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Warhammer 40K X Magic: The Gathering – Five Crossover Cards Revealed

40k is coming to play within the planes with Universes Beyond. Check out 5 playing cards making the epic crossover occur!

We’ve recognized the Magic: The Gathering set for Warhammer 40,000 was coming. We’ve been ready by way of the delays however the time nearly right here! The Universes Beyond Warhammer 40,000 set is the crossover set that’s one which’s obtained us tremendous pumped. And right now, Games Workshop is showcasing 5 previews from the set.

by way of Warhammer Community

“The set features four 100-card ‘Commander’ decks each led by a powerful hero of their faction, from Inquisitor Greyfax and Abaddon the Despoiler to the Swarmlord and Szarekh the Silent King. We’re only a month away from release day on the 7th of October, so it’s high time we had a look at some of the other legends joining the roster.”

That’s proper people! Four 100-card Commander Decks which might be dropping on October seventh, 2022! Mark your calendars and name your FLGS to get your identify on the record for these playing cards ASAP.

But let’s get to why you’re all right here: Those tasty previews!

Warhammer 40K x Magic: The Gathering Crossover Cards

Marneus Calgar

That’s fairly the potent card! It’s a curious combine of colours for the Ultramarine however I’m okay with this combine. Without getting too in-the-weeds concerning the card itself, notice that Marneus is 008/168 for the set. Now I need to see the REST of the playing cards from the set…however we’ll must accept the subsequent 4. For now.

Be’lakor, the Dark Master

Oh don’t fear an excessive amount of concerning the Demon spelling — that’s simply so the cardboard will perform higher inside the wider pool of Magic: The Gathering playing cards. Not that anybody goes to take these playing cards and play with the even BIGGER pool of Magic playing cards, proper? Who’d do a foolish factor like combine all of your card units collectively to construct your personal loopy decks…

Imotekh the Stormlord

Oh man…are all Necrons going to be Mono-black!? That’s going to be a complete lot of enjoyable…The on the spot demise/recursion mechanics appear applicable for the Necrons.

Magus Lucea Kane

Here’s our first take a look at a Tyranid card. Although it’s a Genestealer Cultist…I’m nonetheless questioning what the heck that Commander Deck goes to run like. Is it Slivers? I’m hoping it’s Slivers…

Noise Marine

Not ever card goes to be a fabled commander. There’s going to be some grunts alongside the best way — however don’t knock’em until you strive them out! The Noise Marine is unquestionably going to deliver the ache to your opponent the flip they land.


With these 4 commander decks coming I’ve obtained to resolve which I need to play first. Ah…who am I kidding. It’s Tyranids all the best way!


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