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Warhammer 40K: The Galaxy’s Greatest Warp Storms

From the Great Rift, to the Eye of Terror and extra, look at the best warp-storms that vex a troubled galaxy.

The galaxy is beset by all method of warp storms which might be a relentless supply of hazard to house journey. But most of those come and og over time and are restricted in scope. Some warpstorms are seemingly steady, everlasting and massive in scope, performing as permanant obstacles to galactic journey that solely probably the most foolhardy wound enter voluntarily.

The Great Rift

The Great Rift, identified to the Imperium because the Cicatrix Maledictum, is a brand new chain of catastrophic Warp Rifts that has divided a lot of the Galaxy.

This new tear in actuality was created on the finish of the forty first Millennium in the course of the Thirteenth Black Crusade following the destruction of Cadia. The origins of the Great Rift stay a thriller, with theories starting from it forming because of the destruction of the Cadian Pylons on the finish of the thirteenth Black Crusade, to sorcery utilized by Magnus the Red in the course of the Siege of the Fenris System, to the awakening of Ynnead, mass bloodshed within the Damocles Gulf, and the response of the Ruinous Powers to the rebirth of Roboute Guilliman. Guilliman speculates that the Rift fashioned after Abaddon strategically destroyed worlds wealthy in Blackstone over ten thousand years, with the destruction of Cadia as its set off. All that’s actually identified is that its emergence was a literal galaxy-shattering occasion that divided the Imperium in half and ushered in new wars throughout practically each world within the Emperor‘s Empire. In a catastrophic occasion often known as The Blackness, many worlds of the Imperium have been lower off and overwhelmed by the Forces of Chaos as Warp Travel and Astropathic communication have been rendered nigh-impossible.

The Fall of Cadia was linked to the creation of The Great Rift.

So highly effective and much reaching was this Warp Storm, that the very legal guidelines of physics have begun to fray and the inconsistencies of time fluctuations, as soon as largely localised to bigger storms such because the Eye of Terror, have unfold throughout your complete identified galaxy. Since the Great Rift’s creation, some worlds have felt centuries go by instantly, whereas others have been all however frozen in time and nonetheless others have suffered fixed temporal shifts.

The Great Rift is variously identified by the cultures of the galaxy because the Crimson Path, the Mouth of Ruin, the Warpscar, the Dathedian, Gork‘s Grin and a thousand other names besides. Space Wolves and folks of Fenris named Great Rift as Everdusk. To the Tau, the Great Rift is known as the Mont’yhe’va or “Devourer of Hope”, for its stellar storms killed hundreds of thousands of Tau and left many colonies devastated. To the Imperium although, it’s the Cicatrix Maledictum, and it seems to these on the western aspect of Segmentum Solar as a tainted scar throughout the sky. To these unfortunates on the japanese aspect of the Segmentum, nonetheless, now often known as the Dark Imperium, it’s far worse.

In response to this new disaster, the Primarch Roboute Guilliman, now Lord Commander of the Imperium’s armies, has launched the Indomitus Crusade. Its intention is to liberate these Imperial worlds that now discover themselves embattled by the forces of Chaos, following the Great Rift’s creation. The Indomitus Crusade was in a position to exploit not less than one passage by way of the Great Rift, positioned close to the Eye of Terror within the Nachmund Gauntlet. Inside the Rift itself, the Gods of Chaos have embarked in an extension of the Great Game, battling each other for supremacy in what has turn into often known as the War within the Rift.

The Eye of Terror

The Eye of Terror (Ocularis Terribus, Anathema Nonplus Ultra (Ordo Malleus)) is an enormous Warp rift, the place the Warp co-exists with actual house, the biggest and most well-known within the galaxy. It is positioned on the fringe of the galaxy, to the north and west of Terra, within the Segmentum Obscurus.

