vestigial stays, and he now had two heads.


Henceforth, Kairos held each the information of the longer term and the ensuing madness, and sits at Tzeentch’s proper aspect as his Oracle. He is continually mumbling madly, and instantly bursting into rambling tirades about occasions nonetheless to occur. Eighty-one Lords of Change are tasked with recording each phrase of the Oracle. A number of mighty people, mortal and Daemon alike, are granted an viewers with the Oracle for the completion of probably the most difficult of duties for Tzeentch. The Oracle is aware of the reply to all questions; however just one head will at all times reply the reality, whereas the opposite concurrently delivers a contradictory reply, which is fake however equally plausible. The ensuing riddle invariably leaves the petitioner baffled.

On the uncommon event that Tzeentch sends Kairos to the mortal battlefield, he is named Fateweaver. He and his daemonic bodyguards are really unstoppable, for he is ready to use his nice magical energy and unimaginable prescience to affect the course of the battle. However, if any sudden hurt involves him, Kairos usually retreats again to the Warp, afraid that his treacherous grasp may need deliberately hid that future from him.

Great Crusade and Horus Heresy

Decades earlier than the Horus Heresy, Fateweaver appeared earlier than Lorgar Aurelian throughout his pilgrimage into the Eye of Terror and gave him a alternative that might change the destiny of galactic historical past. Using his foresight of the longer term he acknowledged that Lorgar may both search revenge in opposition to Roboute Guilliman for his disgrace upon Khur, however doom Chaos within the coming warfare, or put apart private satisfaction and work for the Gods of Chaos and maybe guarantee their victory over the galaxy. In this single, necessary occasion each of Fateweaver’s heads spoke the identical reality.


Later on in the course of the precise Heresy Kairos fought Lion El’Jonson, however was impaled by the center because the Primarch remarked that he puzzled if Fateweaver noticed that coming.

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The White Consuls Space Marine Chapter solutions a misery name, solely to find that the supply of the sign is much extra terrifying than the message it relays. As a psychic backlash sweeps by their astropathic choir, the notorious Kairos Fateweaver, larger daemon of Tzeentch and grasp of manipulation, reveals his remaining hand in a recreation which has lasted for the reason that starting of time. Destiny awaits.

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Knowing the longer term may drive anybody mad…Even a Chaos Daemon!


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