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Warhammer 40K: Which Guard Troop Unit From The Codex Is Best (For You)

Take a take a look at the brand new troop selections within the new Astra Miliatrium Codex. But which is one of the best?

The Guard have a shiny new guide. Despite some odd selections it does offer you a ton of choices. The guide has expanded the selection of troops out to 4. The core Infantry Squad is now joined by a number of regimental particular variations. Now its potential to combine and match freely, however certainly all 4 choices will not be created equal? So I feel its honest to try the choices and see what is likely to be one of the best, and if some are good in nook circumstances. Obviously in case you are making an attempt to stay to a fluffy power, you selection is likely to be made for you, so lets assume you aren’t. Lets have a look.

The Infantry Squad

The Infantry Squad stays probably the most fundamental troop selection within the  guide. At a present 65 pts its tied for the title of least expensive troop unit. 65 pts is greater than the unit used to value (with an previous base value of 40 at one level) however you do get free weapons and upgrades with that. Infantry Squads are the one Troop selection that may take a heavy weapon. I feel it’s seemingly you’ll need just a few of them. Given that they’re free each infantry squad ought to have a particular and heavy weapon. Every sergeant must also have a bolter and chainsword. They don’t do something actually particular, however for the heavy weapon they’re seemingly price it, even when they do lose some moblity.

Cadian Shock Troops

Shock troops are tied at 65 pts with Infantry Squads as the most affordable troops. If you don’t desire a heavy weapon Shock Troops are the unit for you. Instead of a heavy weapon they get two particular weapons. This retains them lethal at medium ranges and makes them extra cellular. While the sergeant does have as many choices as within the Infantry Squad, the Drum-fed Autogun he can take is a superior selection. On prime of that they get the highly effective Shock Troops rule, permitting them to do additional hits on 6s to hit (with lasguns/pistols). This probably doubles their lasgun output in comparison with an infantry squad for primarily free.

Being Cadian additionally lets them be focused by two stratagems, Vengeance for Cadia and Cadia Stands!. Neaither one is loopy, particularly when used on Guard Infantry, however they may are available helpful in a pinch. Combined they do give the unit slightly additional bonus.

Death Korps Of Krieg

At 75 pts base the Death Korps is the most costly of the core items. You do get some good issues for this value nevertheless. The unit is exclusive in having the ability to take 3 particular weapons, although one, and solely that one, have to be a plasma gun.  This makes the unit capable of pack fairly a detailed vary punch. For 5pts they will commerce the plasma gun for medi-pack. Being capable of ignore one failed save a flip appears good… however Guardsmen (particularly Krieg) aren’t meant to remain alive. I feel I’d maintain the additional gun.

Outside of the three weapons I don’t know they’ve a lot going for them. Their Death Korps rule lets them ignore wound roles of 1-2. I don’t suppose that’s all that good. 1s already fail, so its 2’s you’re looking at. Given that numerous the excessive quantity weapons you will fear about wound you on 3s I’m unsure that is all that helpful. However if you’d like a more durable Infantry unit that is the one for you and assigning one or two to take a seat on an goal is likely to be price it. They don’t even get a stratagem.

Catachan Jungle Fighters

Catachan’s are the unit you seemingly aren’t going to see. Like ever. At 70 pts they’re dearer than the essential Infantry Squad and Cadians. For that additional 5 factors they get… properly nothing actually. Their stats are the identical. They can take two particular weapons, however they have to be flamers. Their sergeant can’t take any upgrades, so no bolter. In all these methods they’re straight up worse than the opposite choices. What they do get is Jungle Fighters, a rule given them an additional melee hit on 6s.

I imply… what? This shouldn’t be a unit that’s really good in fight. They get one S3 assault every. With a max of 11 assaults you’ll be able to anticipate to get one additional s3 hit. Even when you use brutal power and another choices to make their assaults slightly higher its simply not price it. Compare this to Shock Troops, which supplies you additional hits at vary, with seemingly extra photographs (mixed with FRFSRF) and combines properly with Born Soldiers. I suppose having a unit round makes your viscous traps slightly higher, however nonetheless. This is a foul unit.

So Which Is Best?

I feel it’s not an enormous shocker to say that Cadians actually come out wanting good right here. They are low-cost, get good choices and have a very robust particular rule. If you’re not planning on doing something particular take them. After them the common previous Infantry Squad nonetheless has it makes use of. If you need extra heavy weapons, you gotta go together with them. Honestly you received’t remorse it, they’ve nonetheless acquired issues happening. Weather you need an affordable mortar or want some additional heavy photographs they are going to handle you.

In third place I’d put the DKoK. The Korps is a bit more pricy and I don’t suppose their rule is nearly as good, however they do get an additional particular weapon. If you desire a unit that may stick round for slightly longer, or which you could rush ahead one way or the other they’re a good selection. I feel you would take one or two simply positive, however possibly not construct your military round them. Lastly you’ve gotten Jungle Fighters and… I simply actually don’t see a cause to ever take them. Maybe somebody will discover a cause, however for now they is likely to be probably the most ineffective unit within the military.

Let us know what troop you suppose is greatest, down within the feedback! 


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