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Warhammer 40K: Ultramar – Five Hundred Worlds, Under Guilliman

Warhammer 40K: Ultramar – Five Hundred Worlds, Under Guilliman


The Realm of Ultramar has 500 Worlds and is taken into account a shining jewel of the Ultima Segmentum, dominated over by the Avenging Son and his Ultramarines.

Ultramar is the realm of the Ultramarines, and a part of the better Imperium. Unlike most Space Marine Chapters, the Ultramarines don’t rule over a single world or fortress-monastery, however a whole sub-sector consisting of roughly 5 hundred liveable planets.


Ultramar, generally known as the Five Hundred Worlds, is a sub-empire inside the Imperium of Man positioned within the southern reaches of the Eastern Fringe inside the Ultima Sector of Ultima Segmentum. One of the furthest realms from the sunshine of the Astronomican, Ultramar lies south of the Tau Empire and Ichar IV.

The Stellar Realm is split into 5 sectors (North, South, East, West, and Center). Four of those sectors are dominated by a Tetrarch appointed by Guilliman himself. Every sector has a capital world the place the Tetrarch oversees his part of Ultramar.

  • The Northern Sector relies across the Forge World of Konor. Its Tetrarch is Severus Agemman, First Captain of the Ultramarines.
  • The Southern Sector relies all over the world of Andermung. Its Tetrarch is Second Captain Portan of the Genesis Chapter.
  • The Western Sector relies all over the world of Protos. Its Tetrarch is Captain Balthus of the Doom Eagles.
  • The Eastern Sector relies all over the world of Vespator. It had been beforehand dominated by a political entity generally known as the Sotharan league, however since Sotha was destroyed by Hive Fleet Kraken, Guilliman re-constituted what was left of the league round Vespator. It consists of roughly 86 planets and Its Tetrarch is Decimus Felix, a Primaris Ultramarine not too long ago promoted to Eleventh Captain of the Ultramarines and Equerry to Roboute Guilliman.
  • The Central Sector falls below the direct rule of Macragge and its regent, Marneus Calgar. It encompasses all techniques within the coronary heart of Ultramar except Konor, Veridia and Espandor, which fall below the remit of the Northern Tetrarch.

Ultramar History

Prior to the formation of Ultramar, the world of Macragge had maintained contact with its neighboring techniques, its industries and peoples having largely survived the chaos of the Age of Strife. The world can be reworked nonetheless by Roboute Guilliman, turning into a affluent and well-governed planet with commerce routes that introduced in uncooked supplies and immigrants regularly. It was throughout this time that Guilliman was rediscovered by the Emperor, who named him Primarch of the Ultramarines Legion and moved their ahead base to Macragge. Within a yr a brand new coaching base was operational and commenced taking recruits not solely from Macragge, however from the encircling techniques as effectively. This shut relationship with the opposite worlds would type the idea of what would develop into the Ultramarines’ stellar empire.

Great Crusade

During the Great Crusade, Ultramar maintained a gentle provide of recent recruits for the Legion, such that the Ultramarines grew to become one of many largest Legions ever. It, together with the Ultramarines themselves, was left largely unscathed by the Horus Heresy, although it was invaded by the Word Bearers ensuing within the Battle of Calth.In addition to that, about one-fifth of the Five Hundred Worlds was destroyed by the Word Bearers and World Eaters throughout the Shadow Crusade.In the aftermath of their marketing campaign, the Word Bearers have been capable of erect the Ruinstorm, severing Ultramar from the remainder of the Imperium. Guilliman grew to become apprehensive that the Imperium itself was misplaced and sought to have Ultramar develop into the guts of a brand new contingency empire: Imperium Secundus.

Post Heresy

With the top of the Heresy, Guilliman felt that Space Marines ought to not instantly rule over Humanity and in consequence eliminated a lot of the surviving worlds of Ultramar from Ultramarine management. Ultramar was lowered to a fraction of its former dimension. Ultramar was lowered to:

Ultramar was not attacked once more till the War of the Beast when Ork forces landed on Quintarn and Prandium.Ultramar subsequent got here below assault within the First Tyrannic War with the invasion of Hive Fleet Behemoth. Though finally defeated, Behemoth would go away its mark, particularly with the whole destruction of Prandium.

fortieth Millenium

Ultramar can be threatened a 3rd time when the Iron Warriors Warsmith Honsou assembled an infinite warband to invade Ultramar and search revenge towards Captain Uriel Ventris. While the Chaos forces can be overwhelmed again, the War for Ultramar would see the best lack of life for the reason that Tyranid invasion of Hive Fleet Behemoth.

