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Warhammer 40K Theory: Sanguinius Is Coming Back

Warhammer 40K Theory: Sanguinius Is Coming Back


Could the Great Angel, Sanguinius return from past loss of life?

Last week we talked about how what we find out about Sanguinius’ loss of life could be a lie. Today lets delve into one other principle associated to the daddy of the Blood Angels. The persistent one that he’s going to return.

Death Of The Angel

The loss of life of Sanguinius is likely one of the most well-known tales in 40K. Sensing that point was working out to defeat the Emperor, the arch traitor Horus laid a lure. He lowered the shields on his ship, the Vengeful Spirt. This allowed the Emperor and a strike drive to teleport onto the ship to attempt to take down Horus, falling, knowingly, into his lure.

The first to achieve Horus was his brother the Great Angel. Sanguinius nonetheless was no match for the corrupted Horus and was killed by the Warmaster. His loss of life was so horrible that its physic shockwaves nonetheless hang-out his gene-sons. Arriving solely after Sanguinius fell, the Emperor avenged him, ultimately slaying the Warmaster. Victory ultimately, got here at a horrible value, because the Emperor was horribly wounded.

Could He Return?

On the face of it Sanguinius coming again appears fairly unlikely. He’s certainly one of only a few Primarchs whose loss of life was confirmed by eye-witnesses and whose physique appears to have been discovered. While numerous the loyalist Primarchs went lacking and are presumed lifeless, the Great Angel is fairly nicely confirmed to be gone. And but there are persistent rumors and theories about his return. It could be surprising.  But not, it seems, as unattainable as it would sounds. Lets check out just a few theories as to how he might come again.

The Clone (Wars?)

A reasonably believable principle for a way the Great Angel might return is thru cloning. We know that Fabius Bile has seemingly perfected clones of a number of Primarchs. It’s additionally potential that Cawl might do that very same given his information and entry. So, a Cloned Sanguinius looks like an actual risk. This nonetheless, wouldn’t actually be Sanguinius returning, only a clone. To get him again for actual you’d want his soul. But that’s not to date fetched both. 

There is numerous weirdness with the Blood Angels and Sanguinius. Given that it’s really not that arduous to assume that his soul could be on the market, trapped or wandering by some means. And the Imperium does have a considerably ally in Yvraine. An Eldar whose confirmed in a position to return a Primarch’s soul to their physique. Could Cawl and the Eldar group up as soon as once more to carry again a Primarch? It’s not unattainable.

The Possession Theory

Another group of theories revolve across the psychic weirdness the Blood Angels expertise. Between, the Black Rage, Red Thirst and issues just like the Sangiunor you’ve acquired some odd stuff. In explicit the Black Rage might virtually been seen as types of possession. Some theorize that Sanguinius will return by some type of possessing certainly one of his “children”. Maybe will probably be the Sangunior, or possibly it already is. That being has a detailed connection to the warp and possibly the Great Angels soul has latched on it.

Or possibly will probably be somebody like Dante. He, like different Blood Angels, does put on a loss of life masks of the Primarch. They see visions of the Primarch. Would it actually be loopy for the visions to show into some kind of possession? This looks like one other potential, if unlikely, means for the Great Angel to return.  Woe be to his foes if he does!

Let us know if you happen to assume Sanguinius might return, down within the feedback! 


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