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Warhammer Next Week: Arcane Cataclysm For The Age of Sigmar Plus Warcry Minis And Compendium

It’s a catclysmic conflict of arcane forces within the High Elves vs. Tzeentch boxed set: Arcane Cataclysm, accessible for pre-order subsequent weekend.

The Winds of Magic howl as two nice forces vie for his or her energy. Who will win out? The Lumineth Realm-lords and their excessive magic? Or will it’s the everchanging forces of Tzeentch? Both have a declare for being the masters of magic. But just one can win out.

And you’ll have the ability to play to see for your self within the upcoming Arcane Cataclysm battlebox. Alongside the pre-order launch for that, a number of extra Age of Sigmar minis, together with heroes from Black Library, and an unique you possibly can solely get from Warhammer+, let’s dive in!

Arcane Cataclysm

Gotta love of an enormous battlebox, child. They include a ton of minis, and this one particularly, since they’re each filled with wizards who want a lot of muscle in the way in which. You’ll discover a changehost’s price of Lumineth within the field with greater than fifty totally different minis:

Arcane Cataclysm consists of 5 Vanari Bladelords, 5 Vanari Dawnriders, 10 Vanari Auralan Sentinels, three Tzaangor Enlightened on Discs of Tzeentch, 10 Tzaangors, and 20 Kairic Acolytes. Either pressure is a good way to kick off a brand new military or add to an current one. Finally, the field additionally features a marketing campaign booklet with lore and guidelines, a 56-page Core Rules e book, a token sheet, and warscroll playing cards for the items.

But the actual stars of the present are the 2 new heroes. There’s the Scinari Enlightener:

And the up to date Curseling, trying straight out of Total War: Warhammer 3.

But that is simply the beginning. Alongside the magical bloodbath come the person releases of the Heroes from Echoes of Doom. There’s the Skaven Deathmaster:

And the Lady of Vines:

Age of Sigmar Terrain

You also can decide up some large terrain items on their very own. There’s the Krondspine Incarnate of Ghur, pictured above. As nicely because the Cleansing Aqualith.

And if that isn’t sufficient, how in regards to the Megadroth Remains?

WarCry Minis

Now that WarCry: Heart of Ghur is out within the wild, it’s time for extra reinforcements to come back thundering in. And the Centaurion Marshal is a devastating ally for anybody. They also can be a part of a Slaves to Darkness Army.

Speaking of, take a look at the Chaos Legionnaires. These are the chosen of Be’lakor, and they’ll wreck your day. You’ll want guidelines for all of them, which suggests you’ll need the WarCry Compendium:

Drekki Flynt

And straight from the pages of the upcoming Arkanaut’s Oath novel, captain Drekki Flynt, now in miniature type.

Cado Ezechiar

Then, the vampire Cado Ezechiar, from his upcoming inaugural novel The Hollow King.

Mibyllor Darkfang

Finally, Mybillor Darkfang, which you’ll be able to solely get by signing up for Warhammer+

All this subsequent week




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