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Warhammer 40K Retro: The First Eldar Aspect Warriors

Warhammer 40K Retro: The First Eldar Aspect Warriors


flip again to the Nineties to the start of the unique Craftworld Eldar Aspect Warriors, and the superb transformation it had on the Aeldari race.

The Eldar had been a really totally different race when Rogue Trader first arrived in 1987.  Yes there have been Craftworlds, and pirates, however total the race was considerably simplified.  They regarded just like the fashions under and can learn all about these heady early Space-Elves right here.



The Teaser

Fast ahead just a few years and we began to get rather more element on Space Marines, the Imperial Army, and even Squats.  Then at some point in 1990, White Dwarf 125 arrived and had a tremendous picture.  What the heck had been these “Eldar Aspect Warriors“? No one had any clue, however all of them had funky names and regarded SUPER COOL. I imply examine them to these minis up there…


The Craftworld Lore & Rules

Everyone waited with bated breath for 2 excruciating months till White Dwarf 127 hit like a comet in July 1990.  The Rogue Trader Space-Elves had been perpetually modified. The Craftworlds had been absolutely laid out, and to today comply with the precepts laid down all these years in the past.


In it was a wholly new background for the Eldar race.  We realized of the Eldar Path, Aspect Warriors, the Avatar, Warlocks, Farseers, Exarchs, and even the common-or-garden Guardians.  An complete description for Craftworld tradition, in addition to a full Craftworld Eldar Army List, was on this single White Dwarf. It was superb and we haven’t seen the like in a long time out of White Dwarf.


Here’s an instance of two Aspect Warrior models from the military record.  Everyone was simply overwhelmed with the artwork in addition to the foundations.  Speaking of Jes Goodwin’s seminal works for the Grimdark…


The unique Dark Reaper sketches.  Note the opposite weapon choices for the Exarch, hardly ever seen nowadays.


Here we see the Striking Scorpions and their Exarch choices.

The Miniatures

Lots of people would have been fully blown away proper then and there.  But then it was time to get a take a look at the brand new minis out of Nottingham:


And there they had been in all their glory.  Jes Goodwin knocked it out of the park. It’s tough to understand it at present within the period of digital design and insane ranges of element doable in injection-molded plastic, however these miniatures had been phenomenal for his or her period. That Dark Reaper and Swooping Hawk are fabricated from two items people – TWO PIECES!  The unique Aspect Warrior minis had been dripping with wonderful particulars, and marked a altering of the guard in comparison with the earlier Rogue Trader period minis that got here earlier than.

I left the costs on this sheet to your 2021 leisure. Something, one thing, inflation, one thing.


Original Aspect Warrior Paint Schemes

Next we check out the unique ‘Eavy Metal paintjobs by Mike McVey and Tim Prow. These outlined the Aspect Temple schemes all the time, together with the portray guides under:



These early Nineties minis are nonetheless available on eBay and plenty of old-timers nonetheless want among the unique Aspects to later variations (that’s a complete totally different article)…

~So who’s nonetheless kicking butt on the tabletop with any of those 1990 originals?  I’ll have a little bit weak point for them myself…

While you’re right here, get pleasure from a video on the Eldar Craftworlds:



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