The Eye of Terror is an space of the galaxy the place the Warp and realspace overlap. A ship can enter the Warp and not using a Warp drive just by crossing its border. The space was the area of the outdated Eldar empire. When Slaanesh was born, the vitality of her delivery completely breached the veil between realspace and the Warp, so now all of the planets and stars that existed in that space are actually throughout the Warp. These worlds have turn into daemon worlds. At the very heart of the Eye lies the “byssos”, a gap within the cloth of actuality by way of which uncooked Chaos vitality pours out.

Imperial ships keep away from the world across the Eye for 1000’s of light-years. Ships touring too near the Eye could be thrown far off beam – they may also be caught in temporal whirlpools which carry them backward or forwards in time, or which lure them in limbo perpetually.


The Eye of Terror is just not a pure phenomenon. The Eye was created by the psychic shock wave that accompanied the delivery of the fourth Chaos God, Slaanesh, in the course of the Fall of the Eldar.

The shock of the delivery was so nice it couldn’t wholly be contained throughout the Warp, however spilled out into actuality by way of the minds of the Eldar. Consequently, the Eye covers a lot of the area of the previous Eldar Empire. Other zones of overlap have been created, however the Eye is probably the most vital.

Some time on the daybreak of the Imperium however earlier than the Horus Heresy, the Eye of Terror was found by Imperial explorers in what was presumably a reasonably distant area of the galaxy, and Imperial students named it Cygnus X-1.


The Eye presents a sanctuary to the worst types of traitors and heretics compelled to flee from Imperial justice.

For the Traitor Legions, the Eye of Terror has been their exile, sanctuary, and protected haven for ten thousand years, from which they strike out at opportune, seemingly random moments. The Eye can be a sanctuary for probably the most heretical renegades, fugitives of Imperial justice, and traitors all through the galaxy, and all are welcomed as fellow enemies of the Emperor and the Imperium.

The Maelstrom

Second solely to the Eye of Terror in dimension, scope, and depth, The Maelstrom is an enormous Warp Storm and spatial vortex that lies close to the middle of the Galaxy. A spot the place the fabric universe and the Warp overlap, the legal guidelines of physics don’t apply and it’s infested with all types of cosmic horrors, reminiscent of Daemons and hordes of Chaos Mutants. Off limits to the Imperium, it has served as a refuge for pirates, brigands, outcasts, and Chaos Space Marines.

A unstable area to dwell in, the Imperium struggles to retain management over the areas of house surrounding the Maelstrom Zone. The entire area itself is tormented by unpredictable spatial phenomena reminiscent of ionic reefs, null zones, and nomadic singularities. Warp journey can be extremely unpredictable and dangerous, and this maybe greater than every other issue is chargeable for the truth that the Maelstrom Zone has remained untamed by the Adeptus Terra.

Regions of the Maelstrom have been the positioning of the notorious Badab War in late M41. After his defeat on the finish of the Badab War, Lufgt Huron, grasp of the Astral Claws escaped into the Maelstrom. Currently the Maelstrom is the house of the Red Corsairs on the world of New Badab.

During the Thirteenth Black Crusade, the Maelstrom turned part of the Great Rift which spans the Imperium from one aspect to the opposite.

Storm of the Emperor’s Wrath lies due north of the Maelstrom, and east of the Eye of Terror.

Storm of the Emperor’s Wrath

The Storm of the Emperor’s Wrath is a warp storm that appeared in M36, in the course of the Age of Apostasy, quickly after Sebastian Thor brazenly rebelled towards Goge Vandire. The storm’s energy and persistence are sufficient that, millennia later, it nonetheless rages to today enveloping the Clax system and isolating it from the remainder of the Imperium.

Saint Sebastian Thor

To crush Thor and his insurrection, Vandire despatched an awesome Imperial Naval fleet, carrying the armies of the Frateris Templar. As the fleet tried to cross by way of warp house to Dimmamar, the storm engulfed the area, destroying your complete fleet. The storm was thought of the Emperor’s will incarnate, an indication taken by Thor that Vandire needed to be overthrown and the Imperium reorganized.

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