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Warhammer Day Previews: World Eaters ‘Lord Invocatus’ Revealed

The World Eaters are getting a brand new champion and he’s using one offended mount. Meet Lord Invocatus!

If you have been questioning if we’d see any World Eaters on this preview, properly, after all we did! Although perhaps not as many as I’d have personally preferred…we nonetheless obtained some excellent news.

Meet Lord Invocatus

This Khornate Champion is using a Juggernaut and who’s rocking some chain-sword-esque headgear! Plus, there’s a lot Khorne stuff occurring on this man it’s laborious to essentially take all of it in.

Even the top of this World Eater is the Khorne Symbol. He’s blinged out for the Blood God and amassing skulls for the cranium throne for certain! And for those who have been questioning if he’s perhaps impressed by an older mannequin…

Oh yeah. For certain! It’s cool to see the World Eaters get a brand new character and he additionally occurs to be on a Juggernaut which is much more Khorne accepted.

I can’t anticipate extra World Eaters! Close Combat, right here we come.


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