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Warhammer 40K: Why Marines Are The Best Beginner Army

Space Marines are nonetheless the very best Beginner military round. But why? That’s what we’re right here to debate as we speak.

Getting into Warhammer 40,000 will be daunting. There are lots of armies to select from and nobody needs to waste time or cash on a “bad” military. And chasing the meta for the present hotness can find yourself being a entice all on it’s personal. Is that the explanation new gamers appear to gravitate in the direction of Space Marines as their newbie military? It’s simply certainly one of many the reason why they’re nonetheless the best choice for starting gamers.

There are lots of benefits to beginning with Space Marines. First and foremost is that they’re comparatively simple to study. Stat-wise, they’re very straight ahead throughout a lot of their items. The main exception is autos however more often than not you’re hitting on 3s, wounding on 3s or 4s, and have a 3+ save.  Obviously there’s a ton of modifiers and auras, however you get the fundamental guidelines down fairly quick with Marines.

They are additionally tremendous simple to construct. Assembly-wise, they aren’t probably the most difficult fashions on the market and that’s a superb factor for brand spanking new gamers. There aren’t a ton of fiddly bits to take care of as the usual Marine is de facto “copy-paste” throughout the board for meeting. That additionally signifies that portray them is very easy, too. Once you determine a scheme that you would be able to simply repeat it’s only a matter of time with regards to portray them.

Space Marine even have the most important codex and probably the most choices to construct from. When you actually break it down their codex feels prefer it’s 2 or 3 armies smooshed collectively in a single ebook. That’s nice for brand spanking new gamers as they’ll all the time discover both a brand new unit to take a look at or one other unit to resolve a problem they could have come throughout. Space Marines have solutions of their codex for each scenario. Sometimes that quantity of alternative will be overwhelming but it surely’s higher than feeling like your ebook is simply too anemic within the choices division.


Space Marines are additionally the military that’s by far the best to get your arms on, too. Stores are likely to inventory them and GW tends to incorporate one thing Space Marine associated in most combos — to not point out the after-market scene. There’s all the time somebody promoting off Marine stuff and it’s usually at a reduction.

In common Space Marines are simple to get, simple to construct, simple to color, simple to study, and are a reasonably forgiving military to play. There’s actually not lots of downsides for learners to stumble into with them. Their solely actual situation is “choice” when it comes the military. And that’s not a nasty drawback to have!

Space Marines – Choose Your Flavor Of Power Armour

Space Marines even have one other main benefit for brand spanking new gamers: Space Marine Chapters. While you would simply stick to “vanilla” Space Marines and use the core codex your complete time, there’s additionally ALL the totally different Space Marine Chapters to select from. Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Deathwatch — and all the various, many different chapters to select from. The solely Chapter that matches exterior that field is the Grey Knights.

But even a Grey Knight military nonetheless advantages from lots of the professionals that “generic” Space Marines have. So you actually can’t go unsuitable with any of the Space Marine choices.

Oh hey, did you wish to play “the bad guys” as a substitute? Turns on the market’s nearly as many selections for the Chaos Space Marines, too! The Chaos Space Marine codex is jam full of choices and, whereas there aren’t fairly as many flavors, there’s nonetheless a TON of specialised Chaos Space Marines to select from. Thousands Sons, Death Guard, and the upcoming World Eaters codexes all supply their very own spin on Chaos Marines.

Space Marines are good for learners as a result of no matter play fashion you wish to play they’ll help that. You can construct into the military of your desires with Space Marines as a result of they’re so broad. That’s why most gamers find yourself with a Space Marine military sooner or later of their 40k profession. In reality, that’s yet one more profit when studying to play them — everybody may also help you with their guidelines!

When it involves getting began Space Marines are low cost, simple, and efficient — what extra might you need in a military for a newbie?

There’s a superb purpose Marines are so prevalent on the tabletop. Is there a greater newbie military? Let us know within the feedback!


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