Later, after the Thirteenth Black Crusade Ultramar suffered one more Chaos invasion, this time by the Black Legion. During the combating, Roboute Guilliman was reborn and drove the invaders from Macragge, however left for Terra on the Terran Crusade. In his absence, Marneus Calgar and Tigurius have been left to take care of the remaining Chaos forces.Guilliman declared that Ultramar’s authentic borders of the five hundred Worlds was to be restored, and lots of of those resistant planets needed to be forcibly reconquered. Shortly thereafter Gulliman re-instituted the Tetrarch system.

Shortly thereafter, the forces of Nurgle started to overwhelm Ultramar in a sequence of plagues and invasions generally known as the Plague Wars and Invasion of Konor. The traitor forces, led by Mortarion would initially make headway regardless of decided resistance by the Ultramarines and their allies. However, with the return of Guilliman and his Primaris reinforcements, the Nurglite invasion can be fought to a standstill. Their provide strains reduce, their initiative misplaced and the Scourge Stars in peril because of the War within the Rift, the Nurglites selected to retreat from Ultramar.

There would then be a interval of rebuilding, decontamination and fortification throughout the not too long ago reformed 500 Worlds. Guilliman not solely oversaw the reconstruction of Ultramar but in addition significantly elevated its army energy to keep off future invasions.


Upon its assimilation into the better Imperium through the Great Crusade, Ultramar grew to become a state inside a state, having fun with a big diploma of autonomy that continues to at the present time. While all inside Ultramar are topics of the Emperor, the Supreme Leader of Ultramar was at all times Roboute Guilliman. After his wounding by Fulgrim, the management of Ultramar fell to the Lord Macragge with the Regent of Ultramar as his deputy. When Ultramar was a big realm of 500 worlds, there have been Tetrarchs that operated beneath Roboute Guilliman from 4 key worlds. After the Heresy and the huge lower of Ultramar in dimension, the submit of Tetrarch was abolished however not too long ago has been reinstated by the reborn Roboute Guilliman.

Below Tetrarchs have been Imperial Commanders with connections to the Ultramarines. Each world of Ultramar is dominated by feudal lords loyal to the Chapter Master of the Ultramarines, which is why he’s often known as Lord Macragge with all of the rights and obligations the title entails. The authorities of every world, moreover supplying the Ultramarines with males and materials, is directed in direction of the prosperity of their populace.

Military Capabilities

Following the conclusion of the Plague Wars, Chapters moreover the Ultramarines started to protect areas of Ultramar as effectively. Guilliman ordered that ten Chapters can be completely stationed inside Ultramar so the newly reformed 500 Worlds can be below the everlasting safety of about 10,000 Astartes always. This included the Ultramarines and the Scythes of the Emperor who would obtain in depth Primaris Space Marine reinforcements in an effort to exchange their latest losses. The different eight have been newly created Chapters from the Ultima Founding and consisted fully of Primaris Space Marines. This elevated army buildup was additionally in order that future operations, such because the Vengeance Campaigns, could possibly be performed towards the Scourge Stars and different areas round Ultramar that had been overrun by the enemies of the Imperium.

Defenders of Ultramar

The worlds of Ultramar don’t pay the standard tithes, as an alternative contributing on to the maintenance of the Ultramarines Chapter. Though the necessity has diminished for the reason that days of the Legion, every world nonetheless gives the Chapter with new recruits. It is a degree of satisfaction for a household to have offered a recruit, particularly among the many older aristocratic households, with many communities proudly displaying statues of the Ultramarines who have been born there. For a household that has offered a famend hero and even Chapter Master, the appreciable fame and honor such a distinction gives can final generations.

Each world additionally maintains its personal Planetary Defense Force, a well-disciplined and geared up drive generally known as the Ultramar Auxilia. These forces are equally exempt from the tithe system; nonetheless, the effectivity and prosperity of Ultramar is such that a number of hundred regiments are maintained to affix the Imperial Guard when wanted. As a consequence, the regiments of Ultramar have fought all around the galaxy, typically in campaigns alongside the Ultramarines themselves.

Ultramar Auxilia soldier.

For area and orbital defenses, Ultramar can rely not solely on the fleet of the Ultramarines but in addition the Ultramar Defense Fleet, the naval counterpart of the Ultramar Auxilia.Meanwhile no fewer than six large star fortresses – with Galatan being the most important – stand sentinel over delivery lanes and significant strategic positions, every a formidable bastion protected by void shields and possessed of sufficient firepower to destroy a moon.

Learn More of the Worlds and Culture of Ultramar


~Aside from solely Holy Terra, there could also be no extra superior and affluent portion of the Imperium. Make efforts to go to if you happen to can Adepts!


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