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Warhammer 40K: Kill Team – New ‘Elite’ Rules Just Lets You Roll Better

Warhammer 40K: Kill Team is getting two new Kill Teams and the Kasrkins are simply plain higher at “rolling dice” than anybody else.

I’m not fairly certain the best way to really feel about GW dipping extra into the entire “dice manipulation point pool” for armies. Before I get into why I don’t prefer it it’s best to in all probability see how the rule works first.

by way of Warhammer Community

“Chosen from the cream of Cadia’s crop, Kasrkin personify the word ‘elite’. Their martial excellence translates directly into Kill Team, where the Elite special rule gives them a pool of 10 points to spend fudging dice rolls in their favour. Who needs luck when you’re this good?”

Basically, every time a Kasrkin makes an assault you get to decide on if you wish to spend an Elite level to bump a roll by 1. Now, there are some limits — like you possibly can solely “adjust” one roll and just one roll. And this pool can also be restricted to 10. At least firstly of the sport. Because, after all, they’ve a method to get factors again.

Being ready to decide on after the roll if you wish to improve the assault by 1 is type of a giant deal. And having methods to generate these factors again can also be actually handy. Couple that with the truth that you are able to do this every time you assault (albeit to only one die per assault) this makes the Kasrkin a really dependable Kill Team.

Thanks. I hate it.

From a lore perspective the Kasrkin are tremendous elite troopers. They get all of the particular coaching, techniques, and equipment. They are the tremendous troopers of the Astra Militarum! But you’re telling me they’re higher and extra dependable than a Space Marine?

Kasrkin – much more Elite than a Classic Tactical Marine.

And from a gameplay perspective this makes them so dependable it’s going to be irritating to play towards. They begin with 10 within the pool and if the Sergeant makes it to the top, that’s one other 16 factors they get so as to add. That’s 26 doable assaults which are going to magically hit after they in all probability ought to have missed. “Oh that’s not a lot of attacks and you just have to kill the Sergeant so they don’t get the extra!” Sure. It’s not like a participant goes to cover the Sergeant all recreation to simply use them as a battery as the remainder of the Kill Team does the actual work or something…

Also, that is KILL TEAM. There aren’t that many fashions in a typical recreation. Those further dependable photographs are going so as to add up fast. I actually hope this rule doesn’t make the leap to 40k correct as a result of it might solely scale upwardly.

Look, I’m simply not a fan of armies that may manipulate the cube like this. I’m really positive with re-rolls over “just add 1” factors from a magical pool. I like this even lower than Faith/Fate cube of Adepta Sororitas and Disciples of Tzeentch. And I’m definitely not a fan of these programs both. This doesn’t require a mannequin to be in vary for an Aura. This doesn’t require you to declare you’re utilizing the power earlier than the assault is made. These Elite Points are simply free “get out of jail” factors to spend on assaults that ought to have missed however now don’t.

I used to be actually enthusiastic about these fashions. Now I’m going to dread seeing them throughout the tabletop from me as a result of each assault cube roll goes to be a chance for them to “fudge” the numbers. No one likes “gotcha” moments and that is only a pool of “gotcha” factors to spend. No thanks.

What do you consider Elite Points? Are they positive/meh/unhealthy? Let us know the place you stand within the feedback.


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