Home RPG Warhammer 40K: This Comparison Shows Just How Good Leagues of Votann Are

Warhammer 40K: This Comparison Shows Just How Good Leagues of Votann Are

Warhammer 40K: This Comparison Shows Just How Good Leagues of Votann Are


Take a have a look at one of many huge Leagues of Votann items stacks up in opposition to it’s Space Marine rival. It’s surprising.

The Leagues of Votann are out and they’re tremendous good. So good they’re getting banned from some occasions. We’ve taken a have a look at how bonkers their military huge guidelines are earlier than. However a military is extra than simply is faction guidelines. The items must be good. So we must always ask, are the Votann items good? Are they damaged. Well… most likely. To assist us discover out simply how good they lets evaluate the middle piece unit from the military, the Hekaton Land Fortress with an identical unit, the Marine Repulsor Executioner.

The Old Tank

First up lets check out the now basic Space Marine Repulsor Executioner. This unhealthy boy is likely one of the strongest marine tanks. We’ve bought motion 10, BS 3+,T8, 16 wounds and a 3+ save. It can carry 6 fashions. It will get 18-28 S4 D1 pictures. 12 S6 D1 pictures. 6 s5 D2 pictures after which a selection of heavy weapons. One of its weapons is healthier at taking down heavy infantry. The different is a stable anti-tank weapon. It additionally will get a pleasant bonus to hit with its fundamental gun. For all this it clocks in at 19 PL. It begins off at 300 factors, an can go as much as 320 with some additional buffs. It’s a beast, however a expensive one.

The New Kid – Hekaton Land Fortress

The centerpiece unit of the Leagues if the mighty Hekaton Land Fortress. A very brutal unit. It’s bought motion 10, BS 3+,T8, 16 wounds and a 2+ save. It can carry 12 fashions. It will get 8 S6 D2 pictures (presumably alleged to be 12). These will be swaped for 8 s7 D2 pictures with beam, presumably permitting for lots extra hits. Additionally it has 6 S7 D2 pictures. Lastly its bought a selection of three heavy fundamental weapons. All of which have main harm output. It can even take a one time shot warhead to added in additional harm. For all this the Land Fortress clocks in at solely 13 energy stage. In factors it’s going to value you 230 pts, with upgrades taking it to 260 at most.

Comparing The Two

So proper off the bat the Hekaton comes out actually robust. It has nearly similar stats to the Executioner. In reality the one distinction is it has yet one more level of armor. It additionally has twice the transport capability. For higher base stats it’s 6 PL cheaper and 70 pts much less. That’s a steal. But what concerning the weapons, that’s actually what we’re right here for. 

The very first thing to notice is that the Executioner does get much more pictures. With out including the additional weapons it may well stand up to 56 pictures, which is a ton. The Hekaton then again goes to max out at 23 pictures, not counting one use weapons. That’s lower than half the variety of pictures. Beam weapons do nonetheless confuse this a bit. Technically the Hekaton may rating 100s of hits every flip with its large beam armerment. It gained’t, however yeah, it may. Overall I believe it’s honest to say the Executioner will get much more pictures.

Are They Good Shots Though?

Number of pictures after all isn’t every thing. Quality counts as properly. Here the Hekaton is the clear winner. Half of the Executioner’s pictures are s4 and D1. Indeed that overwhelming majority of its pictures are caught at D1. Outside of its fundamental gun none of its weapons get extra that AP -1. The Hekaton then again has no weapons with a worse AP than -2 and none that do lower than 2D. All of its weapons are S6 or higher. The Executioner is likely to be higher at Hordes, however in harm that can get by means of to most targets the Hekaton is much better.

The Hekaton is held again by general shorter ranges. However with smaller tables and transfer 10, its more likely to get targets to shoot at. Considering Judgement of the Ancestors and the higher high quality of the Hekaton’s weapons it’s going to like get extra harm ideas to targets regardless of having much less pictures. JotA additionally makes the Hekaton a far superior anti-tank unit.

Final Thoughts

I believe the important thing take away is that the Hekaton is a extremely competitively-priced unit. It’s significantly cheaper than the Executioner. It has the identical or higher core stats. While it has much less pictures, and shorter vary, as soon as in vary its much better at reliably placing out harm. It additionally advantages much more from military huge guidelines. The military guidelines make the Heavy Magna-Rail cannon one of the vital lethal weapons within the sport. Combined with Uthar the Destined it’s probably the most dependable weapon within the sport, capable of deal 8 harm to most targets with any cube being rolled or any probability of failure. On it’s personal it won’t be damaged, but it surely’s certain as heck superb! 

Let us know what you concentrate on this new beast of a tank, down within the feedback!


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