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Warhammer 40K: Squats Just Got The Funniest Rule In The Game

Leagues of Votann obtained some new scorching gun guidelines, and one in all them is hilarious.

GW is exhibiting off extra of the brand new Votann guidelines. Today they confirmed off a bunch of latest weapons. Some of those are fairly just like some weapons we already know. A couple of are attention-grabbing takes. But one of many guidelines has additionally obtained to be the funniest rule I’ve seen. Let’s have a look.

The Funniest Rule In 40k

So the large rule that GW confirmed off at the moment for Votann, is HunTR weapons. And man do I discover this rule tremendous humorous. HunTR is a rule that successfully means you haven’t any guidelines. It’s only a gun that… shoots the variety of pictures as proven, with no different results. And like, that’s humorous. The sport has gotten so difficult that they don’t have a “basic” weapon. One that doesn’t actually do something. Now to be truthful, most weapon sorts have had particular guidelines for a very long time. HunTR is type of like Assault was earlier than Assault obtained a ton of additional guidelines and results.

I don’t assume HunTR is a foul rule in any respect. In truth, I believe it’s type of good to have a “basic” weapon kind with no guidelines. I don’t know if we’ll see it utilized in different armies, however I get it. It nonetheless makes me chuckle that we’d like it.

Frickin Laser Beams!

Another new weapon they confirmed off is Beam weapons. This isn’t a weapon kind, however a rule. We’ve seen some guidelines like this, reminiscent of Lantern, nevertheless it’s by no means been a rule earlier than. And it does just about what it says, hitting all items in a line once they hearth. At first learn I believed this may be capable to hit pleasant items. However studying it once more since you may’t choose a pleasant unit as a goal it seems like they’re secure from beams. This is nevertheless an attention-grabbing rule that makes for a cool totally different kind of weapon. I do hope it’s extra that only one weapon within the e-book.

Is This Book Going… Off The Rails?

Finally, they confirmed off the Magna-rail rule! This is just like a few of the T’au railgun guidelines in that it ignores invulnerable saves. On prime of that it has an opportunity that it’s harm will spill over. There are a few uncommon weapons in 40K that spill harm over, however that is highly effective mixture. However this rule isn’t all that attention-grabbing I’d say. It’s extra only a straight-up highly effective rule.

Some Cool Ideas

These type of guidelines are what make me enthusiastic about new Codexes and armies. Adding in new and attention-grabbing varieties of weapons, is a good concept. Weapons that work in another way or do various things can actually add loads to the sport. Rather than simply extra pictures or greater stats, giving issues a novel or cool rule is what good design is about. I actually hope we see these guidelines in different armies. While Magna-Rail is fairly particular, I can see HunTR and Beam exhibiting up in different books and actually including to the sport general. All hail the Leagues of Votann!

Let us know what you concentrate on these guidelines, down within the feedback! 


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